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3 Replies to “Brian Lilley on the many faces of Trudeau”

  1. OK – just started watching the first video. THIS statement really hit me:

    “…diversity…not just the source of weakness…’

    Of course, if you unpack this, it says that diversity usually IS the source of weakness.

    So, he DOES know, but is lying despite himself.

    Aside: I have attended a religious service at this mosque (as a part of a University anthropology class when I was in my teens) and I can verify that there are separate ‘everything’ for men and women… As a matter of fact, the experience at this very mosque had so strongly affected me that even now, I will NOT attend any sex-segregated events, including ‘baby showers’ and ‘bachelorette parties’…because going to this mosque just once had made me realize just how dehumanizing and toxic ALL sexual segregation is.

    Yes, I DO have a chip on my shoulder – but it was attending this very mosque that put it there…

  2. “Next time the Liberals should run a Golden Retriever for leader. Every bit as good looking but smarter and definitely more loyal.”

    Ha! I agree. I am ashamed of the fact that I have been so out of touch these past years that I am not aware of who the prime minister of Canada is, the country right next door! (pathetic) When I first started listening I thought to myself, what an attractive man. When the video finished, I was sickened, sickened by these weak, pathetic western leaders that would sell their people for the praise and smiles of people that want to destroy them and their way of life. Its maddening.

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