Turkey and media manipulations: Links 1 on July 17 – 2016

News is flooding in about Turkey of course. Less so about France as we all knew what would happen before the truck stopped. Stuffed animals, flowers and the CBC would tell us all that the Muslims are the real victims.

Nuremberg trials V2.0 promise to be busy and long.

But Turkey has a lot more uncertainty.

Here is a few articles from the 90s and early 00s which are fascinating in context.

First, Erdogan goes to prison for reading a poem about how Islam is what it is. He was jailed for inciting animosity between religions.

Former Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Recep Tayyip Erdogan has entered prison to serve his four-month prison sentence. A convoy of 2,000 vehicles accompanied Erdogan to the prison HAKAN ASLANELI Istanbul – Turkish Daily News Istanbul’s former Islamist Mayor Recep Tayyip Erdogan has gone to prison to serve a conviction for “inciting hatred based on religious differences” in a speech he made in Siirt nearly a year and a half ago. Although he twice had the sentence converted into a monetary fine


  • Former Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Recep Tayyip Erdogan has entered prison to serve his four-month prison sentence. A convoy of 2,000 vehicles accompanied Erdogan to the prison


The public prosecutor charged Erdogan with “inciting hatred based on religious differences” at a political rally in Siirt. During his speech, Erdogan read a poem by nationalist ideologist Ziya Gokalp, in which he said:

“Our minarets are our bayonets, Our domes are our helmets, Our mosques are our barracks. We will put a final end to ethnic segregation. No one can ever intimidate us.

“If the skies and the ground were to open against us. If floods and volcanoes were to burst, We will not turn from our mission. My reference is Islam. If I am not able to speak of this, What is the use of living?”

Banned for life

Under the court ruling, Erdogan will be banned from public life forever and will not be able to take part in politics. Friends of Erdogan, who is interested in poetry, say he will write a book of poems while in prison.

It seems the hate speech charges didn’t do much good in Turkey either.

A Turkish minister also now claims that the US is behind the coup attempt. This cannot be good for NATO.

Here is a BBC article from 2002 on Erdogan. A little more background.

Between the article above and the jail time for poems, he reminds me of a 20th century politician from Austria more and more.

Today there are numerous stories about Erdogan flashing the Ikhwan sign around. The 4 finger salute that indicates Muslim Brotherhood affiliation. An explanation of it is here.

There have been demonstrations by Al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood people here at Parliament hill in fact using that symbol in a fake display of fraternity with Canadians who support democracy.

This is from Aug. 24 2013

1, Here is an interesting story in a way. This article about a current hostage situation and seizure of a police station in Armenia, manages to utterly neglect to mention that the conflict in fact “has its roots” in Christian Vs. Muslim hostilities. 

I suppose if the public started to get a sense of how many of the world’s violent conflicts are in fact because of Islamic aggression, people might start not liking Islam. And we can’t have that. For some reason.

2. Pamela Geller describes to Ezra how Facebook selectively enforces its anti-free speech laws against classical liberals and bans criticism of Islam or exposure of Islamic Jew-hatred, while allowing Islamic antisemitism in its original context.

3. ACLU publishes a paper on Trump’s policies. 

(Read it slowly. It is a tranche of misinformation and outright lies from the first page. I have not made it to the end and would like to hear from anyone who has, but this is a condemnation of the ACLU, not of Donald Trump. One example is the claim that Trump’s proposed ban on a certain immigration is a violation of the constitution. That would mean that the US constitution applies to foreign nationals for one thing, so is wrong out of the gate. But it isn’t a violation even the way they imply it is. And thats just at first glance.)

4. ISIS releases propaganda film showing burning Big Ben as they warn the West ‘we are here’

The hated terror group published the horrifying film, calling on European jihadis to “fill your cars with gas”, weeks before gunman Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel used a lorry to mow day Bastille Day crowds in France.

In the propaganda clip the Islamist fanatics suggest various methods for carrying out terror attacks in Britain, Europe, the US and Australia alongside detailed descriptions of the carnage they could cause.

(This might be a good time to avoid taxis for a short while. Try a bike, bus or friend or your own car. Yes, the bus may well be driven by a Muslim on jihad but you have a better chance of surviving in that than in a cab.)

5. A boy of THREE is quizzed by police for racism as number of children accused of hate crimes soars

(What makes this propaganda interesting is how they specify one “hate crime” where a child was told not to sit next to Jews, but the ones which are obviously done by Muslims who wield knives and threaten all other religions are not specified as being done by Muslims. In fact the description of the crimes leads one to suspect that all of them where done by Muslims. But that is not in the article, leaving the impression that white indigenous British people are racist bastards. One thing is certain. If they are not now, this kind of writing will make them so)

Thank you Richard, Wrath of Khan, Yucki, Oz-Rita, Jeremy P., Pym Purnell and many more. Keep it coming please. The information age means more, and more controlled information. not better. We depend on each other to de-spin and inform.




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15 Replies to “Turkey and media manipulations: Links 1 on July 17 – 2016”

  1. I haven’t made it through the ACLU manifesto either.

    The ACLU tries to use our laws against us by finding activist Judges that will rewrite the laws and Constitution in their decision. Many of the current problems are caused by activist Judges deciding to write law and rewrite the Constitutions.

    Here is the url of a bio of the group listing their goals and tactics. http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/groupProfile.asp?grpid=6145

    Here is the url for the US Constitution, the original document and the first 10 amendments were written in plain English so everyone could read it and know what their rights are. After that Lawyers starting writing the amendments and confusion set in.


    • Me too. I started reading it and just couldn’t go on because I’m so sick to death of these types telling us that there is no point even trying to fix any problems because everything we try to do is illegal and unconstitutional and immoral and just not who we are. One of the twelve Alinsky “rules for radicals” is to “make them adhere to their own laws”. Well, they’ve all read the book and that’s the tactic they’re using. I’ll bet the ACLU is a bunch of over-hyped liberal law students desperate to make a kill and impress their rich-kid communist friends. They think it’s one big game of “gotcha” and they don’t give a damn what the repercussions of their actions are. I’d like to hear one of these “well educated” dipsticks explain how another four years of the same policies is a good idea at this juncture. All people like that can do is pull things down. They never have any solutions, only whining…

      • The top few layers of the ACLU are committed leftist, they try and keep their passion for Marxism hidden but that is their goal.

  2. I agree the more you learn the more he resembles a certain German 20th Century politician. It is almost enough to make me reconsider my thoughts about reincarnation. Almost.

    If history is replaying the 1930s and 40s who is Joe Stalin?

    • Well, not exactly, but that would have to be Bashar al-Assad. When the big-eared traitor leaves office President Trump will likely stop funding, arming, and training the enemy, and start being on the same side as the Regime, like they should have been in the first place.

      The Baathist Syrian Government are, like Stalin, a truly brutal lot, but their comes a time when you have to put aside your differences and come together to defeat a deadly enemy, such as Fascism or Salafist Islam. So, Bashar al-Assad could be your Stalin.

      Maybe one day the US can make up for invading a sovereign state for no reason other than the desire to see the “Arab Spring” come about and usher in the age of the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s against international law, isn’t it? Is it written in the Geneva Convention that US Presidents have a sort of licence to kill any world leader they happen to want dead? Obama’s already done one with Gaddafi, missed in his attempt to murder Mubarak by abandonment, and still working on al-Assad as we speak. He tried to kill them all…

      • Assad may be more like Gen. Franco. A seriously bad dude we propped up for postwar NATO. The truth about his crimes against humanity was smothered almost completely.
        He was never going to call the shots like Stalin, never our ‘partner’. He was more of a placeholder we could trust to secure a commie-free southern NATO flank.
        Every bit as ruthless as Bashar and he lived waay tooo loong.

        • I think you are right he is more like Franco, Stalin was the leader of a nation that tried to take over the world but did it fairly slowly instead of a massive military campaign. If Hitler had shown the brains of Franco or Stalin we would have had a much harder time defeating Fascism, partially because there was a very real danger that the Soviet Army would revolt and side with Germany. If Hitler hadn’t invaded the USSR Stalin may have been removed by the Army who would have then sided with Hitler up to and including sending troops to fight for Fascism in the west.

  3. There is a lot of talk about the ‘attempted coup’ being a false flag operation, engineered by Erdogan, in order to create a pretext for a political purge and usurping more power.

    I have not caught up on everything yet, having been internet deprived for a week, but here are a few links thinking along these lines:





    Most of the people claiming it to be a false operations cite sources within Turkey, that seems to be the assessment by the Turkish people themselves…

    • I wonder if this is what “The night of the long knives” looked like from outside of Nazi Germany. I’ll bet it looked much the same…

      I hope the Turkish People are looking forward to seeing their country and their lives turn into garbage, because that’s what happens to countries that become Mohammedan dictatorships. Iran used to be a fine country and Lebanon was acknowledged as one of the very best places to be on the whole planet. Used to be. Allahu Akbar…

      • Make it a combination of the Reichstag fire and the Night of the Long Knives. The latter purged the Nazi party of internal enemies while the former purged the military and government of enemies.

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