Stopping a bad theory before its too far out of the gate

There is a theory being put forward now on a Dutch site that the person who did the shooting and the person put forth as the shooter are diferent people based on the fact that the shooter can be seen with a black T shirt and a red backpack and then the dead person said to be that shooter had a burgundy T shirt and no back pack.

Here is a link to the Dutch site. It doesn’t seem to open properly for me on anything but Chrome however.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz009

Below, a screen cap from the site showing what they say took place.

Now have a look at this video.

The red T shirt person is pretty clearly one of the killer’s victims.

Nipping this one in the bud.

Nash Montana says that it is the same fellow, but the color looks darker when he is standing in front of the McDonalds.



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8 Replies to “Stopping a bad theory before its too far out of the gate”

  1. To me he clearly wears a red t shirt with white writing on it, which matches the dude’s shirt laying on the ground.

  2. It could be differences in the cameras or it is two different people, if it is two different people the man was one of the victims.

  3. What are you on about? The site says no such thing! But maybe thats because you “stopped it getting out of the gate” 😉

    • They may have removed it yeah. I would have published a retraction. Most people just delete stuff thats wrong and some sites defend it.

      I just closed the tab. I guess I could have scree captured it. But I’m not trying to have a fight with that site they are probably perfectly nice people with the right ideas and values. I just feel that its important not to muddy the waters on these events from our side at least.

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