Australian govt. conducts raids, arrests counter-jihad activists in Victoria

According to the Daily Mail:

A man arrested in anti-terrorism raids in Melbourne is believed to be a notorious Reclaim Australia member.

Phillip Galea, 31, was arrested at his home in Braybrook, in Melbourne’s west, as police launched a series of raids across Victoria, The Herald Sun reported.

Galea, well known as a leader of the extreme right-wing Reclaim Australia group, was jailed last year just days before an anti-mosque rally after a court decided he had weapons ready for an ‘aggressive attack’.

But according to the actual leader of Reclaim Australia, Mike Holt, who by coincidence was interviewed just the other day and posted here, none of this is factually correct.

Here is the police video on the raids:

And the interview with Mike Holt done just a few days earlier.

It is possible that there was something kinetic being planned. But at the moment it all looks a great deal like the CVE to me. A desperate attempt to take focus of Islamic jihad by arresting some highly benign people fighting for democracy and classical liberalism by low grade and fully legal street actions.


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  1. This is speculation: I dont know the man who was arrested nor do I know Mike Holt who strikes me from your videos like a fair dinkum Australian. BUT when I hear “Victorian Police” (and what Mr. Holt says about the present Victorian State Government is generous, as it is run by a rabid Leftist), my warning lights switch on:

    1. Victorian Police: There is a long lasting, vicious witch hunt waged against the most senior Australian Catholic, Cardinal Pell. Originally started by some of the Gay community because, Cardinal Pell is a traditional Conservative and adheres as strictly to the doctrines of his religion as the present Pope adheres to the pro-islamist, extreme left ideology of the Communists/Socialists. The ABC is the Australian Equivalent of the BBC, every bit as corrupt, manipulative, and pro-islam-left propagandist. (Their main news source, when they dont make it up themselves is Al Jazeera). Cardinal Pell was submitted to smears and went through a Royal Commission into Child Abuse – because way back (he is approaching 80 now I think) as a young seminarian he shared accommodation avec a young cleric who was a pedophile and he did not report him. – Incidentally, a commentator of the ABC, Paul Bonjorno, shared their accommodation at the same time and, like Pell said he did not know about that young priest’s paedophilia either, but because Bonjorno is of the left, he would probably “get away with being a pedophile himself” (just an example, I’m not saying he is one.

    Anyway, Cardinal Pell was cleared of all charges in that gruesome ROYAL COMMISSION that finished last year. However, a few weeks ago, the ABC started a new witchhunt with what seemed a “leak” from the Victorian Police:

    As posts seem to get rejected when there are more than 2 links, I will make a second post.

    • 2. The Victorian Government:

      When in Australia, I live in NSW, so I dont have first hand experience of the Victorian Goverment of whose Premier I hear/read things that would put him on the Left of showponies Trudeau and Pope Francis. They arrest patriots (by the sounds of it) that’s what rabidly islamophile/socialist governments do, meanwhile I think that they are more dangerous to the country’s future by officially promoting and IMPLEMENTING school programs like “Safe Schools”, ostensibly established to do away with the bullying of gay/transgender children blablabla. What I have seen of this program it appears to me to be no less than facilitating the sexual “grooming” of children.

      I dont know, but I can imagine that the arrests above may have been against people who were outspoken against this very very very suspect “program”, which decent parents and conservatives abhorr. Here is what one of the fathers says:

      And here is one of the truly conservative Politicians of Australia, Senator Cory Bernardi who is, of course also one of the most reviled and ridiculed figures among the sneering Media.

      Thinking about the “real” motivations for these leftist agendas I’m reminded of a naughty “synopsis” of the the book “Lolita” which was: “Get there before the (pubic) Hair”.

      My comments may appear O/T, but these social engineering feats have been hatched on the same dungheap as the pack fight against “Islamophobia”.

      • Thank you Rita, I was hesitating to condemn the police because there are some real idiots on our side and he might have been one of them.

        • Richard, you are right, there are some real idiots on our side (a friend actually said, that if folk like PEGIDA etc. lose, then these idiots and the real nazis will take over). This man may be one of them, I dont know, but I lean towards the theory that this arrest was politically motivated.

          The Victorian Government is left and socialist led, whereas the Commonwealth Government of OZ is so-called “conservative”. However the new PM, Malcolm Turnbull (who backstabbed Tony Abbott, the PM who stopped the muslim invasion by stopping the boats and who dared suggesting that “all cultures are not the same”) is a FAKE conservative. Example: he was invited to participate in the inauguration of a Catholic Bishop but refused this in favour of hosting a lavish “Ramadan Celebration” in his official Residence for Muslims, including an Iman who openly promotes the islamic death penalty for gays. This new “conservative” PM is catholic, but he is catholic in the sense of this fake Pope Francis.
          All this is my personal opinion, formed with the help of some provable facts. 🙂

    • The culture 30 to 40 years ago was very different from today. The Swedish Stockholm Model of forced natural nudity, ‘look we’re free,’ had reached into Western homes with parents exposing themselves to their children, under instructions by experts that they didn’t want to screw up on:

      “I was, actually, a little uncomfortable about it. But I’d seen how relaxed Anna was about it all, and I didn’t want to screw that up or anything. So I tried to seem natural, not cover up or anything. But then she said, ‘Can I touch it?’…I honestly didn’t think about it for more than a second. I just said sure. And, um, she did. She…held it for a second.[…] I started to get an erection. And I said, ‘that’s enough, Molly,’ and I turned away. I put the towel on.[…]To tell the truth, I was embarrassed. And I thought I’d handled it O.K. or as well as anyone could’ve.
      — Sue Miller, The Good Mother (1986).”

      Good old Anna, and her wimpy male partner who got a hard on with his own daughter. The Social Justice Warriors came from the generation after these exposed children who are now reliving their abuses by those well-meaning Exhibitionists-for-Good whose brains were not connected to reality.

      A lion walking with his balls exposed illicits no response, but if some deep hidden shame were attached in its deliberate parading by pretending it were not so – that bolt would strike the un-formed child’s mind in terror.

      So have a Catholic Priest of The Dead showing young boys his manhood – for their own good – disturbs their hearts in perpetuity. Something deeply wrong was communicated, an unspoken intent, that they became all guilty of. They cannot unsee the horror of the human condition before them: what ought to be, but isn’t, tagged as real.

      There’s now a fissure, between sex and life, that battles for reconnection, and never will.

      Its not what you do, its the way you do it. If you are aware you are not connected with your conscience, then don’t push it. In everything.

      Muslims, Homosexuals and Socialists all have this same thing in common: their timing is completely wrong. Spending vast amounts of money, effort and threats in advertising they are in keeping with the universe. The unnaturally natural faking wrongs a right.

      • This extract, of which I hadn’t read further, actual was ficticious. But the reason it resonnated so true, was it happened to me from my own parents, that one day they both strutted around the house comepletely naked to educate five children of the genitals on their bodies. Indelibly on my mind. What struck me was the horror and my embarrasment of their stupidity, these dead from the neck up, and took me many years to separate from them – not the femicide defoo Stefan Molleneux method of cutting them out of my life – but the ‘forgive them for they know not what they do,’ (as I’d like them to forgive me), objectivity.

        But kids crippled in religion, collectivism or same-sex fantasy have no way out but to bury it inside, for holding it up to the light does not cleanse because its a pretend, wishful light that never came and might – if prayed hard enough for – come in the End Times.

        All there is is an old man’s pound of flesh. And some of my siblings still demand that.

        • Some lovely writing and deep insight there, perfect child. I wonder if there is any child on earth that was not abused in some way. I dont belong to those nostalgics who would like to be a child again.

          “… ‘forgive them for they know not what they do,’ …”

          When my foster mother was dying she asked me: “I was a good mother, wasn’t I ?” – “Yes” I lied.

          “… The Child is father of the Man; “

          ^^^ my favorite line from this Wordsworth poem:

          My heart leaps up when I behold
          A rainbow in the sky:
          So was it when my life began;
          So is it now I am a man;
          So be it when I shall grow old,
          Or let me die!
          The Child is father of the Man;
          I could wish my days to be
          Bound each to each by natural piety.

          • I think this poem was misquoted Rita….

            “My heart leaps up where’r I spy,
            a refractive index in the sky:
            So was it when life began;
            Neither boy and neither Man;
            And beit so when all is told,
            Or let me die!
            The Child is father of the scan;
            I wish my days to always see
            Unclouded by my piety.”

        • PC your startling writings describe a neighborhood I have seen but never visited. My father is my hero just as I am my childrens’ hero, which I know to be right. I’m frustrated that I don’t get it all yet somehow feel lucky that I don’t.

          • My interest in childhood trauma came with my own journey out from it, free from the pull of those emotional hypnotic suggestions that the Democrats deploy so readily, that I also had read Jesus broke away from his yoke under instruction from John the Baptist, and found in the wilderness my own deepest fear to face – and this mirrors research into phantom limb syndrome. That emotional trauma locks in the memory of an associated pain to avoid, troubled by an even greater imagined fear to confront it, and then in reality releases it. The truth sets you free.

            Many children develop psyschosis, accidentally or now so often, deliberately.

            Islam, Homosexuality and Socialism create the homes unfit for a child. There is no independent father to protect them to develop their own minds and teach them to be objective.

            • And that’s pretty much it. On your way now. In the story Jesus said he only came for the sick in the House of Israel. How he got to be Savior God for Everyone only the Romans know.
              Just get out of what you got into like this fellow.

            • And the fact is, whatever you conceive God to be, that’s only your own or someone elses conjecture.

              “This means literally, God is in you. So that what you bind in Heaven you bind on Earth.
              Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are “gods”’[d]? 35 If he called them ‘gods,’ to whom the word of God came—and Scripture cannot be set aside— 36 what about the one whom the Father set apart as his very own and sent into the world? Why then do you accuse me of blasphemy because I said, ‘I am God’s Son’? 37 Do not believe me unless I do the works of my Father. 38 But if I do them, even though you do not believe me, believe the works, that you may know and understand that the Father is in me, and I in the Father.”

              There, Jesus gets it, even if John doesn’t.

              God is in you, not an Idol of totalitarianism advocating death to the unbeliever in this life and/or the next.

          • Me too.
            Except most of it I never really saw. Now that I’m seeing it, I’d like to un-see a lot of it.

            I never saw my father’s elbows – didn’t realize it till after he died. I didn’t wear trousers, except for sports uniform, till I went away to college. If I ever had seen a male dressed as a female, it was just, “What an ugly girl!”

            I didn’t feel taboo-ridden. Plenty of physical affection, my parents hand-holding, hugging each other and us. I hugged the dog.
            But why did he sometimes just want to hug my leg, why so aggressive?
            It’s very strange to come into this world as an adult. It’s an exponential function of the ‘culture shock’ argument. It dazzles and repels; it stuns a person. Even after you learn the words, declensions and conjugations, the language remains foreign. And you don’t get the jokes.

        • the femicide defoo Stefan Molleneux method
          What’s that?
          I stop, then replay Molleneux. He talks fast and I don’t get it all. He can be brilliant and devastatingly funny. I’m not sure what’s going on with his strident “anti-feminism”. Does he means female – like me?

          • Foo (family of origin).

            “In most DeFOO cases, the entire family must be ostracized. This is because the family is a system of abuse. If your grandparents or aunts and uncles support your parents, they are also corrupt. If your siblings dismiss your feelings, defend your parents, or were abusive to you themselves, they too are corrupt. Should you wish to be consistent you will cast all corrupt FOO relationships from your life.”

            Not having heard Stephan’s talks on feminism, but hearing his adherance to Ayn Rand’s theories regarding gun-to-the-head altruism I would guess that Third Wave Feminism – of Marxist class war and victimhood – was not his favorite social construct.

            • Thank-you.
              I never realized there was such a market for an approach so radical. More walking wounded than meets the layperson’s eye.

              On a brighter note, that would make abandoning infirm, elderly parents by wounded inner-child adults a lot less fraught. Good thing the kind government caretakers provide for all those Defoo-ed oldsters.

      • Thank you EB, Ann’s a remarkable gal.
        “…Latin of the first verse of Psalm 42, [43] which is prayed at the foot of the altar at almost every Tridentine Mass. It means, “Judge me, O God, and distinguish my cause from the nation that is not holy.””

        “While being very intellectually and spiritually masculine, I am psychosexually normal, as one would expect from a person who has always possessed extreme self-confidence bordering on arrogance, and never self-loathed. In fact, I’m a bit of a misogynist.”

        I wanted a hook, to see why pedophiles, (not pederasts) were drawn and stalked the Roman Catholic Church. This is a belief-system that makes the female male, and the natural male below her, female.

        The Head of the church is Mother Mary, the mother God’s manipulation. The males are to be eunuch’s around Her.

        Submiting to this Female God turns populations from the ferral wolves of Islam to the hyenas of Christendom. They will witch-hunt any female who considers herself equal to Her. As Islam will chop any man equal to God.

        For every male who worships a Male god becomes female; as every female who worships a Female Deity will become male before Her Perfection.

        And these submitting made into new females and new males from Heaven, that on Earth are superior than those what nature on Earth supplied. Has to be or else women will mock muslims circling a black rock laid in a vagina, and men mock Catholics literally eating and drinking the body and blood of Christ.

        So Muslim males, to hide their lost souls on the carpets of Mecca, extract pain from women and boys to feel as though they still are real men top boss – the external gain to balance the internal loss – and women retreat from receiving their ‘light taps’ off into the niquabs.

        Catholic women become the masculine, heads of their homes in an antagonistic confrontational way. The men give in, get drunk and even fool around as masculine women will never divorce. (Real men don’t divorce either).

        So a male child to a Catholic’d man, becomes their undiscovered Light. There is no inhibition found in these small souls. “Hey there little fella,” and they draw strength and identity off them. The Muslim would have simply abused the boys and pushed them away until their urge to be a man rose once again. The priest wants a secret loyalty, his little collective supply of life, weeding out and isolating the vulnerable, the weakest; while the Muslim wants the strongest and best to humiliate and do his errands.

        To bow the knee to any idol: angry, jealous, genocidal or welcoming you so not to be killed, is a commitment to sorrow that will need to be faced to let it go, as the temptation that was offered was to forget your hurt and give you the pride of Eternal Life.

        One dead every minute.

        • This is not a life that can be defoo’d, to send pedophiles and Muslims to prison and ‘cut them off’ from their past lives.

          For what troubles they left they will simply recreate. A mean dragon of a mom, they will draw out in another twice as bad. An abusive father, they will attract in a violent sexual partner who abuses their children.

          Whatever you run from, will catch up with you until you submit or face it.

          Islam will not go away until confronted; and The Left, ruled by Communists, have been rewarding The West for running away from their problems for decades.

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