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13 Replies to “A little friendly advice to the French, the Germans, and all people who are being robbed of their liberty, safety, culture and history”

  1. It’s so dumb-assed simple when you look at it like that, isn’t it. Sometimes it’s essential to get mad before you can do a thing. When I hear somebody talking about how opposed to “hate” they are, I wonder what kind of a slop heap they’re using for a thinking center. Are they saying that there is never a time for hate? Are they saying that we should learn to think kindly of these guys who just beheaded the Priest in France? The reason we still have a problem with terrorism in the world is because the left keeps doing everything in its power to prevent us from reaching the “Mad as hell” point in the movie. I think a lot of leftists are simply not very bright. And some of them are like firebugs, and like to lurk in the shadows and get off on the hurt they’ve caused…

    • The people who claim to be opposed to hate are really opposed to people who are passionate about ideas and principles that they oppose. They feel it is ok to hate conservatives, guns and personal freedom.

      • They’re always being disingenuous, aren’t they. Instead of saying they hate you because you’re wrong, they say they hate you because you’re full of hate, because you are morally inferior to them and deserve to be hated. It’s always so tricky and hard to explain. Fools our slower friends every time…

        • That it does, if you keep pushing you can win on a personal confrontation but with the exception of President Reagan we haven’t had a counter puncher on the national stage until Trump. The main thing that the two have in common is that they both spend time in the entertainment industry and learned how to use the TV speeches to destroy their opponents. The left has never figured out how to fight against someone using their own tricks against them. Most of the Conservatives have never had enough courage to use their tactics against them.

    • The left has programed people to do what their passionate leaders order them to do, what they haven’t learned is how to ensure that only their orders are obeyed.

    • arrived via GoV.

      So did I. Read GoV in lurker-mode for years and years. Hopped over here so often, I’ve made it my home. So we’re cousins, Fred.

      I’m Yucki, YankeeKafir.

    • Both sides have worked hard to prevent mob action, this has created the situtation where the people wait much longer then is rational before they start fighting back. The down side for the left is that once the dam is broken and the self defense fighting has begun the people will probably not stop with the Moslems but will also go after the political leaders that have betrayed them. French politicians looking at the French with its history of Madame Guillotine have to be feeling the heavy blade descending towards the back of their necks. The German politicians are worried about a short rope and a long drop.

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