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5 Replies to “German military infiltrated by large number of un-veted muslims”

  1. With 60% of their combat forces being Moslem Germany is in trouble and for the first time I can remember I am happy that they have let their military deteriorate to the point where it can’t really protect Germany.

    He talked about the trained jihadists who we all know have entered Europe among the refugees being able to take over a small city. This is a very real possibility given weapons smuggled into Europe but if you add in weapons depots the infiltrators into the military are making available it is possible for them to create a massive amount of havoc inside Germany. When (not if when) this happens it will spread to other European nations and in some cases stand a good chance of at least temporarily conquering one or more of the smaller nations.

    The long term success in the nations with an armed citizenry is unlikely but the invaders can create so much havoc in the nations that have disarmed their citizens that other European nations may need to liberate them from the invaders.

  2. You know, with all the crypto-comies in Europe, you wonder how come the left-wingers don’t demand the right to arms, the right to a militia just for the Revolutionary nature of such a thing. It’s like how John Derbysire at Vdare asks the question: how come more college kids are not more racist in their thinking; don’t they want to oppose what their parents think just for the hell of it???

    • A revolution by an armed citizenry is what the left is afraid of. Armed people tend to think for themselves and aren’t as easily stampeded.

  3. Says he ‘90% of 2.1 million are illiterate.’ Their parents were illiterate & so on going back more than a thousand years. great ..
    sounds exactly like the zillions of bean people washing thru
    the US southern border everyday.

    maybe the Europa counter calamity will start in France.
    I was sure it was gonna be Germany .

  4. Imagine the apocalyptic mindset of a government making plans to control food production. And people accuse Vladtepians of paranoia?

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