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  1. We must not forget that some of the Kurdish Rebel groups (not all are, but PKK in particular is) are designated terrorist organizations and that aiding them is still illegal in much of the Western world.

    COPENHAGEN: A Danish appeals court on Wednesday convicted two men of “terror funding” for raising millions of euros for Kurdish rebels between 2009 and 2012.
    The court found the defendants guilty of channeling 33.5 million kroner (4.5 million euros, $5.1 million) through Denmark-based Kurdish television channel Roj TV to the militant Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).
    Their sentences will be announced next week.
    The Eastern High Court said in a statement that it “among other things had to consider whether the PKK is a terrorist organisation” in deciding whether to overturn the men’s earlier acquittals.

  2. ERBIL, Kurdistan Region— A court in Norway officially charged the radical Kurdish militant Mala Krekar on Thursday for alleged terror links to a group based in Italy, according to online pages close to Krekar who is also wanted in Kurdistan region on multiple terror-related cases.

    According to the charges, Krekar is accused of having masterminded a ‘terror group’ in Italy while serving a sentence at the Kongsvinger prison in Norway. Krekar has denied involvement. The court proceedings will continue till June 15 when a verdict is expected to determine his possible extradition to Italy for further investigations.

  3. ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) ambushed and killed five members of the Party for Free Life in Kurdistan (PJAK) in the country’s northwest, according to media reports.

    Iran’s Tasnim news (close to the IRGC) cited an army public relations department statement which said the five militants were killed in an ambush in the Sardasht region.

    “A five-member team of the terrorist group PJAK were identified in a region near Sardasht … and were all killed by the Revolutionary Guards army,” the IRGC’s statement read.

  4. BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Amid Russian pressure, the Serbian prime minister-designate on Monday canceled a visit to Brussels and separate talks with American officials after reports in a pro-government newspaper that European Union and U.S. ambassadors to Serbia are fueling street protests against his rule and triggering “chaos” in the country.

    Aleksandar Vucic, a former ultranationalist turned alleged pro-EU reformer, was scheduled to travel on June 21 to Brussels for the formal opening of EU membership talks and later this month to the U.S. on an inaugural Air Serbia flight to New York, where he was to hold talks with American officials.

  5. FRANCE – Family being held hostage after killing in Magnanville near Paris

    The incident began at around 8:30 p.m. local time on Monday when a man approached a police officer outside his house in Magnanville and killed him. He then entered the officer’s home and took the victim’s wife and child hostage.

    By 11:30 p.m., hostage negotiators had been able to make contact with the suspect, according to an interior ministry spokesman. He provided no details about a possible motive for the killing and hostage-taking, but the elite police unit RAID is at the scene.

    The police officer who was killed was identified by local media as 40-year-old commander Jean-Baptiste Salvaing. It is believed the suspect may have been a neighbor of the victim.

    Magnanville is located in Yvelines, about 50 kilometers (31 miles) northwest of Paris.
    The attacker stabbed the officer repeatedly outside the property as he returned home around 9pm (1900 GMT), sources said.

    Les motifs de cette attaque n’ont pas été pour l’instant établis. Certains voisins croient avoir entendu des slogans islamistes proférés par l’agresseur.

    • Paris police killer ‘pledged allegiance to Islamic State’

      A policeman and his wife were killed in a frenzied knife attack at their home in a Paris suburb on Monday night by a man who reportedly shouted “Allahu Akhbar”.

      Police sources told AFP that the unnamed killer had pledged allegiance to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

      The couple’s three-year-old son was rescued after police stormed the home in the north-western Paris suburb of Magnanville and shot dead the attacker.

      He stabbed the 42-year-old officer, who held the rank of “commandant” (commander), nine times in the stomach at his front door. After stabbing the policeman, the attacker forced his way into the home.

      It was unclear how the policeman’s wife was killed. She worked as a secretary at a local police station.

      The child was rescued and was “shocked but unharmed”, Pierre-Henry Brandet, the interior ministry spokesman, said. Five detonations or shots were heard by millions on live television while Mr Brandet spoke to reporters as police stormed the home.

      “Negotiations were opened but it became clear that they would not succeed and police then entered the home, where they found the body of a woman,” Mr Brandet said.

      “The toll is a heavy one,” Mr Brandet told reporters, his voice shaking with emotion. “This commander, this police officer was killed by the individual … (and) we discovered the body of a woman. The assailant, the criminal was killed. Thankfully, a little boy was saved. He was in the house. He’s safe and sound. He was saved by police officers.”

      Police sources said the attacker was a former soldier and a neighbour of the couple.

      Some sources described the attacker as a neighbour of the policeman, who was in plain clothes when he was killed. Witnesses heard the assailant, described as a teenager or in his early 20s, shout “Allahu Akhbar”, Arabic for “God is great”.

      Counter-terrorism prosecutors were placed in charge of the investigation, which had initially been treated as a criminal case.

      The prosecutor in the Versailles area outside Paris said the little boy was receiving medical attention.

      Bernard Cazeneuve, the interior minister, expressed “sadness” at the killing and praised the police for their “sang-froid”.

  6. DAILY MAIL – Inside the suburban home of a terrorist: Gunman’s Star Wars-themed bathroom, child’s Ninja Turtle backpack, a Christmas wreath on the door and books – ‘Crucial Matters in the Life of Muslim’ and ‘Being Palestinian Makes me Smile’

    Omar Mateen had been living in Apartment 107 at the Woodland Condominium in Fort Pierce since he was married to his first wife
    Mateen, 29, killed 49 people in the Orlando gay club Pulse on Sunday and injured 53 others before being shot dead by police
    Daily Mail has obtained photographs inside his Fort Pierce apartment where investigators did a sweep on Sunday
    The apartment is adorned with photos of his three-year-old son
    Loads of toys including a Spiderman bike, toy trucks and Mickey Mouse posters sit in sharp contrast to a ceremonial sword sitting front and center
    Bizarrely, a calendar is marked ‘D-Day, 10:30 pm’ on June 7th. The real D-Day is June 6th leaving open the question was he planning something sooner
    The horrific shootings took place in the wee hour of June 12
    Books about the Muslim faith can also be seen in the apartment as well as workout equipment

  7. Görlitzer Bürgermeister warnt Frauen davor, alleine vor die Tür zu gehen

    Görlitz – Immer wieder eskalierte in den vergangenen Tagen die Gewalt mitten in der Görlitzer Innenstadt: Allein am letzten Wochenende musste die Polizei dreimal bis zu 15 aggressive junge Männer auseinandertreiben. Jetzt schaltet sich Oberbürgermeister Siegfried Deinege (61, parteilos) ein, warnt Frauen vor unbegleiteten Stadtspaziergängen.

    Holzstöcke, Messer, Eisenstange – als die Polizei Freitag zum Wilhelmsplatz ausrückte, hatten sich dort die 15 Männer zwischen 14 und 32 Jahren, die in einer wüsten Schlägerei verwickelt waren, schon für Heftigeres ausgerüstet.

    Nur eine von drei Massenschlägereien in der Innenstadt. Die Orte: immer wieder dieselben – Berliner Straße, Wilhelms- und Marienplatz.

    Auch die Beteiligten sind oft dieselben.

    „Sie kommen teilweise noch nicht mal aus Görlitz“, sagt Stadtoberhaupt Siegfried Deinege. „Es sind Deutsche, Polen und Syrer, die sich dort treffen und ihre Fehden austragen.“

    Teilweise locken die Hotspots für kostenloses Internet auch die Jugend auf die Plätze. Jetzt hat sich die Gruppendynamik auf ein bedrohliches Level hochgeschaukelt.

    „Ich empfehle jungen Damen, nicht unbegleitet in den Abendstunden diese Plätze zu besuchen“, so Deinege.

    „Allerdings empfehle ich das nicht nur in Görlitz. Durch Veranstaltungen wollen wir erreichen, dass die Zivilgesellschaft wieder diese Plätze in Besitz nimmt.“

    Am Mittwoch soll auf einer Krisensitzung mit Vertretern von Landkreis, Polizei und Stadt beraten werden, woher die Gewaltwelle kommt und wie dagegen vorgegangen werden kann.

    Görlitzer Bürgermeister warnt Frauen davor, alleine vor die Tür zu gehen

  8. CNN – Mosque member fears there are more like Orlando gunman

    In an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, a man who went to the same mosque as the Orlando shooter said it is very “strange” that two terrorist have now come out of the mosque he attends.

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