The Government Media complex at full throttle

Europe News does it again. Check out this video on how Islam and Muslims are the true victims of Islamic terror against the non-Muslim. Somehow.

To get a sense of Europe News’ style sheet lets visit the video they did of the Pope’s visit to the Central African Republic or CAR.

Nope there is no agenda to spin or deceive or create a false narrative at Europe News at all. Nope. No way no how.

Add to this the BBC deliberate changing of the Munich killer’s name to void a clear Islamic connection.

At this stage we could launch into a proper rebuttal of all the things said in the top video and refute them and do so well and with solid references from Islamic scripture and sharia law. For instance the legal use of the word “Terror” as it is used in the Cairo declaration which makes it the official definition of terrorism for Muslims, which specifically excludes jihad. Which means that condemning terror by any muslim who uses the term in that way does not mean what it is intended to make us think that it means.

That kind of thing. And suddenly what is said with apparent sincerity sounds a lot different.

Instead perhaps at this late stage its best to quote Mar Steyn:

“We all know Islam is the religion of peace. Now its time for Muslims to do their part and stop killing everyone all over the place.”

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21 Replies to “The Government Media complex at full throttle”

  1. They seem incapable of not spinning the news even when they know they are going to be proven to be liars. There are a lot of cameras and web sites willing, hell happy to show the unedited footage that probes the LSM are liars.

    • O/T
      Hi Richard, am not here as often as I would like atm (hospital), but reading most. (Vladtepes is the go-to place if one REALLY wants to know what’s going on). Pls also give Yucki my regards if you see her. Thanks for your work here too,

      • Be well, Rita. Mr. Sickness is a real pill, to be sure… But I’ve come out of the hospital half-dead from a heart attack and the first thing I did when I got home was check Vlad Tepes, then write some comment in the hopes that just one person will be caught by something I have said and the veil will drop from their eyes.

        I think it is a true statement that the only fundamentally important thing on the planet Earth today is the ascendance of Islam. They are the new Nazis. Taxes can go up, Governors and Premiers can change, time can move on, climate can change, but the minute the Sunni Muslim population hits, say, 25% somewhere, it’s going to be too late and you’re going to see blood flowing so thickly down the gutters that it forms into rivers, just like Enoch Powell nearly half a century ago. The war that might be coming could be the worst war of all time…

        There’s a Muslim mayor in London, for Christ’s sake. A Muslim mayor! And he’s already sneaking and lying in Sharia law like they always do. He’s lying when he says he doesn’t want young girls to feel bad-by-comparison when they see the great bodies of the models on the subway walls. He’s lying and he’s cynically using the politically correct reasoning of the stupid left. He’s lying! It’s taqiyya! He’s imposing Sharia law in London!!!

        If I was a Brit, I might be tempted to do something about it, but it’s hard when you look around your own town and all you see is turbans and Burqas. Are they really just going to give up and meekly move to Canada and Australia? I wonder how the Queen feels about that…

      • I hope your stay in the hospital isn’t long or serious, trying to get in to see about my cataracts but between truck trouble and a lot of eldery vets having to wait over a month for appointment.

        Know that I am thinking about you and praying for your recovery.

      • You missed the flabby, half-naked Shittes flagellating themselves! Get well quick so we can be jealous of the gorgeous Trump women together.
        I miss you.

  2. ARRRRRRRGHHHHHHH this “Euro-News” reporter with his greasy voice and slimey reporting deserves a bucket of vomit over his head !

    Fearing the “backlash”???? If ONLY !

    They are fearing the backlash for next week’s islamic terrorist attack!!!

    They are planning the next carnage already as they are whining and playing the victim – each stinking “wearethefirstvictims” whine an insult for the real victims. One has only to watch – even superficially – their story of invasion and see clearly what awaits Europe!!!
    SHEESHHH !!!

    PS: And I’m not even feeling better after this little outburst. hmmmpffff !

    • Martin ! this video makes me even feel worse, because of how I feel about this. And while I see them stuffing their faces I wonder how many non-Muslims were left in their wake….

      I seriously hope this reporter will become a Jihadi bride and p/o over there…Did Clinton’s MB closest (embedded?) advisor write the script for that?

      Apart, Martin, nice to see you again !!

    • If they are that worried find some other nation to leach off of.

      We should put Christian and non Christian anti-Moslem refugees at the head of the line.

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