German mayor (forced?) to apologize for “Gurka” photo

Breitbart has the story here:

This is yet another proof of the fifty odd proofs per day that muslims in “dar al harb” do not want equal rights but special rights. The rest of us have equal rights to be made fun of. Somehow muslims want, demand and much much more troublingly, receive special rights that place them above everyone else, and at our expense.

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7 Replies to “German mayor (forced?) to apologize for “Gurka” photo”

    • Good ol’ Vlad… another caption competition.

      1. Another miracle of Allah’s! The Pope orders a pilgrimage for the wearing-thin faithful.
      2. Musselma sex-toy. (Batteries excluded).
      3. ISIS declare vegetables cannot be seen naked.
      4. Socialist Police follow, harrass and move along Vegans and Vegetarians.
      5. Légume Lives Matter riot in Paris.

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