David Menzies at Rebel does a good job of parsing another fake racism charge

I only wish he had pointed out that Islam isn’t a race, and behaviours that people choose to follow in a country where it is not obligatory means you may find parts of society that do not fit with your behaviours, and none of this has anything to do with race.


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  1. Just a thought:
    Considering what we’ve seen of tards using their children as fodder, pointed spears and hijrah tools, could it be that this woman was attempting to drown her daughter for profit and propaganda? After all, what explains the mother wanting her daughter to go to the deep end when she could not swim? Why not unburden the family of a burdensome child and sue the city for millions? A Muslim life seems to be worth less, she would argue. Have we not seen such galling claims and challenges to our legal and social fabric? Throwing the child into a river serves no utility because no lawsuit is possible. I know, it is terrible of me to propose such cynical and demented conniving of a mother, but I would not air such thoughts were it not for dead beach babies for teeth, and babies used as sympathy and propaganda spears at the Hungarian border.

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