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4 Replies to “Our favorite Australian politician on today’s Islamic terror attack”

    • They are waking up, slower then most of us would like but waking up. Reality is slapping people in the face and more and more of them are realizing what the real danger is.

  1. Logical and reasonable opinions and attitudes of ordinary citizens are useless if the traitorous rulers are stooges of islam.

    • Fear and the pathways to no fear.

      Child abuse becomes the child’s masterbation of escape. Socialism which creates this soil has Communism the Rescuer of Identity.

      The Holy Roman Bible created Original Sin and Catholicism as Rescuer through the Body of Christ.

      Islam – the Religion of Peace that will Rescue you if you submit.

      Implanting fear and then offering the tyranny of depressed lives that desire No Fear, stepping though their door to heaven, either through the pounding boom-boom of bass of bomb-bomb of base.

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