After a brutal attack – a courageous judge

An original translation by Nash Montana

From PI-News, an important German website.

This will finally have consequences. A tunisian phony asylum seeker wanted to gouge out his naive german wife’s eyes and injured her severely. For this, the Bautzen circuit judge sentenced him to prison for four years. And he expressed this very clearly: After this despicable offender has sat out his prison sentence he should leave “our country” for ever.

(By Michael Bakunin)

Different media outlets reported on August 16th, 2016, about an incident taken right out of the pages of the asylum seeker picture book of horror. The blonde German Marion Z. (photo, 55 years old, nurse, widowed, probably still having dreams of her fairy tale prince charming and multiculturally well-bred) from the saxony Radeberg experiences a second spring and falls in love empty head over heels in the year 2014 “at a dance evening in Dresden” with the two years younger asylum seeker Kamel K. (small photo, devout muslim, no residence perspective), a man with the looks and the appearance of a steroid-butch whore house operator. He seems to recognize the ticket to entry into the german welfare state in Marion.

He lies about – how often have we heard the same thing before! – his ‘grand undying love’. He let’s her get him a job at the DRK (German Red Cross). Everything went quite well. Then before he could marry the emotionally crippled multiculturally enriched german woman, he was deported to Tunisia. Therefore they immediately got married in an arabic country in the spring of 2015. Apparently the people in their respective offices in that country were either too lazy or too cowardly to suspect foul play and a bogus marriage, so an appropriate test was not administered. The free pass had been issued: because according to article 6, paragraph 1 of the constitution it is allowed that a marriage with a german citizen can be lived-out in Germany; a visa has to be issued, benefits have to be paid.

Therefore already in July of 2015, the man could come back under the cornucopia of the welfare and benefits state. Right after their return, everything changed for the naive german. Are we surprised? “After the wedding he suddenly was a different man.” “I wasn’t allowed to smile at other men, he accused me of cheating on him, he called me a filthy slut.”, the surprised Marion accounts under complete incomprehension. “He became more and more jealous and he accused me I had affairs with other men.” At their common employer, the DRK, where he in the meantime had become a “translator” with refugees, his behavior also turned strange. “He accepted no more women, not even our female boss. He constantly monitored me.” After a few months of muslim oppression tactics and private islamic terror, Madam Z. threw the “charming foreigner” whom she married in a love-crazed moment, out of the apartment in November of 2015 in a bout of lucid clarity.

Those who are familiar with the muslim arabic mentality, will not be surprised that Kamel K. became gallantly angry after these bold assertions by his wife. An unworthy broad, such an incomplete, half human couldn’t treat him like any german boy! (Sure 4:34 does not even have to be cited here.) He began to ambush her. “He threatened me with his fists, he spit in my face”, the Radeberg woman reports. But why she didn’t go to the authorities and why Kamel hand’t been already put on a plane back into the desert, only the gods in Berlin know.

What we do know, on January 23, 2016 he could calmly call Marion Z. and heartily threaten her: “I will gouge your eyes out so that you can’t look at another man, and no other man will want to look at you!” This arabic declaration of love was understood by the now courageous Marion. She reported him at the police and filed for divorce. And again nobody did anything. Kamel K. threatened again, red of anger: “I will take revenge.” On the evening of April 3rd he lay in wait for Marion at the train station in Radeberg on her way to work; he tried to gouge her eyes out with a fruit knife. It was Marion’s luck that our skilled laborer from the orient was too clumsy, so that instead she ended up with a split nasal passage. An emergency operation saved her.

There was no charge for attempted murder or manslaughter (then the district court would have taken on the case). Instead it came to be a case of “severe bodily injury”, which could only be penalized – on probation – with six months. Obviously too big is the respect of a scared prosecution for the immigrant, who in the meantime had brought hundreds of thousands of muslim friends and already had experienced the blessing of the grand muslim mother A. M. (Merkel). Kamel K. now confidently and in domineering fashion claimed during the trial that he only wanted to scare the german woman. That he didn’t see any blood after the “deed”. “My wife lies.” He relished in his lamentations: “She only married me because of the money.” And he complained: “In Germany the laws are made only for women.”

The humane failure of Marion Z. and the failure of the german authorities (federal foreign office, foreigners’ registration office, police, prosecution) was not continued by judge Dr. Dirk Hertle at the circuit court. He immediately took this crime as what it was: The bestial offense of a “lost” arab. He imposed the possible maximum penalty of four years. And he added in clear words: “You terrorized this woman. Your jealous arabic macho attitude has driven you to your crime. That has nothing to do with honor, you cowardly walked away, left your bleeding wife on the ground. I hope that you will leave our country after your sentence – forever.” Our country needs such judges desperately now more than ever. Such words should be heard in every courtroom to finally stop the stupidity of the german authorities who are being kept on strings by the furious freeloading cliques of the established media and politicians. But we all know what now has to happen to judge Hertle. This kind of courage has to be punished by the establishment.

One can assume: Kamel K. will either be punished to a year and a half on probation in his appeal, or he will be released again after a year for reasons of prison overcrowding, “good behavior”, or “traumatic experience during flight and persecution”. The politically controlled constitutional state knows many ways and tricks so that nobody who really deserves it, receives a fair punishment – especially not culturally sensitive muslims.

And then K. will probably, with the help of another blue eyed German woman, enrich the country until the end of its days. The scars in Marion Z.’s face will stay forever. May they be a warning for the sacrificial lamb and for all who are or want to become refugee sweethearts.


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  1. As for the many good men who are Muslim men. Does it in ANY way help them to not hold cruel people to account?

    Exempting people from standards of moral behavior both rejects those standards and denies the capacity to meet these standards.

    The contemporary political scene disguises it’s denial of agency with the expedient of removing accountability.

    If there ARE places Muslims are held to a lower standard, Muslim communities will have find out from hard experience they are not being protected, but dehumanized.

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