Turks in Vienna – allahu akbar – “Like in a war”

An original translation by Nash Montana

From the important German website PI-News:

More and more often there are conflicts that resemble civil war between leftist kurdish PKK supporters and turkish fascists, the grey wolves, on Austrian as well as on German ground. For quite a while now kurds are demonstrating every saturday on the Stephansplatz to raise awareness to Turkey’s politics. But as soon as the demonstration begins, the Vienna inner-city becomes a danger zone. Tourirsts, residents, and business people are running the gauntlet. The people are in fear. Last weekend the situation escalated Sonja, Prousek, the owner of the next to the Dome situated bakery Aida, was horrified: “It was like in the war.” The Stephansplatz has become a bubbling cauldron. Hundreds of people fled in panic into surrounding localities, sought protection in hotels, stores and bars.
The Café Aida had seen the most damage. Sonja Prousek told Zeitung Österreich: “Old people cried, children lost their parents. Dishes, drinks and food landed on the floor. We had to close up because customers and employees fled all the way to the other franchise down on Bognergasse.”

The Vienna police was present in full gear for security, but admits that these demonstrations, attended by 300 to 400 people, increasingly become a serious problem. But that there, is the freedom to demonstrate.

Already Friday evening 15 kurds tried to invade the ORF-center at Vienna’s Küniglberg to force the channel to broadcast a message about Abdullah Öcalan, the PKK leader who is imprisoned in Turkey. Some of them made it all the way to the reception area. But that’s where the terror ended. The SEK WEGA (Special commando department Vienna) and trained dogs ended the chaos and escorted the turkish mob out the exit. Once again, no one had been arrested. There was merely one report for “disturbance of peace”.

In the upper Austrian Weis two young PKK supporters threw molotovcocktails at a turkish community center.

By proxy wars on european ground, not just among these groups, are now in full bloom thanks to unconscionable and brainless immigration politics. The escalation was programmed. The colorful future will become a nightmare.



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3 Replies to “Turks in Vienna – allahu akbar – “Like in a war””

  1. With this occurring in Austria we can be sure it is also happening in all other European nations with both Turkish and Kurdish populations. This fighting will drive the European to either arm themselves and fight for their countries or to immigrate to a nation they think will be safer.

    Given what is happening around the world the choices of a safer country are limited and safer is a concept going to be more a matter of which nation(s) will allow you to defend your family and yourself and which will force you to arm yourself on the black market.

  2. Watch tourism drop to levels experienced by Egypt. The poverty and unrest which eventually will ensue will be met with totalitarian measures since the public is unable to elect sane leadership. This won’t work out well.

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