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4 Replies to “INFO WARS video on the Swedish anti-rape bracelets.”

  1. The commercial at the end shows one of the major problems with Alex Jones and his groups, they have excellent sources of info and put out some good stuff. Then they ruin it by launching into some weird conspiracy theory that taints everything else they have to say.

  2. I’ve actually given some thought to these wristbands and, of course it is ridiculous to think a potential groper/raper would care one whit about them. The upside I see is that the potential female victims will become more self aware and situational y cognizant. The act of putting that wristband on means you accept the premise that you might be attacked and will take precautions.
    Is it right that Swedish women have been put in such danger, of course not. But that is the situation they now find themselves in.
    Vote out your current gov’t if you want anything to improve. Too bad a wristband with that message isn’t being distributed…

    • It’s helpful in the way some training in martial arts is: you get a sense of the space around you, how perilously weak you can become in no time flat. You carry yourself differently.

      What really helps is to be knocked down about 1000 times, learn how to fall. Get some bruises, learn how to block. And buy a gun.

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