Transgender stabbed in Etterbeek by “members of IS”

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From this Dutch language news site:

Archive photo: house searches in Etterbeek as part of the investigation into the attacks in Paris and Brussels on March 22.

LBGT VIOLENCE A Tunisian transgender was stabbed on Saturday evening by two men who claim to be members of IS [ Ed. The Islamic State]. The victim had also been threatened in Tunisia by the same individuals.

“I’m scared for my life, I want to apply for asylum in another country where I won’t be in danger,” say reports on and in La Capitale.

On Saturday evening, transgender Sharky, a Tunisian man was stabbed in Etterbeek. The victim suffered a vicious attack from his assailants: he was stabbed in the stomach several times and had to be admitted to hospital.

This is not the first time that Sharky has been confronted by violence: he had also been attacked by the same people in Tunisia. The attackers claim to be members of IS. The victim also states that he had previously been threatened by other members of the terrorist organisation.

‘These people have followed me from Tunisia. They want to make an example of me for young people who do not obey the religious laws.’


“In fear for my life”

The victim no longer feels safe in this country. “These people have followed me from Tunisia. They said they were just waiting for an official order from IS to behead me. They want to make an example of me for young people who do not obey the religious laws”, said Sharky to La Capitale. “I want to have my name changed officially and apply for asylum in another country, where I won’t be in danger.”

Unia, the Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities, confirmed that the case is currently under investigation. The case even predates the events of this weekend. “The victim had already received threats via his Facebook profile and there had been previous incidents of physical aggression”, they reported. Sharky made an official complaint to the district police for Montgomery, according to reports from

The case has in the meantime been referred to the Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office. They confirmed the facts, but say they do not have any evidence yet concerning the attackers’ motives. Whether the aggression is motivated by hatred for the gay community is still being investigated. The Public Prosecutor’s Office claims that the woman’s life is not in danger but, in the interest of the judicial investigation, will not make any further comment.


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7 Replies to “Transgender stabbed in Etterbeek by “members of IS””

  1. When is it going to finally dawn on gay guys that every Muslim we bring into the country increases the chances of them being the victim of a real, live, violent homophobic assault? Same goes for Jews: You’re heading to the Synagogue on Saturday wearing a yarmulke and suddenly there are three religious guys chanting, “Khaibar, Khaibar, oh you Jews…”, and then everything goes black. Wake up, gays. Wake up, Jews. Wake up, journalists. Wake up, women. Wake up, Christians…

    • When they all read the Koran, Hadiths and Ali Sina’s companion, “Understanding Muhammad.”

      Until then, they will address life as two men who came across each other at five am in the morning. One had come from visiting a sick relative at hospital, the other had come from a Gay Bar. They assumed the other to be like them.

    • An appalling percentage of secular Western Jews won’t wake up, Chris. A conclusion I’ve reached with profound sorrow. They’ll retrace the ghost-steps of their murdered forebears.

      Ethnic Jews who worship Leftism can’t practice Judaism. There are too many incompatibilities. Those who choose to replace observance of the law with some crossbred mush of secular humanism cease breeding Jewish babies.

      So not. Jeremiah told us a long time ago that only a tiny remnant would survive to greet the Messiah. Who knew that assimilation would achieve what the genocidaires could not?

      What’s far worse is the recurring pattern of self-destruction. Wherever we’ve been allowed to reach the fullness of our potential in the greater society, some amongst us will turn enemy against the rest.

      It happened in Spain. It happened in Germany.

      Today in Israel they dominate the media, the Supreme Court and – most horrifying – much of the senior military command.

      And it’s here. Evil communist antisemite Bernie Sanders, conspiring with Hamas and Hezbollah. Recycled neocon never-Trumptards. Thomas Friedman of the New York Times.

      Then there’s that filthy kapo George Soros.

      • If I was king of the world I might seriously consider vaporizing Mr Soros. I mean, where does somebody get off directing billions of dollars into an industry that focuses solely on the destruction of the West? That’s us. He’s trying to screw up our world and make us miserable because he hates us all and he gets his kicks from screwing us around. You’d think somebody would take exception to that. He is, after all, the perfect example of a Bond movie Dr. Evil. So where’s James Bond when you need him? He still has that 007 licence he got from the Queen, doesn’t he?

        • At a rpuogh guess it would take a hit team of crack special operators to get through his security. He can afford to buy the best people to ensure that no one can get to him.

      • Last year I met whole flocks of exquisitely awake people on our side. The Good Guys.

        I was on a speakers’ list for the campaign to mobilize opposition to the Iran Deal. At churches of various Christian denominations I was welcomed with warmth and enthusiasm. They were attentive, asked great questions, and taught me a thing or two along the way.

        Despite the sickening loss of that battle, I remain inspired by that infusion of the spirit of my fellow, genuine Americans.

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