Totalitarianism by any other name would suck as bad: Links 1 on September 6 – 2016

1, Why the second amendment is more important than the first, Example 53-b. Getting arrested for defending your own home.

2. Microsoft along with many other giant high tech firms, suing the state department for increased use of secrecy.

3. “We can do it”. A report card on the muslim migrants in Germany a year later.

4. France: Paris Mayor announces plans to open first refugee camp

Paris Mayor Anne Hidagli announced plans to open the city’s first refugee centre, during a press conference on Tuesday.
The shelter will open around mid-October at Porte de la Chapelle North of Paris,<strong> and will be soley for men. A second centre, reserved for women and children, will open in Ivry-sur-Seine by the end of the year.</strong> The Mayor stated that providing suitable accommodation for refugees and migrants is “an issue of human dignity” and vowed to build more temporary shelters if necessary.
SOT, Anne Hidalog, Mayor of Paris (in French): “Since almost 2 years, Paris is experiencing this unprecedented crisis, with the arrival each day of dozens of migrants on its territory. Since the first of these refugees and migrants came, and although the management is the responsibility of the state, the city of Paris and my team decided to commit to guide and provide accommodation for these people because we must all do it. This is a humanitarian responsibility, this is an issue of human dignity and this is an issue that is consistent with the home country of our tradition.”
SOT, Anne Hidalog, Mayor of Paris (in French): “We have 400 beds in northern Paris since its opening. A figure that will increase to 600 places by the end of the year. And there will be 350 places for vulnerable people on the Southeast site. The second phase will start by the end of the year. If other centres providing temporary shelter must be created, we will do that if necessary.”
SOT, Anne Hidalog, Mayor of Paris (in French): “The creation of the refugee centre represents an investment budget of EUR 6.5 million, with 80% or 5.2 million supported by the city of Paris. I cover the cost, we all in this municipal team cover the cost on the investment plan of our mandature. The city also will pay 50% of the cost of running this “day care” centre- 1.2 million per year. I also cover this expense.”

5. Parade of all burka wearing Houthi fighters in Yemen.

It cannot be stated enough that the motto of the Houthi, visible in countless signs and banners and even cars and in this video seen on a sign in red and green at the back, reads as follows:

 “Allah is Great, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam”.

6. I really don’t know what to say about this one. I have a strong suspicion PC will though.

7. Turns out that Swedes discovered that being raped and beaten and robbed was not as glamorous as they thought it was going to be.


Thank you M., ML., GO., Wrath of Khan, Maria J., Kathy, Tanya and all who sent in materials. More to come. Exciting times. Ay?

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4 Replies to “Totalitarianism by any other name would suck as bad: Links 1 on September 6 – 2016”

  1. 7 – The old joke is that a conservative is a liberal that has been mugger, reality is mugging all western nations and some are turning away from modern liberalism earlier then others.

    1 – When I was in school (I graduated from high school in 1964) we were taught in both Grade and High school that the purpose of the Second Amendment was to give the people the ability to stand up to and if necessary forcibly change any government that has turned oppressive. To the best of my knowledge we in the US are the only nation in the anglophone world to retain this ability. For a while during the late 60s to the 80s it looked like we were going to lose the right to keep and bear arms but we are pushing back the heavy handed gun control laws and hopefully will never need to use our firearms to change the government.

    4 – This segregation should have been done from the beginning and the non Moslems should be removed from that camp so they can be processed in safety.

    6 – This one rates a real big LOL.

  2. 1. The right to defend one’s person, family and property does not come from the state. It is an innately human right and inalienable.

    Bravo to the young man being prosecuted/persecuted. And shame on the Alberta crown prosecuters/persecuters. Will they turn this over to the Alberta HRC if the young man gets acquited?

    Bah! Disgusting!

  3. 6. 50 percent of Egyptian men have erectile dysfunction.

    Thank you Vlad for the task of explaining that emasculated men are impotent. In Nature the top dog is the only breeder within the pack, where the libido is switched off in other males who say, “wrres boss.”

    Also families with proactive fathers have children who become sexually active only much later on.

    And finally, those with a very close relationship with their Heavenly Father tend to remain asexual.

    But boys raised by one of four mothers and one dhimmi father have only the memorization of the koran and an an unhealthy attachment to their oppressed-mothers who glorify them.

    Tribe-converted Musselmas therefore know this and teach each that natural sex is far out of the question and learn how to arouse their beta-males, to service them out of their house-prisoner frustration best:
    “This happens cause of lack of testosterone levels. Send ur husband ro the gym and give him Hugh testosterone level foods and he will want sex everyday.
    Try to use olive oil in all your foods, this will really build his sexual drive and will increase his testosterone levels.
    Secondly buy dates and eat alot of dates and almonds with him, this will also really help.
    thirdly put 7dates (ajwa preferred) into milk at night time, leave them in milk the entire night, and in the morning grind the da tes in milk by adding honey and cardamom powder. This drink will insha Allah treat all sexual defencies.
    Fourthly give him two bananas in the morning, this will also give a huge boost.
    Fifthly buy many red/dark fruits like raspberries, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, blacknerrys and specially pomegranate by making all this into a juice. Red is very good for mens vitality. Tge pomegranate juice will do wonders. Add all this in the morning and make a smoothie or juice out of it which will do wonders.
    sixth buy walnuts, almonds, etc
    Seventhly a very amazing testosterone and sex drive builder:eggs. Give him eggs with olive oil for bfast in the morning and boiled eggs at night. This will make him initiate the sex. U won’t have to do anything dw lol.
    Rightly there is a herb called ‘shilajit’ , buy that!. This does the impossible and is the most potent herb in the world. Don’t buy from everywhere. There is a legit site called Lotus blooming herbs (search google). The way to use this is microwave or anyway heat the milk to boiling temperature, and then add a chickpeas size to the milk and mix properly that everything blends in to the milk properly 100%. And then serve when it’s drinkable while being hot.
    Eightly stay away from all foods which decreases libido and testosterone levels. Search google for that.
    Monthly feed him celery. Celery will do wonders!
    All these things I mentioned will do wonders and you’ll be surprised. Make sure he’s not watching porn though cause that will kill it. If you follow all this I mentioned, you will thank me insha Allah!
    And make sure you buy shilajit, it’s a little expensive, but will make him crazy and he will need sex really badly!! You will be surprised!”

    The only other way to get aroused is by getting in sub-dom relationships – these that the Gay community and Hard-core Islam both have in cornered – with the addition of chemsex.

    Muhammad had a notoriously willing but very low libido. So that his putting females down to elevate himself by raping and child-molesting gave him his rise. Don’t Ask, Don’t Yell.

    Islamic erotica also extends to fatwas on sex with animals.

    The last aspect of Islam, is this: If musselmas are concocting potions for Muslims to sexually satisfy themselves, then the spirit from the woman – to be his Creator everytime he has sex – is passed over. She who uses food to fix him as Muhammad used Halal and Haram. Eventually, the dhimmi is not only slave to Muhuammad’s creator but her’s in her female form (Feminists know this. Muslims make excellent SJWs and toyboys).

    Therefore, necrophillia is not such a bad Egyptian farewell to a Messiah who had given them the only existence they had through their clictorialize-penises (hers has got to go!). Koran and sex – the only thoughts revolving in their heads as they prowl the streets for weakness. Not unsimilar to Socialist-loins regurgitating their proud laws of Positive/Hate Crimes. A sense of life sexually-raised from the dead souls of unhealed trauma.

    Medical Profession: “Egypt has a testosterone drought.”
    Politicians: “It has nothing to do with Islam.”
    Chistian Aid: “We are doing every thing we can to satisfy them.”
    Bisexual Women: “what testosterone?”

  4. I don’t get the feeling that those wiry, dangerous-looking rape-mob guys you see hanging about in large numbers in Cairo have any problems getting it up. From the way they act it’s as if they have a huge woody all day long and go completely nuts the minute a woman walks by without a body bag over her head.

    The fact that the interviewee is as stupid as he is, is testament to the effect Islam has on the intellect of its followers. Muslims are not allowed to question anything, so they never change anything that’s wrong out of fear of being accused of insulting the Prophet. That’s why, after 1400 years, their contribution to humanity is still at zero. Islam is simply an incorrect religion and should be eliminated from the planet as soon as possible…

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