Kabab knife wielding person yells “Allah hu Acbar” as they attack Belgian police

Tard lives matters?



Although they put in the allah hu ackbar part, probably because RT reported it first, they still managed to make a kabab knife into a machete. I suppose one could call that the new alchemy of the Marxist press. We are assuming it was a Kabab knife because Machetes are pretty much a thing of the Americas and Kabab knives are common in the Muslim population in Europe. Can’t see why there would be a lot of machetes there.


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  1. Charleroi Police Attacker Algeria Citizen, Belgium Resident Since 2012

    “The attacker has been identified. We are talking about K.B., a 33-year-old male, an Algerian citizen who had been living in Belgium since 2012,” the Prosecutor’s Office said.


    BBC – Belgium machete attacker was Algerian, say officials

    Belgian officials say a man who wounded two policewomen with a machete was a 33-year-old Algerian with a criminal record but no known terror links.

    […]Following standard practice, prosecutors did not name the attacker but gave his initials as KB.

    He had been living in Belgium since 2012 and had minor offences to his name.


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