Hollywood dhimmitude, Slavery on rise, muslim jailed for allahu akbarring an aircraft: Links 2 on July 3 2016

1, The Rebel on one example of Hollywood dhimmitude

2. The Swedish, “Angry Foreigner” is quite good in this video

3. This evolving story is interesting.

First it was reported that a man stepped on a firework in Central Park in NYC which damaged him. Blew off part of his leg actually.
I was thinking what company would make a firework like that and what they would call it. Its a level or two up from the old, “Burning Schoolhouse” we used to get as kids. Maybe, “High Kinetic Amputation Ward” or something.

Then the media started to report that it was possibly an amateur explosive device made by an enthusiast and left there. Thats even funnier than a firework. Back were we come from, reality, when someone leaves an IED, (the proper spelling for the Islamic eating festival) around in a public place we call it terrorism. Not an amateur explosives enthusiast who was sloppy with his inventory.

They are pretty specific though about the device. That it was not made to go off on contact. So I’ll reserve judgement for now. But it is an odd story.

4. Mauritania arrests nine anti-slavery activists

(The Western world forced the Islamic Republic of Mauritania some years ago to pretend they abolished slavery but they never did a very good job of it. They past some superficial legislation for show and kept on breeding, buying and selling people as slaves.

Now the mask is slipping off as Islam gains ascendence in the world)

Mauritanian authorities have arrested nine anti-slavery activists and accused them of starting a riot in which several police officers were injured and a bus was burned, activist leaders said on Sunday.

The arrests were an attempt to use the riot in Nouakchott to discredit the Initiative for the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement (IRA) movement, its coordinator Issa Ould Aliyine told a news conference.

“From the first hours of the riots, and even without knowing their cause or the details, an order was given to government media to start a campaign to link the IRA with the violence,” he said.

5. Plane passenger jailed for shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘boom’ as jet hit turbulence

(Now that Muslims have us all wound up with actual terrorism, they are achieving their goals now of disrupting and disassembling our civilization with just the signals of jihad. This is not the first of its kind this past week or so)

A PLANE passenger who yelled “Allahu Akbar” and “boom” as the jet he was travelling on flew through heavy turbulence has been jailed.


Sarwar’s defence claimed the passenger acted erratically because he had not taken his meds

Shehraz Sarwar was on an Emirates flight from Dubai to Birmingham when he terrified fellow passengers, chanting “Allahu Akbar” over and over again.

The 38-year-old has now been jailed for 10 weeks following the incident.

Prosecutor Patrick Sullivan told Birmingham Crown Court Sarwar had been difficult from the start of the flight, refusing to put on his seat belt and throwing food around inside the cabin.

He said: “The behaviour before these words was obnoxious.

Thank you Gates of Vienna, M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Maria J., Del and many may more. Too many to remember. But thank you all very much. 

A few related items left below:


The following video may lead one to believe that the Marxist/Islamic group, Black Lives Matters, tactics may not be as effective as they once were.


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6 Replies to “Hollywood dhimmitude, Slavery on rise, muslim jailed for allahu akbarring an aircraft: Links 2 on July 3 2016”

  1. Driving through “Black Lives Matter”.

    Just as surely as Barack Obama created ISIS by abandoning Iraq and attacking libya and Syria, he created “Black Lives Matter” by giving credence to the false “fact” that there is an epidemic of white police officers shooting innocent black children for no reason other than racial prejudice, and that race relations in America today are exactly the same as they were in 1950. Professor Gates, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and “Black Lives Matter” – each time he backed the false narrative. He is clearly trying to start a war between the whites and the blacks.

    Well…it appears to be working. A lot of white Americans are getting really angry about being spit at all the time and then called “racist” if they say one word about it. The above video is disturbing. Obama might just be getting his wish. What an evil man he isl…

    Can anyone explain to me how fully half of the American population actually thinks this guy is doing a great job?

    • Fully half of the nation get their news from the LSM, (Lams Stream Media, so named by Sarah Palin? the big 3 that support Obama and refuse to report anything that will hurt him.

      Yes Obama and the left are trying to create a race war, they think this is how they can take over the US without having to worry about the Constitution. We can expect massive at both the Republican and Democrat conventions, and when Trump wins because people are afraid of the left the left will go ballistic and the chaos will begin.

      I am not the only person making this prediction, Rush Limbaugh is seeing thing.

    • iam not suppportive of the BLM movt ,but to put up a horrific video that shows people your fellow americans being mangled,plowed through by cars with gloating comments is just ugly. i read your blog and iam against the islamization of the west or even the tiniest island on the earth. but this is ugly vlad.

      • Yes indeed it is.

        Posting it is not an endorsement. It is to make people aware of events that have meaning. BLM is a vector of the Marxist and Islamic alliance that seek to bring down the West. The fact that their horrific tactics are leading to this occasionally is meaningful. The fact that BLM do these tactics, the fact that the police do not stop them, the fact that the Government-media complex does not report on it and the fact that it appears to be leading to the public taking matters into their own hands is very important.
        Pretty soon we will all have to go to the dark web if we want to know anything true And then of course we will have to find a work around of government censors of that once they figure that out.
        I did think about it before posting it for the reasons you point out. In the end, this site is about tryig to understand the reality of our situation in order to restore classical liberalism.
        You might notice that I refered to the victims of Orlando as Americans, or Americans at a gay bar, not as Homosexuals and I refer to Jewish victims of Islamic terror as Jewish people. Because the key here is to remember who and what these people are and not diminish their status as people by casting the nets as the enemy does.

        But the Marxists and Muslims who are in fact the agents of our destruction remain Marxists and Muslims whatever they may call themselves. They lose the right to be respected when they try and fool us into forgetting who the aggressor and who the defenders are.

        Thank you for your comment. It was thoughtful. And i still half agree with you.

  2. It thought the post was fine .. these turds are
    breaking the law. they alway break the law & are
    drivers gotta’ remember to approach the picket line
    sideways cause most of the BLM women are so obese they will ruin the under carriage of their cars ..

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