NRW: Arsenal of weapons with “heavy war weaponry” excavated near Mosque

An original translation by Nash Montana with much thanks

From this German Website, Epoch Times:

An arsenal of weapons of radical islamists was excavated in NRW, North Rhine Westphalia. The “Top secret assignment” took one week and brought heavy war arsenal to the surface. This is what Hessian delegate Ismail Tipi (CDU) says.

According to information of the hessian CDU delegate Ismail Tipi a “top secret assignment” of the SEK in North Rhine Westphalia took place. In the cooler room of a vegetable vendor near a mosque, weapons were found and seized. “According to my information at this particular operation, an arsenal with heavy war weaponry was found.

The danger of arming of the fundamentalists and willing to resort to violence salafists in Germany is very high. This was shown clearly by this secret operation”, said Tipi on Friday at a press conference.

The Extremism expert also assumes that more weapons stocking took place in other cities. For instance the Hamburg intelligence service for constitutional protection also speaks of a heightened number of supporters of armed jihad.

In the meantime more than 300 people in Hamburg have been identified as supporters of armed jihad. The fear is that salafist sleepers, jihadists and IS terrorists in Germany find support through foreign intelligence services, that aren’t friendly to German interests. Through these weapons arsenals militant jihadists and sleepers will be equipped with weapons in their preparations for attacks”, the turkish born delegate says.

Politicians have to speak straight talk”

Tipi warns: “If these worries prove to be true, we can expect that these secret weapons arsenals will be used for terrorist attacks not only in Germany but in entire of Europe. It would be extremely negligent if we do not address this danger and do everything to find these arsenals.” One problem is that many battle seasoned young salafists come back to Germany from combat zones and implanted themselves among the stream of migrants, the press briefing further mentions.

“We have to see this threat and we need to act fast. Here, our security administration is asked to look at this very clearly and hard, to investigate precise, and to share as much of the information as possible among relevant administrations and services”, Tipi says.

And, he demands: “Politicians have to speak straight talk, they have to address the possible danger and threats, they have to educate the population and call for a full awakening and to report to the police any type of suspicious activity. The problem of Salafism and IS terror gets bigger and bigger if we don’t all react. Here, each and everyone of us is asked to step up.”

Tipi’s political engagement against radical Salafists has already led to death threats against him.

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13 Replies to “NRW: Arsenal of weapons with “heavy war weaponry” excavated near Mosque”

  1. Oh, oh. This is exceptionally bad news. This means that they are not just thinking about it, they are actually going ahead and organizing terrorist attack using weapons that are more powerful than “small arms”. That means 20mm guns, mortars, flamethrowers etc.. If I was them and I had heavy arms located inside Infidel cities, I would aim them at the government buildings and kill all of the politicians while Parliament is in session. That’s what the Canadian attacker was attempting. This is not a grim fantasy, this is almost certainly what they are about to do, any minute now by the look of it.

    Western nations need to officially declare war against militant Islam, awkward as that might sound, and start really bearing down on the Jihadists. What if they shell the German Chancellery while it’s in session and kill all of the members? What then? Would Obama call it workplace violence and tell us to move on? Would the left call it “gun violence” and blame the NRA? This is ridiculous…

    I’m afraid that young Muslim males are going to have to have quite the sense of humor about things for the next few years as they get used to having half-a-dozen cameras aimed at them twenty-four hours a day. That’s what has to happen. And if they hear them going “Allahu Akbar” and cheering on the Taliban, they go to a humane POW camp until the war is over, however long that might be. No trial of the century, no dream team, no reading them their rights…

    I have a feeling that the Americans have surveillance equipment and techniques that are so secret and so damn amazing that it would blow our minds if we knew about it. I’m talking about the stuff you go to jail for talking about. Use it!

    • There was a Turkish ship that was dropping off loads of weapons and was eventually stopped in Sweden when it had largely finished its job. It is starting very very soon, perhaps the security forces have managed to intercept some of the weapons but a heck of a lot got through.

      • You mean the shipment of military shotguns? That is exactly what I am thinking of. You can be certain that the Salafists have any number of such weapons caches secreted around Europe and who-knows-where-else. And you can be also certain that they have Islamic suicide fanatics just waiting for the order to attack the hated Infidel.

        They need to start profiling Muslim males, identifying likely suspects, and seriously surveilling them until they slip up and reveal their true intentions. Then they should interrogate them thoroughly, find out who their friends are, and repeat, then incarcerate. That technique, I believe, describes why their is no gang activity in Singapore. It works…

        I’d start with the first guy I see with a big beard and no mustache – any race. If you happen to pick up a few Dutch Reformers or Mormons, well, shit happens…

        • There were several ships and from the reports I read the shipments discovered were a mix of light and heavy weapons.

          The US border patrol says they stop at best 25% of all smuggled items. I doubt if the European nations do any better.

        • Not just those shotguns, there was more as Richard pointed out, however there has been some significant disruption to that network, the Jihadist who killed those two police made do with a knife.

          It is an open question just how ready they are, my feeling is that it starts Thursday, I have been surprised that it had not started already and in part that was due to the destruction of ISIS’s stack of dollars and the damage that Russia did in Syria. But they do like their symbolic dates.

          But as I explained to someone recently, the prize is Europe, which is weak. Also their calculation is that Russia wants a weakened Western Europe and they would not be wrong in that.

          They will take a city or town or something like that and kill without mercy, they will try to show those delinquent youths that hate Europeans that they can rise up and that they can take it.

          And who do those Europeans support, their identity has been destroyed, their leaders are despised, people who show any signs of saying no are persecuted, many of our people have been conditioned to be fools, will they stand and fight and for who?

          I think there are signs that people are getting it, but its so late in the day.

          • One other thing though, he may have used a knife to set an example, if you read his speech that ISIS have now released that he made before being shot dead he wants them to rise up and

    • Great minds think alike, if they have heavy crew served weapons they are expecting to take over cities, not make harassing attacks but take over the cities.

      This will include, killing all local politicians.

      Killing all not Islamic teachers.

      Killing all non Islamic police.

      Killing all locals who have supported the limiting of Islamic immigration and who have opposed Sharia Law.

      This cache isn’t the only one, there will be more and probably more then one in near all mosques in large cities. This is where we discover just how many of last years refugees were trained fighters.

      If things go the way most people are predicting the police will be overwhelmed and we all know how small the national military is in all European nations.

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