Paris cop killer jihadi was clearly motivated by Islam and only Islam

I doubt I could say it better than is written up at The Rebel

LIVELEAK took the video down but The Rebel restored it and it can be seen here. This is an important, if creepy as hell document. but as long as the government-media complex insists on decieveing us, then we need to do our own research.

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4 Replies to “Paris cop killer jihadi was clearly motivated by Islam and only Islam”

  1. You know, I think the real reason the government/media keeps lying to us about the danger of Islam is because they are simply afraid of what would happen if the average person were to fully understand what Islam really is and what danger it represents. The video lets you look directly into the killer’s thought processes and lets you see exactly what directs a Jihadi murderer. They are afraid that people will do as they are already doing in the Central African Republic and Myanmar, and turn on the Muslims en masse. The authorities are afraid that if people were to find out how truly malevolent and hateful Islam really is, they would rise from their sofas, walk out the front door, and head for the Muslim part of town with weapons in their hands. The authorities are paralyzed with fear and don’t know what to do…

    • By their inaction the governments are creating the very scenario you say they are afraid of. In my opinion what they are afraid of is that once aroused the people will not stop with the Moslems but will continue on to the leftist politicians. One of the natural rights is the right of self defense and once the people are moved to action they will move against the intimidate danger and then will probably move on those whose inaction caused the danger.

  2. I don’t think our government/media party is afraid of anything, really, other than any temporary embarrasment; they don’t really believe they could be each do the Mussolini Swing as history is finished after all. All their actions along these lines were in the works at UN levels as the UN document on “Replacement Migration” spells out very clearly. What it doesn’t bother with are the cultural obliteration implications of mass Muslim immigration because this group generally is opposed to the Judeo-Christian ethic shared by the unwashed masses, us, the kafirs. That part didn’t need to be said.

    Anyone who bothers to read the Islamic guiding documents instantly knows the trouble we’re in; the trouble that was long planned for us, in some cases, decades before we were even born.

    We’ve been mislead. We’ve been taught that a basketball net holds fish.

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