AfD party rejects meaningless red/green (Culturally Marxist) action plan

From the AfD website:

The AfD party at the state parliament in Brandenburg spoke against the “Action plan for acceptance of gender and sexual diversity, for self determination, and against homo and transphobia in Brandenburg”.

“We reject this kind of egomaniac politicizing. We do not achieve equality through ideology and we cannot destroy discrimination this way”, says Steffen Königer, speaker for social-political matters of the AfD.

During the debate at the parliament Königer addressed in his speech 60 possible gender descriptions. “I didn’t want to insult anybody, I wanted to show this ideological insanity of the red/green action plan”, he said.

“The reaction of many of the delegates of other parties, many of which had a hard time keeping themselves from laughing out loud, showed me that my intro made people think.”

The from the SPD, Left party and Bündnis 90/The Green Party developed action plan is supposed to improve “the legal and social equality of lesbians, gays, bi-, trans-, intersexual and queer (LSBTTIQ*) in Brandenburg.

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  1. He is right all the government interference does is take rights away and anger the people being oppressed by the heavy handed government interference in the culture.

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