Martyrdom video of terror tard in Germany, and priest in France decapitated in Church

1, Standard mumbldy “Martyrdom” video of another jihadi planning to kill as many unbelievers as he can and claim that it was a pious act.

The good news is he only killed himself so far. Sadly he injured 11 and the German government, suffering from total logical and moral inversion, have banned backpacks at festivals. Pretty soon the only thing allowed will be women in burkas.

2. Priest beheaded in a small town church in France. Killers were bearded and shouted Allah Hu ackbar. Which is a surprise as they usually shout: “Not enough social programs or  leftist policies preventing people from offending me” when doing these attacks.

The Express has the story here. 

The SUN UK here

Update from Fdesouche 

(Thank you Ava Lon for the translation)

Through its news agency QAMA, organization Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack in a church of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, near Rouen (Seine-Maritime). In its statement, published Tuesday, July 26, hours after the murderous hostage taking occurred during the Mass, the organization suggests the attack was perpetrated by “two soldiers”.

”Officially, no identity of the two hijackers is formally established, we are ensured by the Interior [Ministry]. But the name of one of the attackers circulating. It is, according to our information, a man who wanted to visit Syria in 2015 and who was arrested by Turkish police before being handed over to France and imprisoned in 2015. He had then an electronic bracelet attached in March 2016, a provision intended as an alternative to incarceration. The terrorism prosecutor had appealed the decision, but without success.


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  1. The attacks are coming more often, it won’t be long before their are daily attacks in every nation.

    This is a campaign designed to scare people into converting to Islam and living under Sharia. There will be a large percentage of people in all nations who will convert because of this fear, what we have to ensure is that the majority of people decide to fight back so we can remain free. The war will be long and bloody but our ancestors fought to prevent Islam from taking over the world and won, can we do less then they did?

    • The Liberals will be the first to convert and give up their freedom. They never understood what to do with freedom anyway. They saw it as a burden.

      • Something that has never really been taught is that during the Cold War many defectors quietly went back to the Soviet Union because over here they were having to make decisions for themselves and had never learned how to do that.

        • LOL, They probably do.

          I don’t want to have a mouth full of popcorn when I read you next post, I almost got some down the wrong pipe.

  2. @Eeyore ….. “1, Standard mumbldy “Martyrdom” video of another jihadi planning to kill as many unbelievers as he can and claim that it was a pious act.”

    Jihad IS the most “pious act” a muslim can commit. It erases all sins and ensures immediate entry to the islamic rapey, gluttonous “paradise”.

  3. Well, that was quick. “You(going-down-the-)tube” has already banned the video of the rucksack murderer. Which, on one hand is a pity since people may need to hear yet again why he did it. On the other hand, less impressionable mash-for-brains youngsters will get a chance to stumble upon and be moved by the propaganda, which every one of the “martyrs” invariably spews, while being pumped with whatever hashish they are pumped with by their pimps (handlers).

    • The US has many knife control law, a pocket knife can’t have a blade longer then 31/2 inchs, although some states have now shortened it to 21/2 inches. Several states have also outlawed fixed bladed knives that are sharpened on both edges. While the main focus is on gun control the same people oppose anyone owning anything other then a kitchen knife.

  4. You just wait, people will make a giant pile of teddy bears and burn those memorial candles extra hard, that should make those ISIS guys scared…

  5. a totally harmless priest beheaded & it is a minor headline.
    only a few miles from where American , Canadian & English boys
    waded ashore under withering mg 42 , fearsome 88 artillery, mines,
    panzer tanks ..
    if the franks don’t drag out the guillotine .. and very soon . it will be all over for them.

    can you look around & see if there is anyone that wants to get them out this time.
    how ’bout .. ‘black lives matter’. got kinda’ a universal ring to it eh ??

    • While I fully expect the Moslems to be kicked out of Europe after many decades of hard fighting I also expect many of the European nations to split apart and in some cases combine into totally new nations. France is one I expect to fall apart due to the arrogance of the political class.

  6. I can’t believe that families are not filing wrongful death-type suits against the ISIS employer to freeze assets and embargo trade. Does France lack the means to attempt lawfare?

  7. Wilder’s position on ISIS wannabe’s wanting to join the jihad in a Middle East country – Let them go, then revoke their citizenship. Their state is the Islamic State now, get their passports there. Never let them back in. Never. I would also add seize any assets they have inside the country, liquidate and transfer to state.

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