Interview with Paul Sutliff on infiltration of the US government by the Muslim Brotherhood

This is part I of a II part interview. The second part should be available in the next few hours short of a “Truck attack” or a coup.

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22 Replies to “Interview with Paul Sutliff on infiltration of the US government by the Muslim Brotherhood”

    • A ban on Mosques since they exist to subvert Western democracies is what any healthy society would impose, a society not being led around by the neck by sick destroyers of humanity dressed up as “liberal” lawmakers, judges, and executives.

      A step toward an outright ban I would think is for a national outcry from citizens to close every mosque from which their murderers go out, hunt, and murder — with their prime target the kafir; and every one of those mosque-goers be deported — and if they are US citizens, be tried as accomplices to the crime.

        • It will put them on the defensive and us on the offensive, you don’t win wars by being on the defensive. It will also buy time for us to move against the nations supporting the terror spreading Mosques and Imams.

          If we hit hard enough, in enough different ways and long enough they will decide the time isn’t right and stop the jihad.

          Granted this is just pushing the problem a couple of hundred years down the road but that will buy us time to find a permanent solution.

  1. Great interview and great guest. Lots of stuff I didn’t know. And Huma Abedin? That’s like Hitler’s nephew walking into the war room and sitting down next to Winston Churchill and having nobody thinking there’s anything off about it. Insanity! People overuse the word “surreal” all the time, but this is truly surreal. How can John McCain not see it? And when was the last time you heard from Michelle Bachman? She seems to have vanished.

    I hope there are some kids listening to it and getting interested in the Islamic threat. It’s no wonder that Obama has banned the use of words like “Jihad” and “Sharia” and “Taqiyya” and “fatwa”. The moment a critical mass of people learn what those words really mean is the moment that the worldwide Islamist movement dies. I’m convinced that if you could get an educated liberal white woman to stop covering her ears and drowning you out with, “racist, fascist, hater!” for long enough to hear what the word “taharrush” means, she might very well do an about face and join the cause. Let them hear Laura Logan say how they were “inside me…back and front”, and how they nearly tore her to pieces, and that the pain she was in in the hospital after was unbearable. Welcome to “taharrush”. Welcome to Cologne. Welcome to London. Allahu Akbar…

    And I agree. Obama is likely a member of the MB. Everything he’s ever done since coming into office has been pleasing to the MB. He has to be.

      • They also don’t know which side was the good guys and which the bad, the left in the west has called the small government movement fascist for so long a lot of kids think the fascist were really the good guys.

  2. I wonder how long all this Muslim Brotherhood infiltration is going to last when Trump becomes President. Do you think that Rudy Giuliani doesn’t know all about it? Or General Flynn? Or Newt Gingrich? Their days are numbered and I’m sure they are destroying evidence in despair at this very moment…:)

    • Chris, we can’t have unrealistic expectations for The Donald. We’ll be disappointed. Though wartime exigencies will help shape a new future, we’re going to be fighting unprecedented urban riots and terrorist attacks. Starting TOMORROW.

      There are decades, layers of rot throughout the executive branch, security services, courts, everywhere. Expect thick webs of clever sabotage.

      You can’t run the country without retaining some of the rotters for at least a while. The young blood comes from universities that are largely subverted. Affirmative action goes to college. Promotions of those who majored in Social Justice. I want to vomit. Full stop.

      We’re going to have to straighten things out before we go after the bad guys. In fact we might find that too much of a distraction for quite a while. Besides the fact that judges at every level are unreliable.

      Pending Supreme Court appointment[s] will require _artful dealing_. Enemies in Congress will have to be propitiated. That’s life in the lands of checks and balances.

      • Very good analysis, it fits the scenario I see, what a friend describes as absolute chaos. While I don’t doubt the forces of freedom will win in the long run it will be very nasty over the short run and this chaos will spread to Europe very quickly. It will also spread to the Far East as China realizes that we are tied up at home and can’t oppose their attempt to conquer that region.

  3. If only we could find a presidential candidate from outside politics. Someone from the world of business where trench warfare is an every day affair. Ruthless and compelled to see things as they truly are. Independently wealthy hence incorruptible.

    I can dream.

  4. What did Mr. Sutliff mean — around the 5:30 mark — that he’d like to see Adm. Depts. to tell incoming students from Saudia Arabia, Egypt, etc., that should they decided to join the MSA they would “not be able to go home”?

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