Islamic State modus, Westerners go crusading, Hungry for Hungary and more: Links 1 on July 23 – 2016

1, The islamic State continues to use their human imagination to devise the most cruel methods of torture and execution they can conceive of.

(And as they don’t seem to be publicizing them, it can’t be for deterrence. It can only be due to sadism)

2. Interesting interview with a British man who sold his business and assets and went to fight the Islamic State with his own resources. As I have read it, this is precisely what the Crusades were also. Decent and noble men in both senses of the term, who sold off their property and wealth etc. to go fight against Islamic barbarism as it attacked and invaded Europe and to reclaim Jerusalem and Constantinople from conquering Muslim occupiers.

3. Hundreds of muslims who claim to be denying themselves food, march towards the Hungarian border.

(Could you call this the Hundred Hungry to Hungary march? Should you is probably the better question)

4. Police respond to idiotic leftist criticisms that the police should have shot the muslim axe attacker in the foot or Tased him or something instead of stopping his killing spree with   whatever force they had.

5. The Government Media complex is desperate for something to put on their side of the scale. Now the machinery kicks into overdrive as they try and downplay the man’s Iranian, and likely Muslim heritage, and connect him to the one guy they have. Anders Breivik.

6. Meanwhile 61 dead and over 200 inured in Islamic State attack in Kabul Afghanistan.

(Thank you so very much Obama)

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Kathy, Oz-Rita, and many more. As thing become more chaotic, as the idea of mass killings become more normal and thusly more people begin to think this is something which is doable, (Than you so very much Islam) things become more difficult to organize and package well. And I run on an organizational deficit out of the gate.

So je repeat… Please always check the daily links post. Think of it as a nicer, less controlled version of Redit.

A little US politics insider baseball for a moment.

Hillary Clinton’s Machiavellian near life-long determination to be President of the US is pretty obvious to all at this point. Also her unnatural degree of control over the Democrat party.

So it occurred to me that Bernie Sanders was in fact a shill in the purest sense. Someone who was set up to run against Clinton for no reason other than to create the illusion of a real contest for the leadership of the party. It is hard to believe that one of the only two parties in the US could only find a cranky old anti-Israel communist Jewish man to run against her for the Democrat candidacy for President. And then he endorses Hillary.

Quelle surprise

So it was with some interest that I read this Wikileak this morning:

“Wondering if there’s a good Bernie narrative for a story, which is that Bernie never ever had his act together, that his campaign was a mess. Specifically, DWS had to call Bernie directly in order to get the campaign to do things because they’d either ignored or forgotten to something critical.”

We all should be very grateful to FBI director James Comey right now. He told the truth about her but did not indict her.

Had he chosen to indict Hillary, the Democrat party would have to pick someone else. Anyone else. And the chances of that someone else winning over Trump is an order of magnitude higher than Hillary’s. Even a total unknown perhaps, given the machinery of vitriol and violence and rhetoric the new left engages in at every opportunity.

Things are as they should be. Clinton will reap what she has sown, very possibly and then Trump can look at having her indicted.

The Democrat party deserves Hillary Clinton at this stage. Maybe this is what they need to pull it together and start competing with the Republicans to see who can best make America better, safer and more prosperous instead of the third world style organized crime model they appear to be using now.

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  1. 1, The islamic State continues to use their human imagination to devise the most cruel methods of torture and execution they can conceive of.

    The USC Muslim Student’s Association used to have a feature on their website that allowed you to digitally search the Hadiths so you could find things like “The death of an infidel is of no more consequence than the sound of two goats butting heads.” (I’m sorry, but hearing that line fills me with unmitigated hatred for the Prophet of Islam. Why the hell shouldn’t it?)

    Anyway. Those extreme torture methods are no accident. There is a Hadith that says the Muslim should do things that would “shame an animal” when dealing with people like us. That means that gouging out a little girl’s eyes and eating them, for instance, would be a recommended Muslim practice, according to their holy books. It’s not sadism, it’s deterence. Islam is about fear and nothing else. Why do you think those Iraqi soldiers dropped their guns and ran when ISIS gave them a dirty look. Wise boys, if you ask me. I wouldn’t let ISIS get me under any circumstances. I’d run like a rabbit and not look back…

    Islam is purely and simply evil. It is not anything else. It is precisely as bad Naziism. It needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth before the human race can really begin to progress. There is no silver lining to Islam…

    On the USC MSA site it now has an “ask a scholar” feature where you can email a question and get a heapin’ helpin’ of grade-A taqiyya for your troubles. I guess to many people were using their cross-referencing feature to prove that Islam is bad. I miss it…

    Obama could have zapped these guys when they were riding around in convoys of ecru Toyota pickups with AA guns in the back. He could have and he didn’t. Think of all the horror that has been inflicted on human beings as a result of Obama’s fecklessness… He needs to spend the rest of his life in jail for wilful malicious malfeasance.

  2. Early in the first Clinton administration there were stories in the St. Louis papers about how the FBI was bringing the raw data FBI files on both Democrats and Republicans and probably on news reporters. These files were then scanned into privately owned PCs. There were comments then about the Clintons having blackmail info on just about everyone that could hurt them.

  3. 3 – I still say they are holding their formation like trained soldiers, and looking at the pictures they are all of an age to be soldiers. I won’t say vets because if they were in a military organization they wouldn’t be let out if they were physically capable of marching like that, they would be kept in to fight. This means they are either draft dodgers or soldiers out of uniform infiltrating Europe.

  4. #4. German sense of humour has become much more subtle since I left !

    #5. What took them so long to plant Anders Breivik paraphernalia in the muslim terrorists (room?) house? I mean exStasi-now-Nazi Merkel has a free field – she really went on camera today expressing her “condoleances” in PUBLIC before an increasingly moronic world population instead of curling up in a foetal (or fellating which ever comes first) position at Adolf-Erdogan’s feet !!!

  5. @ Eeyore:

    Your editorialising is, as usual, excellent: just a little rhetorical (if worried) question: you say:

    “…We all should be very grateful to FBI director James Comey right now. He told the truth about her but did not indict her….”

    What if she wins?

    • What if the creator wins.


      The drug pusher always wins.

      Spread the fear that you will not get your fair share in life. Feed them positive discrimination. Then the masses will ignore the challenges to exist by expecting priviledges. Politicians hold the keys to life.

      Mohammadans terrorize to make cowards. Cowards pray to Allah to remove their fear of death. Muslims will then ignoring the suffering of humanity on a daily basis. Because Sharia will give them preference. Mohammadans hold the keys to heaven.

      Peace where there is no peace.

      As the million-man slaughter houses of Russia and China had also come to figure out,
      stupidity is the mother of invention.

  6. Hollande and Merkel are so guilty of treason and treachery. They have caused the needless totally avoidable loss of life that islam brings. Now these countries, their population brainwashed and convinced they must pay for their guilt, are like sheep, their shepherds Hollande and Merkel, the EU elite, calmly moving them around with comforting words as the wolves gather. The victims of illegal aliens in America, they never had a voice. The Democrats are quite clear, shut up! Obama does not care one damn about them. Not one tear. Hillary just wants to shut them up, and avoid them. To these elites, the Merkels, the Obamas, the Clintons, those are just statistical blips on their way to their multicultural utopia.

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