Dispute about bathing rules in Saxony, Refugee hostel next to Nudist camp: Nudists indignant as they are supposed to cover up

An original translation by Egri Nok

From this German news site:

The planned establishment of a refugee hostel in Saxony has caused a stir among the 400 members of the local nudist club.
Now the nudists of the Volkersdorf Forest Pond are on the barricades. Cause they are supposed to cover up when they want to bathe in the future.

The members of the Family Sports- and Nudist-Club, Waldteichfreunde Moritzburgì, have been enjoying the Nudist culture at the Upper Forest Pond in Volkersdorf since 1905. However, the construction of the refugee camp in sight of the nude swimming area of the Club now causes resentment. The club called upon the country to provide funds for a privacy screen.
But instead, the German Society for Bathing Matters sent them the pool rules, Bild newspaper reports. Rule number nine states: The usage of the swimming bath is only permitted in swimwear. The billboards are laminated and features this point in German, Albanian, Arabic and Persian language.

The Nudists are shocked. They want to decide for themselves what they do on their own premises. The club therefore refuses to display these rules.
Bathing Matters spokesman Joachim Heuser threatens: “If the club changes the rules, they will not be allowed to advertise with our logo anymore”, he tells Bild.

In the dispute about the rules the district is showing good will towards the Nudists: they will provide the required privacy shield at the refugee center.



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4 Replies to “Dispute about bathing rules in Saxony, Refugee hostel next to Nudist camp: Nudists indignant as they are supposed to cover up”

  1. The Government that is full of sexuality up to its ass, want nudists who don’t sexualize to cover up.

    You couldn’t make it up.

  2. I have been waiting for this to occur, this is a culture class that can only end when the German culture is once again dominate in Germany.

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