Trump, France at war, Spaniards panic and Trump: Links 1 on Aug. 2 – 2016

1, Donald Trump links to Facebook, an important Jihad Watch story.

Any possibility that Trump doesn’t take radical Islam seriously has been voided. His official Facebook page linked to a article.

Or at least he is willing to be seen as taking it seriously. That is still a step up.

2. ‘We are at war’: France cancels more summer events

One of the lamentable impacts of the spate of terror attacks in France has been that local authorities are being forced to cancel certain summer events.

After the Bastille Day truck attack in Nice the interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve told mayors across the country not to think twice about cancelling an event if they thought security could not be guaranteed.

During a visit to Lyon, Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said France had to take the threat seriously.
“We are in a situation of war. So, for the moment, we have to forbid demonstrations if security norms cannot be respected,” he said.
“Everyone has to understand that we are in this situation and that it brings constraints.”
The list of cancelled events has started to grow.

3. Trump speaks in Virginia, some pro muslims get removed

(Notice the “Islam Peace” canard. They still expect people to not know that Islam means submission to the sharia and has nothing to do with peace. Speaking earlier today with Matt B. earlier, the subject came up of people who convert to islam in areas where you pretty much have to. Muslims don’t care if you don’t really mean it. They only care like you act like you mean it because your children won’t know anything else. This is precisely because Islam means submission and has nothing to do with anything we would consider spiritual. Islam is truly about as evil a thing as one can conceive of.)

4. There are truly momentous events taking place in Turkey. This story is interesting as it was always the most free and classically liberal minded paper, and several of its staff went to prison for actually writing news. This story however is nothing but a headline. Please read the comments with links about Turkey today in the reader’s links post. There are a lot and they are portentous.

5. Panic On The Costa Brava After False Alarm Jihadi Attack

A flash-mob prank gone wrong caused chaos and panic in a small beach town on the Costa Brava in Catalonia on Tuesday night, according to eyewitness reports from the scene and regional emergency services.

Diners in restaurants in Platja d’Aro, in the Girona province of Catalonia in north-eastern Spain, saw a group of men arrive in an apparently aggressive manner and decided it might be a jihadi attack, with hundreds fleeing the scene.

6. We are looking for someone who can translate Italian to English now as there is an interesting story out of Italy about a number of muslims who were arrested with backpacks full of rocks, bladed weapons and other unusual things for migrants to carry around. Like rocks. Who does that.

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10 Replies to “Trump, France at war, Spaniards panic and Trump: Links 1 on Aug. 2 – 2016”

  1. 4- If we had an honest media in the US a new story out of Turkey would be the lead item on every news broadcast. The way Erdogan is going this is going to blow up in our faces (probably before the election but maybe after) with most people not having any warning and the media trying to spin what is happening to help Hillary. Remember Benghazi was being used to provide weapons to what turned into ISIS and that they were being shipped through Turkey. No Erdogan has staged a coup as an excuse to purge the Turkish Government and military of anyone who isn’t behind the effort to turn Turkey into a theocratic nation. They are now accusing the US to be behind the coup and one Judge has issued arrest warrents for several US Generals and the head of the CIA. With 1400 US troops in Turkey how long will it be before they are seized and held hostage to try and force us to turn our Generals and the head of the CIA over to Turkey?

  2. 2. It is no coincidence that the French government after spending decades appeasing Muslim countries, taking the opposite sides to the West fighting dictatorships with expansionist ideas – is now the country where civilization is crumbling.

    This politically correct behavior, when exposed to a Muslim, draws the Allah through them as an Aztec needed a sacrific. Those indoctrinated with cruelty can only draw their strength off from the weak. The Europeans have done nicely.

    Add centuries of selective inbreeding and the personality now makes the herd from Arabs to Pakistanis. These easily enraged peacocks from Aisha’s knees.

    Socializing rockweilers is very different from labradors. The Dangerous Dog Act came into force after decades of Socialist-pampered single-mothered selectively-downbreds who had no longer the psychis to manage them. No ability to be the father, the patriarch of the pack. A mental neglect of understanding the motivations of the dogs their forefathers had bred to perform.

    A devolution of the brain, like the mind of the animal that once bragged to be the likeness of God for themselves with the birthright of dominion above every lesser creature and human, that slaughtered thousands of their tribe at conception, that passed through to support and validate Islam.

    So understably the West, with their fast-tracked politicians for exhibiting preferential-personality disorders, had lost the ability to socialize Muslims. The ferral youth who prowl openly in the streets unchecked and unfettered that only Sharia can muzzle. No people of character to calm them down; the English gentlemen who once went out in the midday sun to achieve their aims. Only Muhammad’s leash: a beating, amputation and beheading is all they understand.

    The civilized verses the savages of Communism, Muhammadism and Inversion, of the breeds who see honesty and fairplay as stupid where a child an opportunity to exploit and control: Drown, frown or brown.

      • Glad you enjoyed it Johnnyu.

        To drop a child into the middle of the ocean, expose them to acts of brutal violence and murder, or turn sex into excrement and death; to make them utterly motherless before the cruelty of mothers, fatherless before unrigteousness of fathers and humanless before inhumanity of guardians The dissociated disorders.

        Feminists devoid of intuition intellectually mansplain, “women need men like fish need bicyles!” Muhammadans devoid of insight religiously bitch, “women are deficient!” And Inverts devoid of protective genetic instincts, flout and demand, “a child to match my moods!”

        They are the opposite of what they all claim to be.

        Because cut-off from their natural homes, they no longer hear the heartbeat of life; and are then encouraged in their struggle to be made victorious to pursue their Promised Lands of reconnection to Love, Truth or Nature – on Earth, in Heaven or changed Mind – if they deprive all and any who exhibit a wholesomeness, effortlessly as a child, with a Light revealing their utter Darkness. These unholy, holding legal affirmations of their Preferential superiority, on the planet.

        “(4) Jesus said, “A person advanced in days will not hesitate to question a little child seven days old about the place of life. And that person will live. For many that are first will be last, and they will become one.”

        (The ‘one’ is the ‘never-changing’ from infant to octogenarian – and if not ‘one,’ to then reveal and get out of what you got into – for unless a man is born again they will not comprehend reality, ‘the kingdom of god,’ simply because they are no longer firing on all cylinders).

  3. 1. A Communist, a person who believes we must live as a commune, will put these Muslim attacks as equivalent to the number of those getting insect bites and stings.

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