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17 Replies to “Policeman in France, beaten and prosecuted for speaking ill of Islamic State head, Baghdadi”

  1. Where there is Marxism of any variaty there is corruption. This corruption usually starts at the higher levels and works its way down with the lower levels being the last to succumb.

    This is a case like those in the states where the President and his people throw the police under the bus before there is any investigation.

  2. I’m very grateful for the immense work that went into this presentation. It’s mighty powerful.

    This is such a blatant civil and criminal conspiracy, I’m just stunned. In the US he’d have lawyers begging to represent him and sue the rats blue.

    Can they suggest any way in which we be of help?

    • we only have one side of the story.

      To give your faceboook anonimity away to work colleagues, is what it is.

      Moderate Muslims and Moderate Socialists exist because they live by their emotions. The truth rips their world apart so they turn to the authorities to make them feel better again. These are the slaves to the system that politicians and Imams thrive off.

      The West has fast-tracked minorities into government-services positions of influence.

      Whites Libtards therefore will virtue-signal and support for approval from the accusations of offense from Black Lives Matter and Islam to get those jobs too.

      A journey:


      • Thanks, I followed your link to TreeOfLogic last night. Her deconstruction of the fat musleema was brilliant. Too fascinated by the nose-ring, I had to replay the first bit to get the entertaining capsule lesson. BLM is so crude, I had it figured from the start.

        I see what “virtue signaling” is.

        It’s beyond me how any adult could compromise his or her privacy on Facebook or its analogues [*]. Pictures of the kids, their whereabouts. Stream-of-consciousness revelations best confined to a psychiatrist’s couch, if then.

        Ok, this guy fell into the “sharing” idiocy like countless others. And served an array affirmative-action hires and virtue-signaling Libtards.

        But this is an extreme price. We may hurtling toward the infinite sink of totalitarianism, but we’re not there quite yet. “We” still includes France, though it’s touch and go.

        Is there no way to put a net under this guy?
        [*] Even more, of course, fail to supervise a child’s internet usage.

        • In a sane society one should be able to say what one wants,
          By hiding yourself you have become a dhimmi.
          People need to b open or we get this treatment. We ask for this because we hide in the shadows.
          You either call it out as it is or you lose

          • Hktony, countries where there is no freedom of speech like Canada,where thought is a crime, anonimity is the wisest move to express ideas of freedom.
            In Islam all Muslims are commanded to kill the apostate; in Socialism it is to isolate and imprison.

            The first foundation in the Wesf was tl
            o corrupt the morals of the population so that potty-mouthed bisexuals voted for Barry Clinton simply because he seduced them from their troubled homes to desire a peaceful and more positive life.

            These trauma-blockages of interrupted child development. Like a prematurely weaned cats – as adults – suck for pleasure the clothes of their handler. Catosexuality.

            With angry and bitter people flooding the streets, and increasing laws not to offend religion, womens’ rights and sexual preferences with these three escapisms of drop, shop or fop; they don’t want the truth of reality.

            So let the seeds grow, to exhange ideas unhindered by thought police, until they are ready to bear wisdom lightly.

  3. It was done as a warning to the other police to keep their heads down, and is typical of how these people work. He was a target so other police would keep silent about what was going on in fear of the same happening to them..

    To give you an example, the court case of an ex-Socialist minister who carried out some fraud fiscal started, the justice ministry in France decided to make an announcement ob the Bygmallion case which is party funding irregularities of the UMP and mentioned Sarkozy in the case to divert media attention away from the first case. Every time you see any thing where a Socialist has done something you will find this happens, it is like clockwork…

  4. A tragedy for this poor man. And what Yucki said. Great work. I suspect lesser degrees of the same are happening everywhere. In my town an incident this summer saw two cops arrest a jihadi immediately deemed mentally defective. He apparently was molesting women in public. The cops, who had ostensibly clear records, are suspended, being investigated and not a word on them since.

    • Canada’s public sector is sinking at a rate that’s too fast to be sustained. Ezra Levant eaten by Saudis, MB “human rights”. What’s next, hijabi RCMP? with the iconic dogs?

      It’s America, for heaven’s sake! We’re fresh-faced pioneers, we’re tougher and better than that.

      I really, truly believe that. I really do. Really.

      • Ok you said “really” to many times to not sound sarcastic. But! The rcmp just allowed hijabs. Did you know this? It amazes me.

        • I’m trying to stay positive, trying pep-talks. Now I’m into mantras.
          Yes, I saw the hijabi-version for Mounties. They were my idols when I was a kid. Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

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