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5 Replies to “Hungarian Academic: ‘Wrap them in pigskin and deport all criminal muslims’”

  1. The only think I would change about his plan is add the family members of t he criminals to those to be wrapped in pigskin and deported.

  2. The man’s analysis is spot on. The Muslims, due to their incorrect ideology, have made their own countries unlivable and are now eager to get into ours and do the same thing to us. It’s that simple. Islam is a Ponzi scheme and they’ve run out of Infidels to victimize so they need to get access to the mother lode – us!

    The problem is that most of us aren’t particularly worried about it. We don’t see it as a do-or-die situation yet and we aren’t prepared to completely reject defeat as an option. As it is now we would rather lose than win using less than exemplary tactics – we take defeat as an option. We wouldn’t mind winning, but only if it’s nice and neat and “ethical”.

    But of course, having the President of the United States be a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood as well as Black Lives Matter makes all this kind of ridiculous, doesn’t it? Nothing can possibly get better with Hussein at the helm. And if coughing girl gets in, we’re doomed…

    • If the cougher gets in civilization will be doomed, and rather quickly but in freedom will still win, just that the tactics that we use against the Moslems will then be used against our criminals and at times our political opponents.

  3. I found most illustrative his example of the threat to neighboring countries Hungary would represent if it were to have equivalent population growth to Muslim countries. Really brings the demographic threat home.

  4. Former vice-president of the Hungarian Academy of the Sciences, the most prestigious learned society in Hungary, Miklós Maróth gives an unscripted and honest view about illegal third world migration and the devastation it will cause if Europeans allow it to continue.

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