Sign of the times: Since 2000 France pulled down 33 Christian churches. In their place they erected more than one thousand mosques

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The Muslim community in France consists of 5 to 7 million people. One thing is certain – in the coming years, this community will grow. Sign of the times: in France, Christian churches are being closed and torn down . Since 2000, 33 such buildings were razed to the ground. In their place, new mosques grow, like mushrooms after the rain. In the mentioned period, a little more than one thousand were built. Is the most secular country in Europe likely to become the largest Muslim country in Europe?

Yesterday, the media showed images of the pacification of the faithful gathered in the Church of St Rita in Paris. Faithful, who defended the temple from demolition. Unfortunately, in the coming years, we might see more of these images. Since 2000 France pulled down 33 Christian churches. Instead, like mushrooms after the rain, mosques are appearing. This is a natural consequence of the fact that there’s fewer and fewer Christians in France. They are being replaced by Muslims, who currently form a community of 5 to 7 million (depending on whether we are talking about official or unofficial data).

Muslim community will undoubtedly grow. There are at least two reasons – the first is their fantastic birthrate. Fertility of Muslim women is much higher than of any other group. The second reason is immigration. Many of the immigrants coming to France believe in Allah. Thus, if there will be more of the followers of Islam in France, why shouldn’t there be more mosques built?

In this context, it is worth quoting the words of Dalil Boubakeur, dean of the Great Mosque of Paris, which at last year’s convention of the Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF) demanded a doubling of the number of mosques in France: – “We have 2,200 mosques, and we have to double their number in two years” – he said during the official speeches. In order to justify his request Boubakeur noted that these 2,200 mosques are not enough for the largest Muslim community in Western Europe. I wonder whether the European Union will be able to somehow subsidize this project?
source: 4 August 2016
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17 Replies to “Sign of the times: Since 2000 France pulled down 33 Christian churches. In their place they erected more than one thousand mosques”

  1. And there it is again. That irresistible iron hand constantly guiding our world toward Muslim domination. That’s what I find frightening. The way our governments act like berserker machines on auto-pilot, set to destroy Western civilization and replace the indigenous populations with left-wing-voting Muslim populations from the Third World. And unless somebody stops them, they’re going to do it…

    I’ve got to say, the Muslim mayor in London creeps me out. Will they be clamoring for independence next? Will there be a referendum? “LEXIT”, perhaps? Will they be calling for an end to the “occupation” and UN recognition of “Londonistan” as a sovereign state?

  2. It doesn’t have to be like this, the governments have to close the borders and start protecting the citizens while deporting any invaders that cause trouble.

    I know this is too simple a solution for the left to grasp, they will fight to the death for their open borders suicide of the west policies. All we can do is work to bring about changes in governments so they will make rational decisions that will protect the Europeans from the invaders.

    When in the course of human events……

  3. If you know history, know the Bible, and know islam, this is happening precisely as foretold. Secularism is the gateway to islamist domination of the west.

    • You are so right on that point. The Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible tells us what is coming. But it also tells us who ultimately is victorious! Jesus the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

  4. Its a miracle! France, a very strongly antisemitic nation, that actively supports terrorists like Hamas, and PLO is having its secular society taken over by the same terrorists they fund to kill and teach how to kill Israelis.

  5. It’s only proof that Muslim is beaten by the iron fist of colonialism, and win the heart of million by peace. Another proof of the thruth,

    • I notice you use the word “proof” the way muslims use the words, “freedom” and “justice” or “Marriage” or “peace”. Meaning nothing whatsoever close to the actual meaning of the word.

  6. It’s prophecy, read it up. Nothing to worry about, it will happen.
    Unless people unite one’s more in prayer, it will be like you burn the corner of dry paper, it will burn up all. The only difference is that the fire are Islam
    Only Jesus can help us, nothing more and nothing less.

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