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43 Replies to “Part II of French TV interview of ex MEP, novelist and intellectual, Philippe de Villiers”

    • I’m sure your M.de Villers would moan, thinking about the Rivkin Cable, released by Wikileaks:
      Embassy Paris – Minority Engagement Strategy
      REF: A. SECSTATE 127215
      B. PARIS 1714
      Classified By: Ambassador Charles H. Rivkin, Reasons 1.4(b),(d).

      1. (C/NF) SUMMARY: In keeping with France’s unique history and circumstances, Embassy Paris has created a Minority Engagement Strategy that encompasses, among other groups, the French Muslim population and responds to the goals outlined in reftel A.

      Our aim is to engage the French population at all levels in order to amplify France’s efforts to realize its own egalitarian ideals, thereby advancing U.S. national interests.

      While France is justifiably proud of its leading role in conceiving democratic ideals and championing human rights and the rule of law, French institutions have not proven themselves flexible enough to adjust to an increasingly heterodox demography.

      We believe that if France, over the long run, does not successfully increase opportunity and provide genuine political representation for
      its minority populations, France could become a weaker, more divided country, perhaps more crisis-prone and inward-looking, and consequently a less capable ally.

      To support French efforts to provide equal opportunity for minority populations, we will engage in positive discourse; set a strong example; implement an aggressive youth outreach strategy; encourage moderate voices; propagate best practices; and deepen our understanding of the underlying causes of inequality in France.

      We will also integrate the efforts of various Embassy sections, target influential leaders among our primary audiences, and evaluate both tangible and intangible indicators of the success of our strategy. END SUMMARY.

      “Canonical ID: 10PARIS58_a”. “Embassy Paris – Minority Engagement Strategy”. https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/10PARIS58_a.html

  1. Kasenbacher, Michael (24). “Work, Learning and Freedom” (in English). New Left Project. Retrieved 3 January 2013.

    “I think it’s the opposite: the social system is taking on a form in which finding out what you want to do is less and less of an option because your life is too structured, organised, controlled and disciplined. The US had the first real mass education (much ahead of Europe in that respect) but if you look back at the system in the late 19th century it was largely designed to turn independent farmers into disciplined factory workers, and a good deal of education maintains that form.

    And sometimes it’s quite explicit – so if you’ve never read it you might want to have a look at a book called The Crisis of Democracy – a publication of the trilateral commission, who were essentially liberal internationalists from Europe, Japan and the United States, the liberal wing of the intellectual elite. That’s where Jimmy Carter’s whole government came from.

    The book was expressing the concern of liberal intellectuals over what happened in the 60s. Well what happened in the 60s is that it was too democratic, there was a lot of popular activism, young people trying things out, experimentation – it’s called ‘the time of troubles’. The ‘troubles’ are that it civilised the country: that’s where you get civil rights, the women’s movement, environmental concerns, opposition to aggression. And it’s a much more civilised country as a result but that caused a lot of concern because people were getting out of control. People are supposed to be passive and apathetic and doing what they’re told by the responsible people who are in control.

    That’s elite ideology across the political spectrum – from liberals to Leninists, it’s essentially the same ideology: people are too stupid and ignorant to do things by themselves so for their own benefit we have to control them. And that very dominant ideology was breaking down in the 60s. And this commission that put together this book was concerned with trying to induce what they called ‘more moderation in democracy’ – turn people back to passivity and obedience so they don’t put so many constraints on state power and so on.

    In particular they were worried about young people. They were concerned about the institutions responsible for the indoctrination of the young (that’s their phrase), meaning schools, universities, church and so on – they’re not doing their job, [the young are] not being sufficiently indoctrinated. They’re too free to pursue their own initiatives and concerns and you’ve got to control them better.”
    My link to this seems dead, but try this one:
    Chomsky poo! and Michael Kasenbacher, “Work, Learning And Freedom”. (Dec. 2012)http://www.newleftproject.org/index.php/site/article_comments/work_learning_and_freedom

  2. Now I feel as contaminated as the fine gentleman said he did after finding himself in a Devils’ Mass.
    I’m going to clean caches, cookies, and take a bath.

  3. Globalism presents well to its acolytes, but what else is it if not international socialism funded by stupendous levels of debt? Perhaps the theory is that the money isn’t real so it can’t run out?

    The world is on course to become one big Rio Olympics. And I don’t think a hundred bearded transvestites singing Imagine in massive pagan ceremonies will persuade us to like it when the bills come in. (Oddly enough, those contemptible borders do seem to matter when a bill has to be paid. Nobody sends an invoice to the Atlantic or the Pacific or Oceania or That Free Trade Zone Over There. For billing purposes at least, nations states are allowed to exist.)

    Fight crony globalism!

    Dieu le Roy!

    • The word “socialism” is starting to grate like a euphemism. This is getting anti-social, fast. From ghastly Rio Olympics, it’s a straight drop to Venezuela, starvation, cannibals, vampires…
      …Vampires ~ Islam…

      • The left works hard to find new terms to describe themselves that make people think they are working hard to help everyone.

        • Maybe it’s time to update this “naming the enemy” business. The term “root causes” wasn’t coined by a crafty commie, but there ya go.

          The Enemy’s playing us with the name-game: ISIL, ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra. Islamist, jihadi, radicalized, crazy. CVE. Workplace violence. Folks.

          Reformulate the rules of engagement. Border control, strict interdiction. Build a wall. Police it with people you’d trust with the life of your first-born. Pay them well.

          Creature run amok? Stop it – neutralize it. Ask questions later. Much, much later.

          Roll-out a public-service announcement campaign, total saturation. Accessible to all, in every language, every medium – right down to life-size posters. In Malaysia they have signs in airports, signs everywhere: Drugs = Death-Penalty. And they mean it.

          Our message should be just as clear to the Dangerous Dog and Those who love It:
          ~~ Contemplating a run-amok? ~~
          Attackers face almost certain, anonymous death. Gestures are assumed to be in deadly earnest. Postmortem autopsy possible, followed by immediate cremation.
          –yer last aloha-snackbar

      • The other choices are 1) Private actors that hate Hillary,

        2) Dems who hate Hillary,

        3) The NSA or FBI.

        The Dems can’t get much milage out of any of the three so they go after Russia knowing that a lot of the hacks come out of computers in Russia. Those are often zombie computers hacked and under control from other nations. China does this a lot.

  4. Italian Police Detain Three French Citizens Armed With Knifes on Border

    Three French nationals armed with knifes and wooden bats were arrested on the French-Italian border near the city of Ventimiglia, according to local media.

    ROME(Sputnik) — Italian police apprehended three French nationals armed with knifes and wooden bats on the French-Italian border near the city of Ventimiglia on Sunday, local media reported.

    According to the RaiNews 24 broadcaster, the detainees allegedly planned to partake in demonstration of the international No Border group which will protest against restraints on free movement of migrants in Europe later in the day in Ventimiglia.

    Ventimiglia which currently hosts a Red Cross camp for up to 500 migrants was gripped by unrest earlier in the week.

    After several dozens of No Border activists arrived in the camp, some 140 migrants tried to escape illegally to France on Friday, but were detained by French law enforcement troops and sent back to Italy.

    On Saturday night, No Border activists clashed with police in Ventimiglia, two people were arrested.


    Pro-migrant group calls off Italy rally after weapons found

    MILAN (AP) — A pro-migrant activist group has called off an unauthorized protest after Italian border police detained three demonstrators trying to cross from France armed with clubs, knives, a hatchet, a wrench and hoods.

    Police said one Italian and two French citizens were being held Sunday.

    Tensions along the border have escalated in recent days after dozens of migrants crossed into France by plunging into the sea, evading border controls.

    The No Borders activist group said it called off the protest, aimed at pressing for open borders, to avoid provocations. Fearing clashes, authorities had prevented other demonstrators from arriving from elsewhere in Italy.

    The 140 migrants who crossed into France were returned to the border town of Ventimiglia, where many arrive after being rescued at sea, hoping to reach northern Europe.


    Ventimiglia – Italian police vs No borders militants

  5. Femen: Exposed (RT Documentary)

    Their god is woman and their weapons are bare breasts. They are FEMEN and their decision to fight for feminism topless has made them famous far beyond their native Ukraine. After being forced to flee their country for desecrating a cross in central Kiev, the girls take their fight to Paris, France where they continue to challenge gender inequality, patriarchal institutions, religion and the sex industry. Whether they are loved or hated, wherever they go, they are gawked at and draw attention. We’ll meet the firebrand girls of FEMEN and hear about how the organisation got started and what it stands for.

    ( 25 min 43 )

    • That was actually happening (from what I see in the video) on the once glamorous Champs Elysees. When you now look at the terraces of their cafés you will find them populated with those who line the pockets of the Socialist Government and the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, with their veiled breeding machines – Saudis & Qatarians. And at night eg after football games, this once grand Avenue and her surrounds are invaded by arabo/sub-saharan-muslim thugs. A place to avoid and, no doubt, soon becoming a no-go zone for civilised folk – like much of France.
      PS: Richard: very rich pickings here again, thanks.

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