Bosch Fawstin, Aldo Sterone and more: Links 1 on September 2 – 2016

1, What exactly happened on this Canadian flight and why no press?

2. Trudeau’s short term strategy of appealing to both muslims and people muslims hate, seems to be proceeding predictably. 

Things inside the liberal tent began to overheat by late June and early July as Gay Pride Parades throughout Canada began to send out dignitary invitations.  The hard-line muslims inside caucus apparently make no secret about their disapproval of LGBT lives.  In numerous muslim dominated states in the Levant gays are regularly and summarily executed upon detection.  To the muslim caucus members, seeing Trudeau take such an enthusiastic and active role in numerous “Pride” parades was taken as an affront and betrayal.

Trudeau was merely utilizing the formula used to gain office.  Identify with a minority group, become their “champion” and you can count on their votes.  In essence, the liberals had used divisiveness as an electoral tool. Voters were asked to vote for him, not the result of any specific policy or platform but in hopes of holding control of the party or (at least) influence after the election.

3. Pakistan: 1 civilian, 4 attackers left dead after muslim attack on Christian colony

4. Aldo Sterone, expat Algerian in France weighs in on the muslim beach uniform for women.

5. Bosch Fawstin, winner of the Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer cartoon contest in  Garland Texas 2015 which was attacked by muslims who were in possession of enough ordnance to kill everyone present. In true texas fashion, only the terrorists died that day.

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Thank you Pete P., M., Wrath of Khan, and many many more. Again, please read the daily reader’s links for the most and the best of the Counter-Jihad. There are still a few more videos from the conference in Los Angeles which was at the Luxe Hotel, Sunset Blvd. August 21st so that will take up some time and posting may be a bit light till its done, barring some horrific act of islamic piety such as a mass killing or similar event.

There are also a few more foreign news clips in the subtitling queue which are matters of concern.

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  1. 2. Muslim Lives Matter, LGTBQ+ Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter.

    Those who came for The Father, The Son and The Holy Muther to complete themselves.

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