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33 Replies to “DHS Co-founder: “Records of terrorists SCRUBBED””

    • Department of Homeland Security.
      What The Donald would call “a dis-grace, an ab-soo-lute dis-grace.”
      except he'd say it over-&-over-&-over again, 'cause that's what he does, drives ya crazy, but that's our Donald.


      • Sometimes our Donald comes across a little almost stupid because of the way he just says the same thing over and over again. Then, when he speaks on foreign affairs, he’s suddenly smarter than anyone else around. I think Donald knows some stuff about interacting with people that’s frankly over my head. I’ve never negotiated a multi-million dollar real estate deal with a roomful of Japanese businessmen, for instance. He has. I’ve never had my own successful TV show. He has.

        But I know what you mean. It’s like, ‘here it comes again’, “We’re going to build a wall, we’re going to build a wall.” Maybe he knows the value of keeping it really, really simple. Who knows. I definitely do not consider myself to be smarter than Donald Trump so it’s hard to figure him out… It’s hard to tell what he’s going to do next – just like a good poker player…

        • It’s not smart or dumb, it’s more like a verbal tic.
          Maybe it’s his people-person style that lets him dominate a conversation, friendly-like. At least he’s refreshing and frequently entertaining. So far. For now.

        • Chris, I agree with your post … I just don’t know what to think of Donald Trump. I keep wanting him to go a little deeper, have a deeper conversation with America, but he doesn’t go there. He keeps it really, really simple, and sometimes I wonder if he’s just a bag of hot air. I do love that he constantly calls out the elephants in the room, but he is hard to figure out. I’m not quite sure where he’s “coming from.” Not that it makes a heck of a lot of difference, but it matters to me whether I give him my vote or not. I will not vote for Clinton.

          I do know one thing … listening to Clinton and cohorts for the next four years will be like fingernails on a chalkboard, not to mention the damage she may do to the country, in a practical and spiritual way.

      • Mitch McConnell is ready to cave on the Second Amendment.

        Americans for Responsible Solutions announced on Friday prior to Orlando shootings…

        The coalition is focused on engaging other veterans and elected leaders by:

        * Urging our elected leaders to close the loopholes in our background check laws that let felons, domestic abusers and the dangerously mentally ill buy guns without a criminal background check.
        * Strengthening existing laws and ensuring lawmakers and stakeholders have the resources and training they need to prevent gun tragedies.
        * Partnering with other groups in the veterans community on suicide prevention and mental health.

          • Gun control has always been a loser for the Dems, they never learn this. Also the Supreme Court has ruled this is an individual right and has continue to rule that most of the gun laws brought before them are unconstitutional.

              • The interesting thing is that several of the real liberal members of the Court have been ruling in favor of the Second Amendment being an individual right. I don’t know if they would keep this up under Hillary since she is suppose to be dangerous to cross.

        • FYI, there is no loop hole, a licensed firearms dealer has to do a background on every sale no matter where it is made. The so called loop hole is that private individuals don’t have to do a background check when they sell a firearm. Private individuals don’t make enough sales to make this worth the expense of requiring all firearms sales to be run through a licensed dealer. As usual the libs are lying to make people think things are much worse then they are.

          FYI, there are over 20,000 gun laws in the US and there is no evidence that these laws have stopped one crime.

    • Given the rumors he stands a good chance of having an accident. There use to be several websites devoted to the mysterious deaths surrounding the Clintons but I can’t find them now.

    • MORE on the DHS, the Trojan Pig:
      Advisor to Homeland Security Dept. is Syrian immigrant who said this about 9/11

      According to its website, the Homeland Security Advisory Council “leverages the experience, expertise, and national and global connections of the HSAC membership to provide the Secretary real-time, real-world, sensing and independent advice to support decision-making across the spectrum of homeland security operations.”

      That sounds like a heady responsibility. One might question whether a 25-year-old has the experience and expertise to sit on the council. But Laila Alawa’s tender age is the least of the traits that call into question the suitability to sit on the council’s Subcommittee on Countering Violent Extremism.
      The year Alawa was tapped to serve on subcommittee was 2015, the same year she became an American citizen. Last week, the committee submitted a report to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson recommending that Muslim terminology, like sharia and jihad be avoided when discussing terrorism.
      [Plus she wants to shutdown Pamela Geller]


  1. Obama and the Left want to bring down the USA (and indeed, the entire West). Moslems are their chosen means of achieving this.

    It was utterly stupid of Obama to have all records on Moslem terrorists destroyed and ordering the deletion works against his Marxoid goal.

    Without the records, Moslem terror attacks are unlikely to be contained. Bombs go off. Guns shoot. Americans die en masse and people, including the sheep, wake up to the Moslem threat! Own own goal by Obama.

  2. Yes Obama and the left are out to destroy the West. Yes Islam is their current tool to achieve this goal. The sticking point, the one thing they are ignoring is the ordinary people.

    The people are waking up and are fighting for their countries and cultures, this is the one thing they have worked to prevent.

    Under the guise of preventing major wars the left has opposed nationalism, one of the things that dragged the west our of the Dark Age.

    The left has worked to disarm the civilians in all western nations so the tools to oppose the lefts take over were not available to the people.

    The left has destroyed the western educational systems and replaced them with indoctrination centers.

    During the Cold War the left opposed the west in all of our efforts to defeat communism (still are because communism wasn’t defeated around the world just in the Soviet Union.)

    The left has used the fall of the Soviet Union to destroy the military forces of all Western Nations.

    Now we are faced with a major Islamic Invasion of all Western nations and the left is once again using our laws, culture and customs against us in our efforts to preserve Western Civilization. From what has occurred so far this year the Islamic fighters in the west are going on the offensive and our leaders are once again ignoring the root cause of the attacks and are trying to put the people back to sleep.

    Welcome to what has become the never ending fight to remain free.

    • Let’s just try to make them our former leaders.

      =>And maybe clean up our collective act.
      There’s “freedom” – Latin and Romance languages, licentia; then there’s licentiousness, in the old-fashioned Anglo-Saxon usage.
      There may be a price to pay for confusing the one with the other.

      • To destroy the Western culture you must destroy the moral code the west is founded on, to save the west we have to clean ip our act.

  3. Right from the beginning and throughout the last eight years I have been constantly made uncomfortable by the fact that it is pretty much impossible to prove that Barack Obama is not an enemy agent who has managed to reach the highest level of American power. Notice I didn’t say I could prove that he was a Manchurian Candidate, but that it is impossible to prove he is not.

    The thing is that it is so easy to prove that Dwight Eisenhower or JFK or Bill and Hillary Clinton are not enemy spies. People actually sat behind those people in high school. But Obama? Nobody ever seems to have even heard of him. No old girlfriends. No school chums. Not even any old enemies. It’s like he dropped in out of nowhere. And scrubbing all the records of suspected Muslim terrorists? Get out of town. That is exactly what Kim Philby would have done in the same situation.

    Where exactly is Barry going to hide when the cat finally works its way out of the bag? Cuba? North Korea? Timbucktoo, perhaps…?

    • I remember you said once it’s like Clark Kent and Superman.
      Thing is, he’s just not smart enough to pull it off without a lot of help. Off the teleprompter his flaws are staggering. He’s got that smart worm Ben Rhodes writing his lines, whispering in his huge floppy ears constantly.

    • All of my life the left has accused Republican Presidents of needing handlers because they were so dumb. Now we have a President that really does need handlers and he is a Democrat. The only other Presdident the came close to needing them was Carter.

      Obama has many handlers and most of them are 1960s radicals like Bill Ayers,

  4. @ Yucki: A belated thanks for the info about DHS. (have been a little on the “away” side lately, hence the “belated”).

    Donald Trump:
    On the negative side: he really really really should lose his hairstyle and come out of the closet as a bold boldy.

    On the positive side: He has a Jewish grandchild, that tells me, that, unlike Obama et al, he will not want to drive the Jewish people into the sea or throw them under an Iranian nuclear bus.
    And also, his children (unspoilt and ethical for rich kids) are a testimony that there are values.

    AND, the delightfully outrageous (but acutely intelligent) Milo calls him “Daddy” – that’s good enough for me 😉

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