Mass murder at Florida gay bar: FIFTY DEAD by Muslim terrorist

Omar Saddiqui Mateen is an American of Afghani decent and has been identified officially as the jihadi who carried out this attack.

Daily Mail has details here:

Also 50 dead and 53 wounded makes this the largest mass killing on American soil since 911. The flagship muslim jihad attack.


NY Daily News:

FBI: The shooter, who was not from the Orlando area, may have had “leanings” toward radical Islam, Special Agent Danny Banks revealed.

CAIR seems to be able to mobilize the “Backlash Taqyyia squad with lighting rapidity these days

(The front man of the once famous band, Captain Taqyyia and the deceivers)

Some eye witness videos here:


Anti Gay and antisemitic groups will be meeting in Toronto a day before the gay pride march. This needs to be watched closely and thought of in terms of the context of today’s attack.

On the official Facebook event page the organizers stated the following:

“Jew, Christian, Muslim, Native Canadians and all other communities in solidarity with the civilian victims of global Zionism, Imperialism, occupation, neocolonialism, racism, Islamophobia, takfirism and oppression, for the sake of truth.

“Say NO to this grave injustice and be a part of the tens of millions around the globe raising their voice for the voiceless.”


Peter Schiff, top democrat on the House Select Committee on Intel:

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      • I am starting to have very dark suspicions now about Obama’s true motivation for wanting more “gun free zones” ….. perhaps he is a closet homophobe ?

        (sorry it’s very late/early here in OZ, I’m getting silly cynical…good night):)

      • Both Obama and Hillary are joined at the hip with the Muslim Brotherhood which is the true base of the worldwide militant Islam movement, and nobody really seems to notice, let alone care. No, my dear, you are not going crazy, it is the world that has gone crazy. It’s like Winston Churchill playing golf with his good friends Adolf Hitler and Bugs Bunny. It’s purely, simply crazy…

        Like, why is John McCain so supportive of Huma Abedin even though Uma’s Mom is in the MB? It really is as if his body has been snatched by aliens or something. Why would the senator think it was OK to allow somebody to see the country’s most classified documents with the full knowledge that her Mother is high up in what is the equivalent of the German High Command? Emails, shmemails, Hillary could very well and probably does have a Kim Philby as her personal assistant and chief of staff. There’s plenty of crazy to go around…

        They are trying their best to make us think we are crazy. Very Soviet, very KGB…

      • You know what? I think you’re right. I think this event will shift the national focus away from the economy and back to terrorism, which is good for Donald Trump. And I think that more than a few gays will wake up and realize that their beloved Democrat Party is the soft-on-Islamic-Jihad party. It would be wise for Donald Trump to make a big gesture toward the gays at this exact moment in time. Why is it written in stone that every gay person has to hate Donald Trump (which they certainly do). Trump’s not even remotely anti-gay. It’s just that most gays are totally brainwashed into voting Democrat and are afraid of losing all their friends if they don’t hate Republicans at all times like the good little left wing robots that they virtually all are…

        • Several people who follow this mess including one with much better contacts and sources of info are saying this is just the beginning. We have already see copycats (maybe) reportedly trying to take various types and amounts of ordinance to various gay events. So it is safe to say that there are a lot more attacks by jihadists who are inspired by ISIS and other groups.

  1. Thanks for this live-feed Vlad.

    Call me ungenerous but I found it very offensive that so much time was given, so early in the piece to that Imam (in full islamic dress-up, hat and beard) to demand of us that “there should be no SENSATIONAL reporting and/or fingerpointing happening”. He was nauseatingly close to pronounce the Obama mantra “Nothing to do with Islam”.

    50 dead and more than 50 wounded in what even the police calls already a “terrorist act” and according to the IMAM we must not “sensationalise” it?!.

    I now expect any minute the word “backlash” to be bandied about. The clichés of “we must make sure that this will never happen again” are already thick on the ground.

    • Yes Rita I call them, “The Taqyyia squad” and I hope to get that meme out there so people can name it fast when they see it.

    • ‘Islam and Homosexuality’ – Dr. Farrokh Sekaleshfar

      ( 1 h 21 min )

      A discussion delivered at the University of Michigan in Dearborn by Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar focusing on the sin of homosexuality from an Islamic perspective. Presented by the students for Academic Awareness.

    • WOW !!!!!!! Martin. And what’s more he looks like the brother of what Vlad calls the “Captain of the Backlash Taqyyia squad ” above !. (I retweeted that video, it should really be spread wide and far !)

      • Sanitising the event to people killing people and reducing it to a political agenda of
        ‘Can everyone sit down and discuss an explosives and grenades policy?’

        Why do not Americans run these traitors out of town?

      • I now truly hate Bernie Sanders with all my heart. I now despise the little weasel and hope he wakes up tomorrow with a nice big inoperable tumor on his neck. What an a$$hole! I wish him dead!

        Hey Bernie. Why don’t you take another libelous swipe at Israel before you get back to shamelessly politicising this terrible event as you run cover for your beloved Muslims?

        You didn’t even have the courage to say the word “Islam” even once, you little piece of garbage… I hope you run into the wrong Jihadi yourself one day. You deserve it… Coward!!! Liar!!! Traitor!!!!!!!

        * I am in no way suggesting that anyone do anything illegal toward Mr. Sanders, Justin. I am simply expressing my deep and profound hatred of the miserable, immoral, lying, bought-off little bastard.

        • As I’m sure you know, Adolf Hitler specifically banned Jews from owning guns or even knives before he began his Final Solution, and that’s the truth…

          • Every tyrant in history has worked to disarm the victims, this is one reason most historical facts are no longer taught.

      • It infuriates me that they keep talking about “ISIS” as if ISIS is the reason for the attack. If ISIS were to disappear from the face of the earth tomorrow do they think that Islamic terrorism would suddenly and permanently disappear? That would be the case, wouldn’t it, if ISIS was indeed responsible for terrorism. But, no! Right? ISIS is not responsible for Islamic Jihad any more than some guy called “Two-guns Guido” is responsible for the Mafia. We are playing into the enemy’s hands by mincing words about who is responsible. They don’t want us to hate the enemy. They believe that hatred is always wrong…

        It is the religion of Islam that is responsible for Islamic terrorism. If the Imams of Cairo and Mecca wanted it to end, it would disappear as fast as the Mahdi’s Jihad after he died. We are at war with the religion of Islam, plain and simple…
        and they are winning because of the fact that Western democratic leaders are and always have been the biggest pack of weasels that ever crawled out of hell.
        Like, how many million Cambodians did Pol Pot kill as the Western weasels weaseled around doing nothing? How about Haile Selassie and Mussolini? It never ends. We’re not exactly the knights-in-shining armor that we like to think we are…

        • We should be able to name the enemy and work to prevent them from doing more damage, this is one reason that non politically correct Donald Trump is doing so well. The more attacks there are the more people who will vote for Trump. This is the lefts and the Moslems worse nightmare.

    • Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Orlando Shooting Part Of Greater Terror Strategy

      ‘Defeating Jihad’ author Dr. Sebastian Gorka and former homicide investigator Rod Wheeler provide insight.

    • Ben Carson Rips Political Correctness in Wake of Orlando Shooting: ‘We Have Got to Get Serious’

      Carson singled out political correctness as a factor to overcome in combating these incidents in the future.

      “Obviously it’s very concerning,” Carson said. “As I’ve been saying for many months, we have to get much more serious about the way that we look at potential terrorist activity. You know, if you were having a party at your house and you were inviting a hundred people, and you had knowledge that one of those 100 people was a terrorist intent on creating havoc, would you still have that party? Or would you just say, ‘Well it’s just one out of a hundred’? That’s not so bad. We really don’t have to change anything. Well that’s the situation that we’re in now. We need very carefully examine how we’re doing things and the political correctness is beyond the pale.”

      “This is not to say that all people of Islamic background are bad people, no more than it would be any other group who had radical elements,” he added. “But we’ve got to be smart enough to separate the two things out.”

      Carson warned that this approach of avoiding the topic of Islam would be detrimental.

      “We have got to get serious about this or we’re going to destroy ourselves with our silliness,” Carson said.

      • Well said, Dr. Carson. I hope he will remain a fixture in the political universe for a long time to come. Ben Carson is and will continue to be an extremely valuable asset in the Trump arsenal.

        • Where has the Dr. Carson video disappeared to? And how did it DARE to disappear before I have seen it..
          BTW, Christ Jones: I very much appreciate your feisty posts !

    • WaPo- Ex-wife of suspected Orlando shooter: ‘He beat me’

      The ex-wife of the 29-year-old man suspected of killing 50 people in a Orlando nightclub early Sunday said that he was violent and mentally unstable and beat her repeatedly while they were married.

      The ex-wife said she met Omar Mateen online about eight years ago and decided to move to Florida and marry him.

      At first, the marriage was normal, she said, but then he became abusive.

      “He was not a stable person,” said the ex-wife, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because she feared for her safety in the wake of the mass shooting. “He beat me. He would just come home and start beating me up because the laundry wasn’t finished or something like that.”

      While the FBI has not identified Mateen publicly, U.S. law enforcement officials said his identification was found on the body of the killer, who was armed with a handgun and an assault rifle.

      Authorities think he used those weapons to kill 50 people and injure dozens more in the attack on the gay nightclub that began just after 2 a.m. Sunday morning. Mateen was killed in a shootout with police three hours later after a SWAT team assaulted a section of the club where Mateen was holed up with hostages.

      Mateen’s ex-wife said his family was from Afghanistan, but her ex-husband was born in New York. His family later moved to Florida. In a series of Myspace photos, Mateen is seen taking selfies and wearing New York Police Department shirts in a couple of the shots. His ex-wife identified him as the man in the Myspace photos.

      Mateen’s ex-wife said she was having a difficult time when she first met him and decided to move to Florida to be with him. The two married in March 2009 and moved into a 2-bedroom condominium in Fort Pierce, Fla., that Mateen’s family owned.

      “He seemed like a normal human being,” she said, adding that he wasn’t very religious and worked out at the gym often. She said in the few months they were married he gave no signs of having fallen under the sway of radical Islam. She said he owned a small-caliber handgun and worked as a guard at a nearby facility for juvenile delinquents.

      “He was a very private person,” she said.

      The ex-wife said her parents intervened when they learned Mateen had assaulted her. Her father confirmed the account and said that the marriage lasted only a few months.

      Her parents flew down to Fort Pierce and pulled her out of the house, leaving all her belongings behind. The ex-wife she said never had contact with Mateen again despite attempts by him to reach her.

      “They literally saved my life,” she said of her parents.

      According to Florida court records, the two formally divorced in 2011.

      After learning about what happened in Orlando, she said: “I am still processing. I am definitely lucky.”

      • What an arch-weasel this guy is. Note how he deflects 100% of the blame from the religion of Islam then artfully places the onus on the second amendment for allowing haters to get their hands on AR-15s. Honestly, the only thing in this world that Barrack Hussein Obama really hates is conservative America. The only thing that seems to engage his emotions is hatred of the NRA or the Republicans or the Evangelicals or Donald Trump or the constitution or something. You can see it in his face. Barack is a traitor who hates the United States of America with all his heart.

        • During his entire time in office he has worked to destroy the US, this is why he wants someone of his ideology to replace him as President, he wants them to continue destroying the US.

    • On this weekend’s broadcast of, “Fox News Sunday, Jeff Sessions: ‘More of These Attacks Are Coming’

      ( 11 min )

    • Trump Calls for Obama’s Resignation After Orlando Shooting

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) — US presidential hopeful Donald Trump challenged President Barack Obama on Sunday to acknowledge that the deadly Orlando shooting was an act of Islamic terrorism or resign.

      A gunman attacked a gay night club in Orlando overnight, killing at least 50 people and injuring 53 more. US media reported that the attacker, Omar Saddiqui Mateen, was a US national of Afghan origin who had vowed loyalty to the Daesh terror group.

      “Is President Obama going to finally mention the words radical Islamic terrorism? If he doesn’t he should immediately resign in disgrace!” Trump wrote on his official Twitter page.

      In his address to the nation on the incident, which has become the deadliest mass shooting in the US history since the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre, Obama described it as an “act of terror and an act of hate,” but stopped short of making a connection to radical Islam, which has not been proven.

      The Republican frontrunner has been widely criticized for his controversial statements on Islam. In December 2015, he proposed a ban for Muslims entering the United States, as well as an Islamic registration and control of certain mosques.

    • Trump quickly ties Florida shootings to Islamists

      In the wake of the deadliest shooting in U.S. history, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wasted little time suggesting the attack was tied to Islamist militants, while his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton initially did not make that connection.

      As President Barack Obama on Sunday addressed the nation about the incident that killed 50 people and wounded 53 at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Trump assailed him for his longstanding refusal to refer to Islamic State and other extremist groups as in part representing the religion of Islam.

      “Is President Obama going to finally mention the words radical Islamic terrorism?,” Trump tweeted as the president was speaking. “If he doesn’t he should immediately resign in disgrace.”

      Trump in a later tweet claimed the gunman shouted “Allah hu Akbar!” during the attack. U.S. officials as yet have not provided any information that such an incident occurred.

      A gunman armed with an assault rifle attacked the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

      In his remarks at the White House, Obama said the investigation into the shootings was ongoing and declined to speculate on the motives of the shooter.

      “We’ve reached no definitive judgment on the precise motivations of the killer,” Obama said. “The FBI is appropriately investigating this as an act of terrorism.

      Similarly, Clinton, in a statement, called the attack an “act of terror” but did not speculate as to the ideology of the gunman, identified by authorities as Florida resident Omar Mateen.

      “Law enforcement and intelligence agencies are hard at work, and we will learn more in the hours and days ahead,” said Clinton, the likely Democratic presidential nominee.

      Trump earlier had boasted on Twitter that the shootings had proved that he was “right on radical Islamic terrorism.”

      During the campaign for the Nov. 8 presidential election, Trump has proposed a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States as a means to combat the threat of militant attacks.

      “Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don’t want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance,” Trump tweeted. “We must be smart.”

      A U.S. congressman, Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, and a top member of a congressional intelligence committee, said in a statement that according to local law enforcement, the shooter had declared his allegiance to Islamic State, Schiff said, all of which “indicates an ISIS-inspired act of terrorism.”

    • Donald J. Trump Statement Regarding Tragic Terrorist Attack in Orlando, Florida

      Last night, our nation was attacked by a radical Islamic terrorist. It was the worst terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11, and the second of its kind in 6 months. My deepest sympathy and support goes out to the victims, the wounded, and their families.

      In his remarks today, President Obama disgracefully refused to even say the words ‘Radical Islam’. For that reason alone, he should step down. If Hillary Clinton, after this attack, still cannot say the two words ‘Radical Islam’ she should get out of this race for the Presidency.

      If we do not get tough and smart real fast, we are not going to have a country anymore. Because our leaders are weak, I said this was going to happen – and it is only going to get worse. I am trying to save lives and prevent the next terrorist attack. We can’t afford to be politically correct anymore.

      The terrorist, Omar Mir Saddique Mateen, is the son of an immigrant from Afghanistan who openly published his support for the Afghanistani Taliban and even tried to run for President of Afghanistan. According to Pew, 99% of people in Afghanistan support oppressive Sharia Law.

      We admit more than 100,000 lifetime migrants from the Middle East each year. Since 9/11, hundreds of migrants and their children have been implicated in terrorism in the United States.

      Hillary Clinton wants to dramatically increase admissions from the Middle East, bringing in many hundreds of thousands during a first term – and we will have no way to screen them, pay for them, or prevent the second generation from radicalizing.

      We need to protect all Americans, of all backgrounds and all beliefs, from Radical Islamic Terrorism – which has no place in an open and tolerant society. Radical Islam advocates hate for women, gays, Jews, Christians and all Americans. I am going to be a President for all Americans, and I am going to protect and defend all Americans. We are going to make America safe again and great again for everyone.

      – Donald J. Trump

      Tomorrow Mr. Trump will deliver a major speech to further address this terrorist attack, immigration, and national security. The speech will be delivered at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at St. Anselm’s College. For more information please visit

      • Breaking News – Editor’s note: In a statement issued Sunday, Donald Trump blamed the attack on an Orlando nightclub on Muslim immigration to the United States. However, the gunman, Omar Mateen, was a U.S. citizen from Port St. Lucie, Fla. Officials told The Orlando Sentinel that Mateen called 911 before the attack and pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, however, there has not been any indication that he had any formal connection to the terrorist organization. Earlier, his father said Mateen had been angry after he and his 3-year-old son saw two men kissing. – Jillian

        Orlando Sentinel : Muslims: We’ve been fighting against bigotry with LGBT

        […]A representative from Equality Florida, a LGBT advocacy group, appeared alongside Shibly and other Muslim leaders at a midday news conference at CAIR offices on Hiawassee Road.

        “Let me be clear: Equality Florida stands in solidarity with the Muslim and Islamic community and in opposition to the intolerance, discrimination and hate crimes that both of our communities experience,” Carlos Guillermo Smith said.

        • Hillary Clinton campaign slams Trump for his ‘weak platitudes and self-congratulations’ after Orlando massacre

          The campaign of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton released a statement on Sunday slamming her Republican rival Donald Trump for his response to the Orlando massacre.

          Trump reacted to the ISIS-claimed shooting, in which a gunman killed 50 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, by criticizing Clinton and President Barack Obama for what he sees as a weak response to terrorism.

          Clinton campaign spokesperson Jennifer Palmieri hit back by implying that Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, wasn’t providing a serious response to the attacks.

          “This act of terror is the largest mass shooting in American history and a tragedy that requires a serious response,” Palmieri said in a statement to Business Insider. “Hillary Clinton has a comprehensive plan to combat ISIS at home and abroad and will be talking to the American people in the coming days about steps she would take to keep the country safe.”

          She continued: “In contrast, Donald Trump put out political attacks, weak platitudes and self-congratulations.”

          This is likely a reference to Trump tweeting about people congratulating him for “being right” about “radical Islamic terror.”

          “Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don’t want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!” Trump wrote.

          Palmieri said Americans deserve better.

          “Trump has offered no real plans to keep our nation safe and no outreach to the Americans targeted, just insults and attacks,” Palmieri said in the statement. “In times of crisis more than ever, Americans are looking for leadership and deserve better.”

    • WaPO – Orlando suspect’s father hosted a TV show and now pretends to be Afghanistan’s president

      The father of Omar Mateen, identified by police as the man behind the carnage at an Orlando nightclub early Sunday morning, is an Afghan man who holds strong political views, including support for the Afghan Taliban. In a video he posted on Saturday, he appears to be portraying himself as the president of Afghanistan.

      Seddique Mateen, who has been referred to as Mir Seddique in early news reports, hosted the “Durand Jirga Show” on a channel called Payam-e-Afghan, which broadcasts from California. In it, the elder Mateen speaks in the Dari language on a variety of political subjects. Dozens of videos are posted on a channel under Seddique Mateen’s name on YouTube. A phone number and post office box that are displayed on the show were traced back to the Mateen home in Florida. Mateen also owns a nonprofit organization under the name Durand Jirga, which is registered in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

      In one video, Mateen expresses gratitude toward the Afghan Taliban, while denouncing the Pakistani government.

      “Our brothers in Waziristan, our warrior brothers in [the] Taliban movement and national Afghan Taliban are rising up,” he said. “Inshallah the Durand Line issue will be solved soon.”

      The “Durand Line issue” is a historically significant one, particularly for members of the Pashtun ethnic group, whose homeland straddles the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Durand Line is that border. It is not clear whether the Mateens are Pashtun. The Afghan Taliban is mostly made up of Pashtuns.

      The line was drawn as a demarcation of British and Afghan spheres of influence in 1893. The British controlled most of subcontinental Asia at the time, though some parts, including what is now Afghanistan and northwest Pakistan, were only loosely held. The line was inherited as a border by Pakistan after its independence. Since it splits the Pashtun population politically, it is seen as a cause for their marginalization. Pashtuns are the largest ethnic group in most of eastern Afghanistan and northern Pakistan.

      Pashtuns are also sometimes referred to as Pakhtuns, or Pathans.

      Just hours before the Orlando shooting, Seddique Mateen posted a video on a Facebook page called Provisional Government of Afghanistan — Seddique Mateen. In it, he seems to be pretending to be Afghanistan’s president, and orders the arrest of an array of Afghan political figures.

      “I order national army, national police and intelligence department to immediately imprison Karzai, Ashraf Ghani, Zalmay Khalilzad, Atmar, and Sayyaf. They are against our countrymen, and against our homeland,” he says, while dressed in army fatigues.

      The most recent video on Mateen’s YouTube channel shows him declaring his candidacy for the Afghan presidency. The timing of the video is strange, as it came a year after presidential elections were held in Afghanistan. Mateen appears incoherent at times in the video, and he jumps abruptly from topic to topic. His use of Dari, instead of Pashto, the language of Pashtuns, was another strange element of his presentation, given that he is discussing issues of Pashtun nationalism.

      On Sunday morning, Mateen told NBC News that his son’s rampage “has nothing to do with religion.” Instead, he offered another possible motive. He said his son got angry when he saw two men kissing in Miami a few months ago. He said his son was especially enraged because the kissing took place in front of his own young son.

      “We are saying we are apologizing for the whole incident. We weren’t aware of any action he is taking. We are in shock like the whole country,” Mateen said.

      Mateen could not be reached for comment by The Washington Post. His cellphone has been switched off.

      Facebook page with video :

  2. Murder is not the answer. Another 50 single moms will be delivering at the same time over 1000 newborns are whispered The Call to Prayer. Suppression upon these new souls will continue unabated or become more intense because of the emotional imprint this carnage had made, and State Schools will provide “Safer Spaces” of positive affirmations, banning all counterpoint positions as Hate Speech, so that their only sense of an independent-self is to become greater than what they were created. The only life-energy left in them is rage. Destined to takeaway the joyous life in others and drag them into their dark corners.

    The Pink Mosques of LGBTQ vs Islamic Fortresses.

    Their birthrates tell you who will win.

    Openly confident over the docility and complicity of the American People who agree to make others more equal than themselves.

    This Lone Wolf means more Gender Studies fodder. The removal of the stillness of God-and-Man for a repeated sexual stimulus or carpet-rub five times a day.

    • Well, we did kill millions of Germans and Japanese and others in World War II, and we won that one. You got something against murder? Personally, I think murder sounds like a pretty good idea right about now…

      • If America had not run a civilized war, like leafleting Japanese civilians to evacuate the cities they were targeting, then there would be dictatorships in those countries today.

        Murder and genocide make regressive populations.

        To shoot up a mental health unit that does Music instead of Art Therapy is not the way forward. It is to remove the advantageous laws that they made exclusively for themselves to live parallel and separate lives with perks.

        An eye for an eye is a legal term. It is not one you carry in your heart with resentment when seeking to administer justice and so will take on board the mitigating circumstances that Uncle Pete or Brother Ibrihim sodomized them with their totally and completely opposite different mindsets, one from the Mother and the other from the Father of Hell.

      • The question of a motive, (however backed by Islamic jurisprudence), should be about how a human being crosses that line to kill another. Fear and loathing is usually the case.

        ‘There is no one more homosexual than a homosexual-killer’ is the maxim. And because all Muslims are insecure about their manhoods, and I see this case will turn out to be no different of that of temptation and hell-fire through sex with another man to find completeness of what is missing.

        This also explains why homosexuals in retaliation don’t go around killing Muslims in Mosques: a bunch of boys playing macho does not upset them. To the contrary, actually.

      • Criminals murder, soldiers kill. There is a real big difference.

        One section of the Geneva Convention says that if the enemy fighters shelter among the civilians it is the fault of those fighters if civilians are killed.

        Perfect we did firebomb German and Japanese cities without warning because there were small factories spread around among the civilian areas. The big difference between then and now is that we have gone so long between major wars that the vast majority of the people no longer know what happens during major wars. What we need is to start fighting this as a war and fight to win the war not to build nations or make headlines.

  3. And of course the first thing out of everybody’s mouth is, “Are they affiliated with ISIS or was he a lone wolf acting alone? Was he acting on orders from a terrorist organization or was he just crazy?”

    Pure idiocy! That is why we are losing! By breaking it up into little pieces like that they take all the heat out of the reaction, diffusing our thinking before we can, well, get angry and blame somebody. By fragmenting our concept of the enemy into al-Qaeda and ISIS and the lone wolf and al-Kaboom we are playing their game. This was done by a Muslim Jihadist, just like every other Muslim Jihadist. We should all focus our collective hatred on Islamic Jihadists and stop playing their obfuscation game.

    Trump is right. All our leaders are quite simply stupid. Dumbos! Morons! Why can I see this stuff while the head of the CIA and the FBI and the Secret Service are all so fucking wrong all the time? They are all severely retarded. Vote for Donald Trump! He’s the only leader on earth with the courage to see that the Emperor’s new clothes do not exist…

    • Political correctness that is killing people, the problem isn’t ISIS, it isn’t radical Islam it is mainstream Islam. Radical Islam is the very few Moslems who are working to change Islam from a political ideology into a religious theology. I don’t think they will manage to do this.

  4. Los Angeles – Man with weapons and possible explosives arrested, said he was going to L.A. gay pride parade

    Authorities in Santa Monica found possible explosives as well as assault rifles and ammunition Sunday in the car of a man who told them he was in town for the L.A. Pride festival in West Hollywood, a law enforcement source said.

    Early Sunday, there was a call to Santa Monica police of a suspected prowler near Olympic Boulevard and 11th Street. Patrol officers responded and encountered an individual who told officers he was waiting for a friend. That led officers to inspect the car and find several weapons and a lot of ammunition as well as tannerite, an ingredient that could be used to create a pipe bomb.

    The car had Indiana plates. He made comments that he was in town for the Pride event in West Hollywood this weekend. Sources said they did not know of any connection between the gay nightclub shooting in Orlando, Fla., early Sunday morning and the Santa Monica incident, and the investigation has been taken over by FBI.

    The parade comes hours after the attack at the Orlando club that killed 50 people. At least 53 were injured in the deadliest shooting in American history after a gunman took hostages. The gunman has been identified as 29-year-old Omar Mateen, a U.S. law enforcement official said.

    West Hollywood City Councilwoman Lindsey Horvath said in a statement that sheriff’s officials are stepping up security efforts around Sunday parade and other festivities. But she said officials do not believe there is any threat around Sunday’s activities.

    “We are hearing absolutely devastating news reports from Orlando this morning,” she said. “Gun violence on the LGBTQ family during Pride Month makes me sick. The deadliest mass shooting in America happened to LGBTQ people on Latin night. While we mourn this heartbreaking loss, we must also rededicate ourselves to the fight for full equality for all people. No one is equal unless everyone is equal.

    Another Planned Attack? Suspect With Explosives, Camo Outfit, Assault Weapons Arrested In West Hollywood

    While strong>initial reports are scarce and there is no confirmation yet, moments ago a ProPublica reporter wrote that according to LA law enforcement, a suspect dressed in a camouflage outfit and wearing a security badge, transporting explosives and assault weapons, was arrested in West Hollywood, a popular neighborhood among the Los Angeles gay community, just as the local gay pride Parade was set to begin.[…]

  5. Vigil for Orlando shooting victims

    Members of the Austin LGBTQIA, Muslim, Christian, and other religious communities hold an inter-faith candlelight vigil for victims of the Pulse Orlando shooting on Sunday, June 12, 2016 in front of the Capitol.

    • Full transcript of Al Arabiya’s interview with CIA director John Brennan

      The CIA’s director John Brennan told Al Arabiya News Channel on Saturday in an exclusive interview that “there was no evidence” of a Saudi involvement in the 9/11 attacks after a 28-page congressional investigatory report claimed that there were proofs Saudi officials had supported al-Qaeda in the run-up to the attacks.

      Nadia: I’m going to start by asking you about the United States. Is America safer now from a 9/11 style or a Paris-style attack by al-Qaeda or by ISIS and are you confident it’s not going to happen here again?

      Brennan: I’m confident that over the past 15 years, the United States government, the intelligence, security and law enforcement services have done I think a great job trying to protect this country so it is much more difficult for terrorist groups to carry out attacks here in the United States. That doesn’t mean we are impenetrable. That’s why our law enforcement, FBI, homeland security experts are continuing to be very, very vigilant but I believe this country has come a long way since 9/11.

      Nadia: At this stage would you say that is it al-Qaeda or ISIS are more dangerous?

      Brennan: Well, I think they’re both determined to carry out terrorist attacks and to kill innocent men, women and children. Daesh at this time is a very large organization in terms of its presence not just in Iraq and Syria but also in North Africa, South Asia and other areas. So it’s something we have to be very, very concerned about in terms of its growth and its lethality. Al-Qaeda still exists. There’s still al-Qaeda still in the Afghan-Pak region, Syria, as well as North Africa. So counterterrorism specialists need to keep their eyes open about the potential threats from all of these groups.

      Nadia: Can you stop a lone wolf attack?

      Brennan: The so-called lone wolf attack, the individuals who might be incited or encouraged to carry out attacks because of the propaganda and the rhetoric of these groups. This is very difficult to deal with. Countries around the world are having to be concerned about the potential for individuals or groups of individuals to act on their own without the direct contact with organized terrorists or groups to try to carry out these attacks. We see it in a number of places in Europe as well as the United States. San Bernardino was a good example of a terrorist attack that was incited by this rhetoric that is coming from the terrorist organizations so it’s something we have to be on our guard for. It’s difficult to identify individuals who might be tending in that direction so that is why we need to make sure our homeland security, counter-terrorism experts are working 24/7.

      Nadia: How about the leaders of these organizations who inspire people all over the world? Zawahiri is still at large, Baghdadi as well. Why couldn’t you get them until now?

      Brennan: Well, it’s very difficult, as you know, it took us many years to be able to track down Bin laden. We were able to finally do so and make sure that justice was served. Zawahiri as well as al-Baghdadi from Daesh are leading these organizations. They burrow themselves and they hide and they use other individuals to carry out their evil work. But they shouldn’t rest because justice is going to be served to them as well.

      Nadia: There were some reports that actually Baghdadi was wounded on the Syrian border…

      Brennan: There are frequent reports about his being wounded. I do think it’s just a matter of time before Baghdadi as well as the rest of Daesh’s leadership are brought to justice.

      Nadia: How do you assess their influence now, I mean we hear from the White House and others that basically they’re losing territory. Do you think they still pose a serious threat?

      Brennan: They certainly pose a serious threat. I do believe their momentum has been reversed inside of Iraq and Syria because of some very good work that Iraqi forces and coalition forces are carrying out airstrikes as well as ground efforts. So they have lost territory both in Iraq and Syria. They’re on the defensive there and they’re on the defensive in a number of other areas. They still maintain quite a bit of capability to carry out attacks in those theatres as well as beyond, so this is going to be a long, hard fight. But I’m confident that we are going to continue to destroy, dismantle their organizations so that they’re not able to kill innocent people in the name of Islam which they masquerade as Muslims. They are anything but Muslims.

      Nadia: How do you assess their ability to develop WMDs, chemical, biological weapons, especially in Syria and Iraq?

      Brennan: Well I think we’ve seen there have been efforts undertaken including some use of chemicals such as chlorine (inaudible) as they use in artillery shells so that they carry out those attacks on the battlefield. We’re watching that very carefully. We’re trying to make sure that we take efforts to prevent the broader, more widescale use. But it just shows that an organization like Daesh will use anything that they can to slaughter their enemies.

      Nadia: As you know, the Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman will be visiting Washington and the United States in general. How would you describe the current cooperation between the United States and Saudi Arabia?

      Brennan: We have excellent cooperation with Saudi Arabia. I have worked with my Saudi partners for many, many years. I served in Saudi Arabia for about 5 years and under the leadership of the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, who is also the minister of interior. Over the last 15 years, the Saudis have become among our best counterterrorism partners. And so with King Salman and the Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed Salman, we feel as though we have really strong partners in this fight against terrorism.

      Nadia: There has been so much talk about these 28 pages of classified information in this report about 9/11. Do you see any evidence that links the Saudi government to supporting, financing, or being involved with the hijackers as claimed?

      Brennan: These so called 28 pages that were part of the joint inquiry that was published in 2002. Just a year after 9/11, was a very preliminary review trying to pull together bits and pieces of information reporting who was responsible for 9/11. Subsequently, the 9/11 commission looked very thoroughly at these allegations of Saudi involvement, Saudi government involvement and their finding, their conclusion was that there was no evidence to indicate that the Saudi government as an institution or Saudi, senior Saudi officials individually had supported the 9/11 attacks. So these 28 pages I believe are going to come out and I think it’s good that they come out. People shouldn’t take them as evidence of Saudi complicity in the attacks. Indeed subsequently the assessments that have been done have shown it was very unfortunate that these attacks took place but this was the work of al-Qaeda, al-Zawahiri, and others of that ilk.

      Nadia: I wanted to move to focus on ISIS in Syria. Do you believe that you can defeat ISIS in Syria without removing President Assad?

      Brennan: Well, we believe that the violence perpetrated upon the Syrian people by President Assad has been part of the reason why there has been such growth of extremism and terrorism inside of Syria. We believe that Bashar al-Assad has no future in Syria’s future government because he has lost the right, the legitimacy to rule. And we believe that an important step toward Syria’s peaceful future is to have a new government that’s going to be much more representative of the Syrian people and to try to take care of the Syrian people from all different backgrounds and confessional backgrounds. So I am convinced that Bashar Assad needs to depart the scene, the political scene in order for Syria’s future to be brighter and for there to be peace in that country. So we are fighting Daesh inside of Syria as well as Iraq, but we are also supporting the free Syrian Army and their very important and legitimate fight against the Bashar al-Assad regime.

      Nadia: One of the criticisms [is] that you basically did not arm the Syrian opposition, military opposition that is fighting President Assad from day one. What can be done now, at this stage?

      Brennan: Well I think strong>the United States position is to continue to support the Free Syrian Army as well as the moderate opposition and it’s very, very important that the political track discussion that have taken place in Geneva need to continue to follow through on some earlier initiatives to try to make sure there is going to be a transitional government as well as a new government inside of Damascus. This is going not going to be won on the battlefield. I think what we’re trying to do is to make sure the moderate opposition continues to stay strong, puts the pressure on the regime. But the real future of Syria lies in the negotiations in terms of how the future of Syria is going to be shaped……….

      • …………………..

        Nadia: I’m going to ask you about the negotiations but the negotiations but are you willing to arm them with manpads, stinger missiles, something heavy that will alter the balance of power?

        Brennan: We have been concerned about the use of manpads…these shoulder fired missiles that go against planes. We don’t want them to fall into the hands of terrorist organizations because they can pose a very, very serious threat to commercial aircraft. So I think what we want to do is make sure that the Free Syrian Army stays strong. There are a number of backers of the Free Syrian Army from the region. The United States government position is going to continue to provide support to the legitimate, moderate opposition in Syria but again the emphasis is going to be on making sure the political track gains traction, that humanitarian relief is provided to the Syrian people who have suffered greatly as a result of this conflict. The humanitarian disaster that has fallen upon the Syrian people is really a modern day tragedy

        Nadia: Going back to the negotiation. Not many people believe that the Geneva talks will succeed. I know you’re not a politician. But from your assessment, what is the end game in Syria? How does this war end if President Assad feels emboldened…he’s strong and you are only focusing on ISIS and many people say that the reason they are there is because Assad is in power.

        Brennan: There needs to be consensus among the key parties to the conflict inside of Syria. To agree on some way forward that would involve some type of transition from the current government in Damascus to a future government that is going to represent the people of Syria whether they be Christians, Sunni, Shiite, Alawi, Druze. There needs to be an agreement about the way forward. Lebanon was able to find a way out of its conflict in terms of…

        Nadia: Although that was not a good example…

        Brennan: No, that’s where it is difficult in the Middle East in a number countries where you have a multi-confessional makeup and people from different backgrounds and religions who are living side by side. But unfortunately, I think a lot of the extremists and terrorists have fueled these animosities. I can remember years ago when I lived and worked in the Middle East. I would walk through villages whether in Syria or Egypt or other countries where you had Christians and Muslims, living side by side even Muslim and Jew. Unfortunately though, a lot of the extremists and terrorists have fueled these fires of suspicion and hatred. We need to get back to be able to live among each other in a very peaceful way, so our children and children’s children can grow up and enjoy life as opposed to knowing nothing but violence.

        Nadia: Mr. Brennan, we were just talking about Syria. So there is a report that basically the CIA has given the president an option in 2012 of getting rid of President Assad and the White House did not sign [on] to it. Can we confirm this report?

        Brennan: Back in 2012, there was a lot of discussion about how the US government should support the Syrian people and their very legitimate effort to make changes in the Syrian government. And so there were a lot of options discussed at the time. I’m not going to go into all of the details of specific options that were teed up. The thing that President Obama wanted to do was to make sure that we understood who the opposition were, making sure that we were going to provide support as appropriate to those individuals who were really dedicated to a peaceful Syria and one that is not going to fuel the fires of extremism and terrorism in the Middle East. Sometimes the solutions to these very complicated problems look easy from the outside. But they’re very, very complex, particularly Syria since you have so many individuals inside the country from different backgrounds and experiences, religious groups as well as a lot of external actors. It is one of the most complicated issues I’ve ever had to deal with in my national security career.

        Nadia: There’s an impression in the Middle East that the United States, the Russians, the Iranians are cooperating somehow. They’re fighting in Syria with the regime and Hezbollah on one side basically, to get rid of ISIS. How do you explain that to our audience?

        Brennan: There is an international effort to destroy Daesh because it poses a threat. There is collaboration among a number of different groups and governments. I have worked with my Russian counterparts on counterterrorism issues for a number of years and we’re trying to destroy Daesh inside of Syria as well as Iraq. We’re pushing the Russians to use their influence inside of Syria to encourage a transition away from the Bashar al-Assad regime. Quite frankly I’ve been quite disappointed that my Russian colleagues have not used their influence more effectively to bring this conflict to a close. They can exert greater pressure and influence inside Damascus. We don’t want the Syrian government to collapse. That’s’ the last thing we want to do. We want to make the institutions of governance remain strong. But Bashar al-Assad is somebody who has become a magnet for these extremists and terrorists to flock to Syria. There’s not going to be a future of Syria that will be safe and secure unless Bashar al-Assad leaves and Russia really holds the key and so I continue to implore my Russian colleagues to use their influence to accelerate the transition to a new leadership inside of Syria.

        Nadia: How about the Iranian role, the other key role. Do you have any cooperation with them in terms of ISIS?

        Brennan: I have no contact with the Iranians.

        Nadia: Zero?

        Brennan: Zero contact with them. I continue to be very concerned about Iran’s support for terrorist activities and terrorist groups, especially the Quds force and their activities inside Iraq, Syria, and other countries throughout the region. I think they have to demonstrate that they are going to be committed to the fight against terrorism as opposed to being a state sponsor of terrorism. I think we’re very pleased with what President Rouhani was able to do along with the supreme leader Khamenei, as far as agreeing to the nuclear deal, but Iran still has a long way to go before I’m going to be convinced that they are interested in countering and destroying terrorism.

        Nadia: You know there’s so many intelligence agencies who operate in that area, Syria and Iraq in particular. The US, the Russians, the Iranians, the Israelis, the Turks, so many of them, just to name a few. How do you navigate this complex picture? Who is against whom? Who is aligned with whom?

        Brennan: That’s a very question. There are internal players, groups as well as the governments as well as intelligence and security services. Again with the exception of Iran, I interact with all of my partners from the region. Arab services as well as the Turks, the Israelis and others. There’s a strong interest in working together to destroy these terrorist groups al-Qaeda, Dash and others. As good as CIA is, we need to have the partnership of these other countries. We work very closely with our Egyptian partners. I met with the leaders of these countries. The prime ministers and presidents. I’ve met a number of times with President Sisi who is determined to destroy Daesh and they have a real challenge inside of the Sinai as they’re working to destroy this group that is again bent on destruction. I work with my Sudanese counterparts. I’ve had recent meetings with the head of intelligence service there, Mohammed Atta. I’m very pleased with what I see in terms of the Sudanese efforts to work with us and to try to identify and uncover and then destroy these terrorist organizations. We share this common effort to protect our citizenry. The CIA will do everything it can not just to protect the American citizens both here in the homeland and abroad, but also to protect Arab men, women and children, Persian men, women and children across the globe and so what we are determined to do is to forge and strengthen these partnerships because these groups will stop at nothing to maim and to murder.

        Nadia: So in terms of the close information sharing and I’m going to ask you again, there’s no sharing of information with the Iranians?

        Brennan: I do not interact with my Iranian partners. If we have information that the Iranians are being targeted by a terrorist organization, we will share certain information, but we don’t have direct contacts with them.

        Nadia: Do they do so the other way around? Do they share information with you if US targets are… (interrupted)

        Brennan: I haven’t received information from the Iranians about threats to Americans and if they have that type of information, they know how to get it to us through diplomatic or other channels.

        Nadia: Talking about Iranians, I want to move on to Qassem Soleimani, a person you know very well, he’s been conducting the war – as reports indicated – in Fallujah. The Hashd Al-Shaabi is the most potent fighting force there. Many believe this will fuel sectarian violence further and it will create a new Daesh with a different name. What’s your assessment of the Iranian role, particularly Qassem Soleimani in Iraq?

        Brennan: Unfortunately Iraq has been wracked for many years by this sectarian conflict and hatred and very unfortunately, it has pitted Shiite and Sunni Muslims against one another. Unfortunately I think there have been a number of groups and individuals who have tried to fuel that sectarian conflict. We see that Abu Dua al-Baghdadi and [Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi] Daesh really have a very strong anti-Shiite dimension to it which is very, very unfortunate. We have to be able to destroy that organization and destroy that anti-Shiite dimension. Unfortunately, there are a number of individuals on the Shiite side of the equation also who have a very strong anti-Sunni engine to them as well. And Qassem Soleimani who has been taking a leading role for Iran and Quds force inside of Iraq and Syria and other areas I am not convinced at all he is trying to take those sectarian tensions down. If anything, I think he’s been trying to fuel them. It’s very unfortunate so the Quds force and elements of the Iranian government need to stop their support for these sectarian efforts on the part of Shiite groups. What we need to do is to make sure Iraqis…Shiite, and Sunnis and Christians alike, need to be able to work together to destroy terrorist organizations whether they are terrorists who claim to be Shiite or claim to be Sunni, they need to be destroyed because they are not Muslim they are not Islamic. They masquerade as Muslims and they are the work of the devil. They are evil and we need to work together across these sectarian groups.

        Nadia: With all due respect sir, how do you enforce this message? I mean you can say they have to stop meddling, but they are there. What leverage does the CIA or the United States have over them?

        Brennan: Well, we work with the various security and intelligence services. We work very closely with the services inside of Iraq. We do the same with the services throughout the region. What we need to do is to find the source of these terrorist attacks and it is individuals like Abu Dua and others and Zawahiri who again hide and they gain the benefits of plundering and pillaging and stealing from people. They are criminals. They are carrying out these murderous attacks and they are using others. Unfortunately some very good Muslims have been misled by their propaganda and individuals who believe they are carrying out the work of Allah. They are not and so what we need to do is to be able to convince people and to be able to explain that Islam is a religion of peace and these individuals, these terrorist groups really have really done a tremendous, tremendous disservice to the religion of Islam and again whether they’re Sunni or Shiite or any confessional background. We need to make sure we’re able to distinguish between what truly is an Islamic way of life or just criminal activity, murderous activity that needs to be destroyed.…………………

      • Nadia: Do you think it will be easy to re-take Mosul from ISIS?

        I think it’s going to be a tough fight. Mosul is a large city with over a million inhabitants. Daesh has been there for quite some time. They’ve been able to I think fortify the city. As I said the momentum, I know the momentum has shifted inside Iraq as well as inside Syria. And the noose is tightening around Daesh. We already see progress being made in different parts of Syria in the area of Manbej which is along the Turkish border. Raqqa liberated from Daesh’s grip… (interrupted)

        Nadia: What does it take to liberate Raqqa?

        Brennan: It takes a determined force that is going to be able to use the air as well as the ground as well as to rally the individuals, the tribes, the people who have been suppressed by Daesh to have them rise up against Daesh fighters and be supported the coalition forces. So I do see that in the coming months, there’s going to be continued progress. I’m hoping that Raqqa is going to be liberated soon, Mosul also there is… (interrupted)

        Nadia: How soon? Before the president leaves office?

        Brennan: As soon as possible. And we’d like it to happen tomorrow, but it is probably going to take weeks and months as we put in place the pieces. But I’m confident there is going to be good news in the coming months as we are able to free-up a number of areas in Syria and Iraq from Daesh’s grip.

        Nadia: Can you fight al-Qaeda in Yemen without a central government being there?

        Brennan: Well there is still a government – President Hadi that has relocated some of its components into Aden. The talks continue between the various parties, the Houthis as well as the Yemeni government in Kuwait and so hopefully those talks in Kuwait are going to bring some progress. It’s going to be tough. There are a number of warring factions inside Yemen as well. You have al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula that is fighting against the government as well as fighting against the Houthis, so we need to make sure we’re able to reconcile both the differences between the major warring parties so that we can use the collective efforts and collective capabilities to destroy the remnants of al-Qaeda that continue to exist in Yemen.

        Nadia: Daesh in Libya. How dangerous is that threat? Are you able to contain it?

        Brennan: It is dangerous. They’ve grown into several thousand strong. They’ve basically been able to control the coastal city of Sirte. What we see now is that they are also being pressured by various militia groups, and the armies that have been brought to bear against them. So some of the Misratta forces have been making progress. The Libyan national army also in the Benghazi area…these efforts take time. And it takes a lot of hard work, unfortunately, it takes a lot of spilled blood on the part of some very brave people who are trying to rid their country of the scourge of terrorism. In Libya, Syria, Iraq and other areas, also if you look in Africa, Nigeria and Mali, these are countries that also have been beset by Daesh and they have tried to gain traction by taking over some of the local terrorist organizations. The United States government, the CIA is doing what we can to build up the capability of these countries so that they can win the fight with our support. It’s going to take the local efforts.

        Nadia: Soon the CIA will provide briefing to the candidates. Are you worried that Mr. Trump will be able to contain this information and not endanger national security?

        Brennan: when president Obama directs us to provide briefings to the presidential candidates, we will do so and we will make sure that we’re able to give them what they need as candidates. The real briefings will take place once election day occurs and the president elect has been identified. That’s when the briefings and in-depth discussions take place about all the various problems that exist around the world and what the United States government and what the CIA in particular is doing to try and address these challenges. That’s where we’re going to focus on the president elect. We’ll be supporting the outgoing administration as well as the incoming administration at that time.

        Nadia: In this climate of anti-Islam as you can see it – Islamophobia, banning Muslims from entering the United States – does this make your job harder of trying, in terms of national security and playing into the hands of extremists like al-Qaeda and Daesh?

        Brennan: We stay focused on our mission and unfortunately the fires of extremism and terrorism are burning in a number of parts of the world and sometimes they’re fueled by different types of developments as well as comments and what we need to do in the CIA is to work with our partners in different parts of the world to be able to try to put out those flames of terrorism and we’re making progress in a number of areas and stay focused on that mission and I am just so please to be part of an organization that is dedicated to trying to rid the world of evil.

        Nadia: Thank you very much for your time. Hopefully we will do this soon again.

        Brennan: Thank you very much.

  6. Donald Trump announces he’s postponing rally scheduled Monday in Portsmouth, NH, in wake of Orlando shooting; will deliver ‘major speech’ on terrorism

    Donald Trump cancels Portsmouth rally, Rye, Boston fundraisers

    Trump still plans to deliver major speech at Saint Anselm College in Manchester

    Four months after New Hampshire gave him with his first primary win on his way to becoming the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump will return to the state on Monday to deliver a speech in which he says he will “further address (the Orlando) terrorist attack, immigration and national security.”

    But on Sunday night, Trump abruptly cancelled three other events — one public and two private — as a result of the attack in the Florida nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning.

    Trump’s campaign announced that a rally at Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth, which had been scheduled for Monday evening, was being postponed “due to the horrific tragedy that has just taken place in Orlando, Florida.”

    Also cancelled were an evening fundraiser which had been scheduled to take place at the Rye home of Republican businessman Bill Binnie and a mid-day fundraiser in Boston organized by former Sen. Scott Brown. Both fundraisers were to be private events.

    After winning five GOP primaries on Tuesday, Trump said at a news conference, “”I am going to give a major speech on probably Monday of next week and we’re going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the Clintons. I think you’re going to find it very informative and very, very interesting.”

    In all likelihood, Trump chose New Hampshire as the venue for his attack because of his fondness for the state and the fact that, despite having only four electoral votes, it is viewed as a swing state in the general election.

    While Trump won the New Hampshire primary in a 35 percent to 16 percent landslide over John Kasich, Clinton lost in a landslide to Bernie Sanders, 60 percent to 38 percent.

    Before he arrives in New Hampshire, Trump will first be in Boston for a fundraiser at an undisclosed location. Former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown is the prime organizer.

    Trump will then deliver his anti-Clinton speech at 2:30 p.m. at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College in Manchester. It is a by-invitation-only event. While it is open to the media, there are no tickets available to the public.

    Trump was scheduled to attend a fundraiser for him hosted Republican businessman Bill Binnie at his New Castle home, but but Matt Mayberry, state Republican Party vice chairman — who is employed by Binnie at Carlisle One Media and Carlisle Capital — told News 9’s John DiStaso that the fundraiser was canceled.

    Mayberry has been a leading organizer of the fundraiser, which had been expected to attract 35 to 40 high-dollar donors.

    The final event of the day was going to be a 6 p.m. rally, open to the public, at Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth. However, that event was canceled in the wake of the Orlando shooting Sunday morning.

    In a statement, Trump said, “Due to the horrific tragedy that has just taken place in Orlando, Florida, Mr. Trump is postponing the rally scheduled to take place tomorrow in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We will make it up in the near future. Mr. Trump will, however, deliver a major speech at St. Anselm’s College tomorrow afternoon. He looks forward to returning to New Hampshire and discussing the serious threats facing all Americans and his solutions for making this country safe again.”

    Stepanek noted that Trump held a rally at Manchester Community College on June 17, 2015, the day after he announced his candidacy for president.

    “It will be almost a year since that day,” Stepanek said. “Everything starts in New Hampshire. His primary race started here and now a year later he is, in a sense, really beginning his general election campaign here and in Massachusetts.”

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