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  1. Erdo?an: Gülenists, PKK, ‘Armenian brigands,’ YPG tarred with the same brush (hurryietdailynews, June 17, 2016)

    “President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an has listed the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), “the Armenian brigands,” the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and “the Armenian terror organization” as collaborators of the purported “parallel state,” while vowing to continue the ongoing fight against the alleged structure…”

  2. UK – Calderdale Child Sexual Exploitation Investigation

    Friday 17 June, 2016

    A further two men have been sentenced today at Leeds Crown Court to a total of 12 years for historic child sex offences.

    This follows on from 13 men being sentenced yesterday to more than 150 years in prison for historic child sex offences.

    It follows the largest and longest running investigation into child sexual exploitation in Calderdale.

    In addition to those sentenced yesterday, Sikander Ishaq, 31, of Halifax was today sentenced to 6 years after being found guilty of one count of sexual activity with a child and Mansoor Akhtar, 25, of Huddersfield was sentenced to five and a half years after being found guilty of sexual activity with a child. He was also sentenced to a consecutive sentence of six months after pleading guilty to the supply of class B drugs. His total sentence was six years.

    Fasil Mahmood, 37, of Halifax was sentenced to 10 months after being found guilty of the supply of class B drugs.

    Farquaan Gafar, 31, of Derby pleaded guilty on 6 June to sexual activity with a child and will be sentenced at a later date.

    Disclosures were made to police in 2012 by a then 15-year-old vulnerable girl who had been the victim of child sexual offences between 2009 and 2011, whilst she was living in Halifax, and a second victim, also from Halifax, who made allegations against one man.

    It led to a major investigation with police conducting nearly 60 hours of interviews with two victims. Detectives also processed 1,848 statements, 2,963 exhibits and more than 20,000 items of disclosure.

    In February 2015, 25 men were charged with offences including rape, trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, sexual activity with a child, sexual assault, voyeurism, sexual grooming, conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child under 16, causing a child under 16 to engage in sexual activity without consent and supply of a controlled drug of class B.
    They have since appeared at Leeds Crown Court in three trials between February and June 2016. (Reporting restrictions were imposed by the judge).

    Aftab Hussain aged 37 of Halifax– pleaded guilty in September last year to two offences of sexual activity with a child.He was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment.

    Haaris AHMED aged 32 of Halifax – Found guilty of two counts sexual activity with a child and with the supply of class B drugs – sentenced to 12 and a half years imprisonment.

    Taukeer BUTT aged 31 of Halifax – Found guilty of four counts of sexual activity with a child –sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

    Azeem SUBHANI aged 25 of Halifax – Found guilty of two counts of sexual activity with a child – sentenced to 9 years imprisonment.

    Tahir MAHMOOD aged 43 of Halifax – Found guilty of two counts of sexual activity with a child and sexual assault –sentenced to 11 years imprisonment.

    Mohammed ALI AHMED aged 43 of Halifax – Found guilty of one count of sexual activity with a child –sentenced to 6 and a half years imprisonment.

    Talib SADDIQ aged 31 of Halifax – Found guilty of two counts of sexual activity with a child – sentenced to 8 years inprisonment.

    Amaar ALI DITTA aged 27 of Halifax – Found guilty of two counts of sexual activity with a child – sentenced to 9 years imprisonment.

    Sikander Malik aged 31 of Halifax – Found guilty of sexual activity with a child and sentenced to 7 years imprisonment.

    Haider ALI aged 41 of Halifax – Found guilty of sexual activity with a child and causing a person to engage in sexual activity – sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

    Mohammed RAMZAN aged 35 of Bradford – Found guilty of rape and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

    Khalid ZAMAN aged 38 of Bradford – Found guilty of two counts of rape and supplying class B drugs and sentenced to 17 and a half years imprisonment

    Hedar ALI aged 36 of Bradford – Found guilty of two counts of rape and two counts of trafficking for sexual exploitation and sentenced to 25 years imprisonment.

    Senior Investigating Officer Detective Chief Inspector Nicola Bryar, of West Yorkshire Police. said: “This was the largest and longest running investigation into child sexual exploitation in Calderdale.

    “At the centre of this complex enquiry were two young vulnerable victims who were preyed upon by men for their own sexual gratification.

    “I would like to praise the victims for their courage in coming forward and firstly disclosing the offences, then going on to bravely give evidence.

    “I hope the outcome of these trials will enable them to start to put this trauma behind them and reassure any other potential victims that we will treat them with the utmost sensitivity and take positive action against perpetrators.

    “Child sexual exploitation is one of the most important challenges facing the police and is a top priority for West Yorkshire Police.

    “Together with the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner and partner agencies, we are committed to doing everything we can to safeguard children – significant resources have been allocated to the teams investigating this horrendous crime.

    “We welcome the Serious Case Review which is taking place and will work closely with our partners to adopt the findings to ensure that we minimise the risk to children.

    “We would appeal for anyone who fears they may be a victim or for anyone who has any concerns that a child they know may be a victim to report it to police.”

  3. Germany: Far-right youth met with fierce opposition in Berlin

    Around 80 supporters from the far-right Identitarian youth movement attempted to march through Berlin’s city centre on Friday

  4. OK – may be not of geopolitical significance, but cannot un-see. And misery loves company…

    GUANGXI, CHINA – International groups and celebrities, backed by millions of foreign petitioners, have rallied against an annual dog meat festival in the Chinese city of Yulin, but residents say the protests may have backfired by spurring more people to eat man’s best friend.

    “My store’s dog meat sales are much higher than before, last year was up more than 50 percent,” the owner of Yulin Number One Crackling Dog Meat Shop said.

    The city, deep in the poverty-stricken region of Guangxi, has drawn international fury for beating and boiling the animals alive in the belief that the more frightened the dog, the tastier the meat, activists say.

  5. I’m certain they are not naming him to protect the victims…. But, could those ‘victims’ be ‘professional victims’?!?!? As in, not the ones the cop assaulted, but the ones who migt suffer Islamophobia as a result of naming him? I guess we’ll never know!!!

    Victoria Police did not charge ‘monster’ cop who raped children, court told

  6. Excuse my French, but when (in the last 70 or so years) have any union demands been ‘reasonable’?!?!? There is a very good reason why unions are exempt from racketeering laws: that is what they practice, but have enough power to squash any opposition to ‘their’ racketeering!!!

    With the European football championships in France in full swing, Air France pilot are set to go on strike from June 24 to 27, three major unions told AFP Friday.

    The unions said they were downing tools after management made “very vague promises” in negotiations during the last strike between June 11 and 14.

    Air France management said it “deplored” the latest strike threat, condemning the unions for “unreasonable demands” incompatible with the “resonponsible running of a business”.

  7. And the China Seas situation only get hotter:

    archipelago sits a group of islands at the forefront of an intensifying dispute with China over the South China Sea.

    Key points:

    Natuna’s nearby seas causing dispute between China and Indonesia
    Local fishermen say they cannot compete with Chinese trawlers
    Fishermen want Indonesian Government to ensure waters are protected
    The picture-perfect Natuna Islands in Indonesia’s far north are not under dispute, but it is the nearby seas that are causing tension with Beijing.

    The ABC travelled to the islands and onto nearby waters, where fishermen are urging the Indonesian Government to protect their rights as China tests the boundaries.

    Idris, 42, has worked as a fisherman for more than half his life using traditional methods, by catching his own fish and never using a net.

    He refused to refer to the waters as the South China Sea.

    “Well, on a map it says South China Sea but I don’t know that,” he told the ABC.

    “For me I only know this as the Natuna Sea. We go fishing here because it is our waters. We don’t know what the South China Sea is.”

    But powerful China, 3,000 kilometres to the north, sees it very differently.

    • China wants to take over the entire South China Sea, they have been making moves to do this by building artificial islands on low laying reefs that are at choke p[oints for entering the South China Sea. There are many reasons for this but the main one is economic, they want the resources on and around the islands and reefs in that area, and since 7 trillion dollars (US) in trade travels through the South China Sea annually they want to charge passage fees for traveling in their sea.

      A lot of people who don’t know just how globally integrated the worlds economy is think the latter point is something that should bother only the nations bordering on that Sea. The worlds economy became a global economy in the15th Century and has been becoming more and more integrated ever since. By allowing China to control who travels in that region and what they carry the entire world will end up paying much higher prices for all goods and other nations will decide they can control the waters far from their shore and charge passage fees. One of the things that make up modern civilization is the freedom of the seas where all nations are free to move ships, both civilian and military, around the world in international waters.

  8. Indulge me, please – let’s follow the logic here.

    The man fled Afghanistan more than 30 years ago, when the Russians first invaded.

    He makes less than $3 per day.

    And he has ‘small children’?!?!?


    What kind of an irresponsible monster is this?!?!?

    Utmanzai, Pakistan: More than three decades after fleeing Afghanistan, refugee Noor Said struggles to feed his family of eight on less than the $3 per day he earns weaving fabric in northwest Pakistan. Now he’s got an even bigger worry: Being forced back amid the worst border tensions in years.

    “I can’t take my small children to a place where their lives are tougher and in danger, even if that is our motherland,” he said this week in his three-room home in Utmanzai, a dusty refugee camp with more than 300 mud-brick houses near the border with Afghanistan. He initially fled when the Soviet Union invaded in 1980.

  9. TURKEY – ISTANBUL -Radiohead Listening Party in Istanbul Attacked by Islamists

    A group of radical Islamists attacked a listening party in Istanbul where Radiohead was holding a listening party for fans in support of their new album.

    The men reportedly stormed the record store, Velvet Indieground, in Istanbul, Turkey, and used pipes to violently beat fans running away from the venue for drinking alcohol during the holy month of Ramadan.

    “Our hearts go out to those attacked tonight at Velvet IndieGround in Istanbul,” Radiohead said in a statement. “We hope that someday we will be able to look back on such acts of violent intolerance as things of the ancient past. For now, we can only offer our fans in Istanbul our love and support.”

    It’s unknown how many people were injured in the uproar or the severity of their injuries.

    One of the store’s owners allegedly posted about the encounter on Reddit, saying, “I am the person that’s speaking in that video. I am the owner of that periscope account. They were determined to kill us. We were beaten by more than 20 men with pipes in their hands, beer bottles were broken on our heads. I don’t even know how we made it out. I will share the details later guys, just hoping that no one will die.”

    The event was part of a global listening party in support of Radiohead’s new album, “A Moon Shaped Pool,” and included specially curated playlists, games, and limited-edition vinyls.

  10. Temer Ends Brazil’s Plan to Host 100,000 Syrian Refugees

    Acting President Michel Temer suspended all talks with the EU over resettling refugees in Brazil.

    The two unnamed officials added that the latest decision was part of the new “restrictive” government’s policy of not accepting refugees in the name of border security.

  11. Austria: Le Pen and FPO’s Strache join forces for ‘Patriotic Spring’ rally

    Chairman of Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) Heinz-Christian Strache and Front National President Marine Le Pen shared a platform at a “patriotic spring” rally outside Pyramide Vosendorf in the southern outskirts of Vienna, Friday. Strache and Le Pen were joined by the representatives of other far right European parties.

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