In the Netherlands, Muslims are doing the now traditional, attacks on city busses with stones.

There are two articles in Dutch below. I hope to get them translated but try Google Translate for the moment:


Violent actions of Muslim youths (especially of North African origin) toward persons and property belong to the Ramadan tradition in the Netherlands, as much as the Mathãus Passion of J.S. Bach to the days before Easter.

In the night between Saturday and Sunday (12 – 13 June) were city busses in the Dutch city of Haarlem pelted by heavy paving stones. A 25 y.o. passenger was hit and brought to the hospital with head injury. The window panes of the bus were broken to pieces.

In Almere had bus company CONNEXXION stop it’s services to the suburb Kruidenwijk after non stop attacks on city busses that had taken place three nights in a row. The busses were attacks by pelted heavy rocks committed by a group of 30 – 40 persons. Attacks on busses had also taking place in Utrecht and  Zaandam.


NOS JOURNAAL of 12 and 13 June 2016.



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8 Replies to “In the Netherlands, Muslims are doing the now traditional, attacks on city busses with stones.”

  1. May thrown stones increase by tenfold against kuffar until they (i.e. kuffar) wake up from their trance and love affair towards muslims.

  2. Actually, I love Muslims. At least I love Muslims who don’t believe in Militant Islam and don’t want to see Sharia law imposed and don’t complain too much about having their mosques bugged and don’t constantly whine about being victims of racial and religious discrimination. I think those Muslims should come out and declare themselves and be part of the solution and live amongst us happily ever after. That’s what I wish…

  3. It isn’t Lebanon in the 70s yet but it is starting to look like the West bank, we can expect this militant action to increase and become more violent.

    • Yup. That’s the idea. Keep up the pressure and keep on increasing it until the infidel sheep become so stressed that they become ready to accept the mercy and justice and peace of Islam. People will say, “I just can’t stand it anymore. I’ll do anything to get my life back. How bad can it be to just join Islam and be done with it? Anything’s gotta be better than this”.

      And the years will flip by, as they have been, and it will ever-so-gradually get worse from year to year, and then suddenly it will be too late. The population of young fighting-age Muslim males will be overwhelming and the hand-chopping and the stoning will begin, and our way of life will be over forever. This is an inevitability if we do nothing…

      • Send them back to where they came! The working people are paying for these scum. Time to get rid of the troublemakers. Decent Dutch citizens should not have to put up with these hooligans.

  4. This is the enlargement of the muslim ghettoes in Holland,once they have stopped the busses ,their writ will run in an even larger area and so on until muslims dominate the entire country,holland ,danemark,Norway and Sweden ,all have relatively small populations 5/10 millions which can be easily overwhelmed at the current rates these invaders are forced upon us all ,they have a bridgehead in all of our countries,and should one country take steps to curb the muslim menace,with the “free movement of peoples”in effect there is nothing to stop a muslim army in one country simply crossing the border en masse to assist their muslim bretheren in the, to them, offending country,this is what awaits us all if we do not unite and drive the invader from OUR shores,the first thing to do is to restore our countries laws in the ghettoes where this occurs,with serious force as maybe necessary as it is clear that these people do not desire to live in peace with us,repatriate them all ,give them the same options that they extend to us,leave or be removed or killed.

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