Interior Minister of France calls all willing citizens to reserve Service

An original translation by Egri Nok with much thanks

From Focus.De German language web site

(Video of truck ploughing into people from balcony camera)

19.34 Uhr [that is 7:34 PM European time]: After the grave attack in Nice the French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Saturday called upon all willing “patriotic citzens” for reserve service at the security forces. His Appeal was directed at French citizens with and without Military training and at former soldiers, Cazeneuve said.”


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6 Replies to “Interior Minister of France calls all willing citizens to reserve Service”

  1. Ideal landscape for unemployed French Islamist recruitment. They’ll be getting paid to learn how to better shoot.

  2. The socialist party has confirmed that Muslims convicted of terrorist offences cannot be deported or stripped of French citizenship ,so what must these reservists be thinking.

  3. I’m very sorry for what happened in a nice, keep in mind that Muslims are also victims, as a result of the incident, Muslims are considered as terrorists. In fact, many Muslims are good and law-abiding.
    greetings from young entrepreneurs

    • Yes I agree! And in WW2 there were lots of Nazis who were law abiding. But they were Nazis and out to destroy and replace our societies.

  4. This is a good chance for both the Moslems and the Patriots to acquire tactical training and learn to shoot. It will also allow the Patriots to insert agents in place in the Police just in case.

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