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13 Replies to “Very important Gorka segment”

  1. Gorka citing the Apple phone security breech attemp and the internet’s freedom of expression, both as Capitalist-failures the cause of the Jihadists’ success, is more than troubling. This, from someone supposedly an expert in Soviet tyranny.

    It smacks of the Mulslim Brotherhood teaching in Western Universities how to defeat Radical Islam and never will. An industry that Young Turks built themselves on of Right-Think.

    If the American Government get their hands on Apple’s codes – it is a guarantee that China, Russia and the Gulf State will too, because politicians can only get wealthy by stealing and selling influence and information.

    Freedom of better ideas will defeat Islam, but Political Correctness silences dissent in the name of offending extremists to maintain order. A pattern here for violators: Religion of Peace, Keep the Peace, and Sexual Peace. Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil see no Evil.

    If only they could spy on the population. This is the solution? When we have hundreds of millions of vocal people, if they had not been made cowed by their governments who wrote down new blasphemy laws, could express their disgust of Islam… and you want handed over Apple’s codes? That’s going to raise human consciousness? The infantalized are going to win?

    That grandmother in London who didn’t have her gun to shoot that Somali punk?

    There’s something unwholesome in this voice telling us to surrender our freedoms.

    • Muslims kill civillians, and civilians can’t fight back – Gorka. A non-centralized army he wishes to defend against with an ever-increasing centralized soviet-system of government. Keep hamering home the Socialists are all pussies, and now it’s time for the Communists do the real job.
      A meme that has increasing popularity to save us.

      When Europe had it’s release from Catholicism, it was the people, the printing press, not governments that created the Renaissance of thought and free expression.

      The way the neglectful Left and the antagonistic Far Left brains work is to create the soil for the problems to grow and then to present their solution with the Social Model of Diversity – makes all criticism a hate crime. Everyone kept low and under their yoke.

      All the very modern mental disorders have sprouted, flourished and protected for their very limited singularity-of-mind. Remember that Amadhi Muslim who was murdered by a Sunni in Glasgow, Scotland? His crime was he had treated all religions equally. No class-warfare to champion there.

      Whenever there is a cure that brings a balance to full consciousness, outrage soon follows.

  2. Some of Gorka’s statements are very troubling, he is advocating taking away what little privacy we have left in the name of defending freedom. If we give up liberty in the pursuit of security we will end up losing both.

    • Also responding to Perfect Child. Yes, there are some disturbing things in Gorka’s segment. But some important ones at the start.

      • I agree there were important things said, these can’t be said often enough, I just wish he would rethink his idea about having us give up more privacy. `And it can’t be said often enough that you don’t have to agree to everything someone says to follow his advice on fighting Islam. From what I have seen I doubt if he will get very upset if someone disagrees with part of what he says.

      • There is only one fact: that wherever Muslims are – in proportion to their percentage – there you will find violence, capitulation, and an army trying to contain them.

        It is like saying “Communism is a Society of Peace if only we did not trouble them then they would not infiltrate all our institutions.”

        If it walks like a duck… it will have done whatever it was programmed to do from childhood.

        Rip away the love of the father or mother, or replace with two imposters, then that child will suffer and turn against the pain of conscience.

        The Autistic child I referenced at the end of my last post was born to a mother with terrible guilt for having aborted the previous child. This unspoken trauma passed onto the suckling infant connected mummy-thought with phobia. So the child became autistic spectrum as there are increasing numbers of those homosexual spectrum.

        Today we will see a man dressed up, perfumed and married to Allah with a head kiss, a woman married to The State with a butt tattoo, or a non-referenceable person married to their imaginings.

        These are the kingdoms our Socialists have wrought and attracted from breaking up the family.

        Sackcloth and ashes are all it needs for these wicked to be very afraid of us. For they cannot confront those with a soul.

        • “Today we will see a man dressed up, perfumed and married to Allah with a head kiss, a woman married to The State with a butt tattoo, or a non-referenceable person married to their imaginings.”

          *These are the closest points to the carpet for conception or of those who become the carpet.

      • I find myself feeling much the same about ALL of Sebastian Gorka’s statements. Some of what he says is very informative. Some of what he says remains deeply unsettling. Personally, I’m in the segment of society that firmly believes there is absolutely no place in the Western hemisphere for any version of Islam…period. Gorka does not espouse such thinking.

        • He couldn’t make such a categorical statement even if he did think so. There’s a clause in his contract that would be immediately actionable.

          He might even believe that a tiny minority Muslim population, subject to constant surveillance, can be tolerated without much risk to the country at large. Particularly if he could cast his spy net anywhere and everywhere.

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