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  1. The societies of Islam, Socialism and Communism, (of submission, liberalisation and collectivism respectively), backed by cruelty and violence against dissent and devoid of any masculinity, flatter and hypnotise their suggestible females.

    In The West we now have Gay Marriage. Her creation of a narcissistic dissociation disordered male infant, absent of father, that reacts to her, positively or negatively, that she wills into existence – to be real because it affirms her never being wrong. She is The Corner Stone, their God and Savior.

    Now she wants Gay Adultery.

    “The ex-wife of a gay rugby star is calling for same-sex affairs to be recognised by divorce laws after she was told she could not put down ‘suspected adultery’ as the reason she split with her husband.
    Sara Wilson was shocked when she was told by rugby league player Keegan Hirst that he knew he was gay throughout their marriage – and flirted with other men online.
    Despite his denials, the 31-year-old was convinced his betrayal had gone further and filed for divorce.”

    Look forward to Pedophile Adultery after marrying a Communist and Pederasty Adultery after marrying a Muslim two more who seduce her to reproduce themselves. These fe-men are growing everywhere, that she is trying to restrain within her Socialist bubble, and is rapidly shrinking around her.

    Devil-men who love death more than you love life, will reign.

    • “Gay man, 39, has asked to be euthanised under Belgium’s radical right to die laws because he cannot accept his sexuality”

      Psst… You don’t have to be Gay or anything you don’t want to be. Really.

      Only Obama wants you as prisoners and foot-soldiers to serve his freedoms and the dreams of his Communist Handlers.

      • Really, a person can get rid of unwanted opposite-sex attraction?

        Yes, any mind that is flooded and preoccupied with images and thoughts that they can’t help acting upon.

        Feminists recognise objectification as an unpleasant to dangerous symptom, they don’t realize they are the cause.

        When nothing has it, nothing has it.

    • Finally, if we understand that Islam, Socialism and Communism are anti-family with the easy-sex path stamped upon their foreheads with psychological damage to themselves and their children with dissociation disorders for committing atrocities to humanity; then you can face the man-woman relationships needed to prevent these three kingdoms ever rising again, these that destroyed and replaced: Father, Son and Holy Ghost, respectively.

      Sit back, and enjoy what is rarely talked about:

      • Dear Perfectchild,

        I’ve barely had my morning coffee, you’re already giving me a headache, but good posting.

  2. Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting: About 20 dead in act of terrorism, police say

    Twenty people are dead after a shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub in what investigators are calling an act of terrorism, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said at a morning news conference.

    A gunman took scores of people hostage overnight inside the nightclub between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.; about 42 people were taken to area hospitals, Mina said.

    Officers killed the gunman, who has not been identified, in a shoot out and referred to him as a “lone wolf.” He was carrying an assault rifle, a handgun and was possibly wearing an explosive “device.” The Orange County Sheriff’s Office hazardous device team is now searching the area.

    About 30 people were “saved during the rescue,” Mina said. About 320 people were in the club when the hostage situation unfolded.

  3. About 20 slain in mass shooting at Orlando nightclub; shooter dead
    Shooting happened at Pulse on Orange Avenue

    ORLANDO, Fla. – About 20 people were slain in a mass shooting early Sunday at an Orlando nightclub, and the shooter was killed in a gunfight with police, authorities said.

    CBS News identified the shooter as Omar Mateen, a U.S. citizen from Port St. Lucie. Orlando police have not released the identity, but a news conference is scheduled for 9:30 a.m.

    Officials did not say exactly how many were killed in the shooting, which happened at Pulse, described on its website as the “hottest gay bar in Orlando.” The club is located at 1912 S. Orange Avenue near Kaley Street.

  4. ISIS Cheers Orlando #Pulse Nightclub Massacre – Warns of More Attacks on Disbelievers

    Jim Hoft Jun 12th, 2016 7:49 am Leave a Comment

    ON Saturday night an Islamist extremist murdered 20 people at a “Pulse” gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

    Orlando Police Chief: Multiple people dead inside Pulse nightclub following shooting; at least 42 taken to hospitals

    — ABC News (@ABC) June 12, 2016

    Officials said the Islamist killer was on their radar.

    An ISIS twitter account posted this photo Sunday morning.

    ISIS Cheers Orlando #Pulse Nightclub Massacre – Warns of More Attacks on Disbelievers

    Jim Hoft Jun 12th, 2016 7:49 am Leave a Comment

    ON Saturday night an Islamist extremist murdered 20 people at a “Pulse” gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

    Orlando Police Chief: Multiple people dead inside Pulse nightclub following shooting; at least 42 taken to hospitals

    — ABC News (@ABC) June 12, 2016

    Officials said the Islamist killer was on their radar.

    An ISIS twitter account posted this photo Sunday morning.

  5. Police Calling Orlando Nightclub Shooting That Left Nearly 20 Dead ‘Domestic Terror Incident’

    ORLANDO, Fla. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A gunman wielding an assault-type rifle and a handgun took hostages and opened fire inside a crowded Florida nightclub, killing approximately 20 people and wounding 42 others before dying in a gunfight with SWAT officers, police said Sunday.

    Law enforcement sources told CBS News the gunman has been identified as Omar Mateen, a U.S. citizen from Port St. Lucie. Mateen was born to Afghan parents.

  6. Hundreds of England fans run for their lives as they are attacked by Russian thugs INSIDE Marseille stadium after 1-1 draw – as one fan is left fighting for his life following brutal violence during the day

    Read more:
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  7. EU fights terrorism by…wait for it…taking guns from citizens

    The European Union’s interior minister agreed to stricter gun controls Friday in response to the recent wave of terror attacks in France and Belgium.

    The deal adds weapons to the list of items banned for civilian purchase. It was originally meant to be enforced on all, but will leave room for recreational shooters and collectors.

    The European Commission proposed measures to the EU’s firearms legislation days after the Nov. 13 terror attacks in Paris. The terrorists used Kalashnikov rifles, in addition to suicide bombs, to kill 130 people.

    The rationale behind the added enforcement is to make sure “the risk of legal firearms fining their way to the illegal market is reduced,” according to Dutch Justice Minister Ard van der Steur.

    Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal — the band that played at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris where 89 people were killed during the terrorist attacks — said the death toll would have been much lower if people at the concert were armed.

    • Either you have a nation where the people have natural rights or you don’t. Belonging to the EU Superstate apparently supercedes all natural rights to the means of self-defense and organizing defensive militias. Britain SHOULD be the vanguard of the New European Order if they vote for exiting from the Euros.

      The EU is a millstone around the neck of Liberty. Freedom loving Europeans need to create a firestorm in the streets. Duplicate the Leftist street protests; get in the powers-that-be faces. That’s the current problem right now, STOP BEING NICE TO THE SCUM.

      • At some point during this war I hope Britain will return to the old Saxon law of “let all free men be armed”, During the time when the Saxons ran Britain all freemen had to own a knife or axe that could be used in combat.

        The Normans required that all freemen own a bow and practice with it so no one else would be able to successfully invade Britain.

        From these laws grew the attitude that there should be no laws that forbid people to own the tools useful for self defense. Then came the Communist revolution in Russia and the threat of communist revolutions around the world. Britain passed the law that called for the registration of all firearms and the banning of the right to own guns for criminals. When this didn’t prevent gun violence they passed the law that said if you used a gun in a crime you hung. This really lowed the rate of gun crimes. Things pretty much coasted along like this until after WWII when the left took power and started banning more and more guns and increasing the hoops you had to jump through to purchase a gun.

        Think about the problems that the Moslems would have committing their strong arming of the nation if the Brits still had the right to own guns.

  8. Bangladesh Arrests Over 5,000 in Crackdown on Extremists (abcnews, June 12, 2016)

    “Police in Bangladesh said Sunday that they have arrested more than 5,000 criminal suspects in the past few days as they continue a nationwide crackdown to try and stop a growing wave of brutal attacks on minorities and activists.

    Since the crackdown began on Thursday, police have arrested 5,324 people, including 85 suspected Islamist radicals, said police spokesman Kamrul Ahsan. The majority of those arrested have petty criminal records. More arrests are expected through this week.

    At least 18 people, including atheist bloggers, foreign aid workers and religious minorities, have been killed in attacks over the last two years. In separate incidents last week, two Hindus were fatally attacked. The attacks have alarmed the international community and raised questions about whether Bangladesh’s secular government can protect minorities and secular writers and intellectuals in the Muslim-majority nation.

    The crackdown began four days after the wife of a police superintendent who led drives against Islamist militants and drug cartels was shot and stabbed to death in the southeastern city of Chittagong. The killing caused a furor among Bangladesh’s political establishment, many of whom considered her as one of their own.

    Days after that attack, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina vowed to root out radicals and defeat their bid to establish Islamic rule in the country…”

  9. Europol Boss Rob Wainwright: ISIS Is ‘Animal Caged in the Corner (nbcnews, June 12, 2016)

    “Mass-casualty attacks by ISIS show the group has been debilitated and has resorted to lashing out like a “caged” animal, a top law enforcement official said.

    Europol director Rob Wainwright told NBC News that the attacks in Brussels and Paris are a sign military efforts in Iraq and Syria are squeezing the Islamist group.

    Following these setbacks, the group “needed to somehow regain the initiative,” Wainwright said in a recent interview. “We’re starting to see [it is] like an animal caged in the corner [that’s starting] to sort of lash out, and I think it might be part of the slow, long decline of the organization.”

    Following a military effort backed by a U.S.-led bombing campaign, ISIS has lost around one-quarter of its territory in Iraq and Syria, the research group IHS said in March.

    That’s not to say Wainwright is blasé about the possibility of another attack — particular with France’s Euro 2016 soccer tournament and Tour de France bicycle race dominating the summer calendar.

    “I think we’re seeing the biggest threat for a generation,” the Welsh-born official said. “In terms of the numbers of radicalized people, in terms of the acts of terrorism, the brutal acts that we’ve seen on the streets of Europe, I haven’t seen anything like it for some time.”

    He has “no doubt” that Euro 2016 will be on the target list, noting that ISIS “has a taste for the spectacular.”…”

  10. CIA chief Brennan: Secret US report on 9/11 ‘will absolve Saudi’ (BBC, June 12, 2016)

    “The probable publication of classified parts of a 2002 congressional report into the 9/11 attacks will clear Saudi Arabia of any responsibility, CIA chief John Brennan has said.

    Keeping 28 pages of the report secret has sparked speculation that the attack had received official Saudi support.

    The classified pages are also central to a dispute over whether the families of 9/11 victims should be able to sue the Saudi government.

    Saudi Arabia denies any involvement.

    Fifteen out of the 19 hijackers in 2001 were Saudi citizens.

    Former senator Bob Graham, who headed the Senate intelligence committee that compiled the classified report in 2002, has said that Saudi officials did provide assistance to the 9/11 hijackers.

    But Mr Brennan said this was not the case.

    “So these 28 pages I believe are going to come out and I think it’s good that they come out. People shouldn’t take them as evidence of Saudi complicity in the attacks,” Mr Brennan said in an interview with Saudi-owned Arabiya TV.

    Mr Brennan also described the 28-page section of the 2002 report as merely a “preliminary review”.

    “The 9/11 commission looked very thoroughly at these allegations of Saudi involvement… their conclusion was that there was no evidence to indicate that the Saudi government as an institution or senior Saudi officials individually had supported the 9/11 attacks,” he said.

    In May, a bill to allow Americans to sue Saudi Arabia over the attacks, in which nearly 3,000 people died, was passed by the Senate and now moves to the House of Representatives.

    Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister has warned that the move could cause his government to withdraw US investments.

    Mr Graham has said that the White House would decide whether to release the classified pages this month.”

  11. The West’s Most Important Ally: Islam’s Dissidents

    Islam, warned the best-selling Algerian novelist, Boualem Sansal, is going to split European society. In an interview with German media, this brave Arab writer painted a vision of Europe subjugated by radical Islam. According to Sansal, the terror attacks in Paris and Brussels are directed at the Western way of life: “You can not even defeat the weak Arab states, so they have brought in fifth columns to bring the West to destroy itself. If they succeed society will fall.”

    Mr. Sansal, who has been threatened with death, belongs to a rapidly growing army of Muslim dissidents. They are the best liberation movement for millions of Muslims who aspire to practice their faith peacefully without submitting to the dictates of fundamentalists and fanatics. These Muslim dissidents pursue freedom of conscience, interreligious coexistence, pluralism in the public sphere, criticism of Islam, and respect for the rule of common law. For the Islamic world, their message could be devastating. That is why the Islamists are hunting them down.

    It is always individuals, such as Lech Walesa, who make all the difference. The Soviet Union was defeated by only three beings: Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II — and the dissidents. When Professor Robert Havemann died in East Germany, few people noticed it. This intrepid critic of the regime was confined under house arrest in Grünheide, guarded by the Stasi. But the old professor never allowed himself to be intimidated. He continued to fight for his ideas.

    A hero of Czechoslovak anti-Communism, Jan Pato?ka, died under grueling police interrogation. Pato?ka paid the highest price of silencing. His brilliant lectures were reduced to a clandestine seminar. Although unable to publish, he continued to work in a tiny underground apartment.

    Hunted by the KGB, Alexander Solzhenitsyn set down the chapters of his Gulag Archipelago and hid them with different trusted friends, so no one possessed the entire manuscript. In 1973 only three copies existed. When the Soviet political police managed to extort the typist, Elizaveta Voronyanskya, to one of the hideouts, thinking the masterpiece was lost forever she hanged herself.

  12. 12 freed Kadhafi-era officials murdered in Libya (france24, June 12, 2016)

    “Gunmen have killed 12 Libyans after their release from jail for taking part in acts of repression during the 2011 revolt against Moamer Kadhafi, officials said on Sunday.

    A Tripoli court ordered the conditional release of the former regime officials on Thursday, and on Friday their bullet-riddled bodies were found in the capital, the prosecution said on its Facebook page.

    An investigation into the murders has begun, it added…”

  13. German MP calls for a travel ban on Erdogan (DW, June 12, 2016)

    “Sevim Dagdelen has urged action after receiving death threats over the Armenian genocide vote in Germany’s parliament. She said she wants Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to be prevented from entering Germany.

    Sevim Dagdelen, a member of the Bundestag, demanded that “anyone in Turkey who calls for violence against members of the German parliament should get an entry ban” to Germany. “This includes President Erdogan,” she told the German newspaper “Bild am Sonntag.”

    The Duisburg-born politician has a 100,000 euro ($112,000) bounty on her head, the paper reported, following a resolution adopted by the German parliament on June 2 calling the massacre of Armenians genocide.

    German lawmakers voted to join 29 other countries in interpreting the killings of 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman Turks in 1915 as genocide. Turkey, which was formed out of the Ottoman Empire, insists the killings were a collective tragedy in which equal numbers of Turks and Armenians died but denies it meets legal requirements to be termed a genocide…”

  14. ISIL puts beer bottles in front of cell houses to avoid police raids in Turkey’s southeast (hurriyetdailynews, June 12, 2016)

    “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants put beer bottles in front of their cell houses as a ploy to avoid police raids or arrests in the southeastern province of Diyarbak?r, Do?an News Agency reported on June 12.

    A total of 128 objects seized in an operation on Oct. 26, 2015, including plenty of beer and perfume bottles, were destroyed according to the police report. The ISIL militants also put beer on their beards in order to give the impression that they consumed alcohol to avoid arrest.

    Two police officers and seven militants were killed in the aforementioned operation and many seized objects were destroyed under prosecutor’s orders on June 11 for not having criminal elements.

    Books used for propaganda purposes were also among the objects destroyed.”

  15. Bahrain officially bans mixing politics with religion (gulfnews, June 12, 2016)

    “Manama: The mixing of politics and religion has been officially banned in Bahrain following the amendments issued by King Hamad Bin Eisa Al Khalifa to the 2005 Political Society Law.

    Under the amendments, society members must not be engaged in giving religious speeches, sermons or guidance, even without remuneration.

    Under no circumstances can anyone combine religious preaching and membership in a political society.

    The law issued on Saturday also stipulated how a political society might carry out its activities, organise the relationship among its members on a democratic basis, determine the political, financial and administrative prerogatives of its organs and leaders and ensure the highest levels of democratic discussions within them.

    The amendments banning mixing politics with religion were endorsed last month by the two chambers of the bicameral parliament following debates by lawmakers.

    The law was promulgated in 2005 as part of the reforms launched by King Hamad soon after he became the ruler of the country.

    The law banned political societies with sectarian agendas and forbade the use of religious tribunes to promote political ideas.

    Judges, diplomats and security and military personnel were banned from joining any political society.

    Out of bounds

    However, for many people, the law did not go far in marking out a clear separation between religion and politics, something that has allowed loopholes which have been misused.

    However, under the amendments, the political sphere will be out of bounds to all those who have active religious roles and no religious figure who delivers sermons will be a member of a political society or engage in political activities.

    Any religious figure keen on a political role will have to desist from becoming involved in any religious activity, even if it is on a voluntary basis.

    The lawmakers who supported the motion argued that the decision would ensure that political actions are not given a religious dimension and that religious acts are not politicised.

    They said that the separation was significant and that religion and politics should have their own separate prerogatives.

    Shaikh Khalid Bin Ali Al Khalifa, the justice minister, said that places of worship had been exploited by people with political interests and candidates running in national elections.”

  16. Boko Haram kills four women in Nigeria (gulfnews, June 12, 2016)

    “Kano, Nigeria: Boko Haram has killed four women in a remote village in Nigeria’s northeast in the latest attack by the Islamist group, local vigilantes assisting the military said on Saturday.

    Fourteen Boko Haram gunmen on seven motorcycles stormed Mairari village, 80 kilometres from Maiduguri, the state capital late Friday and picked four women from their homes and slit their throats, they said.

    The women were aged between 27 and 45.

    “They went into four homes while residents were breaking their fast around 7:00 pm, brought out the four women and slaughtered them,” Babakura Kolo, a vigilante in Maiduguri told journalists.

    “We believe the killings were targeted, the gunmen were from all indications after the husbands of the women,” he said.

    “They killed the women when they didn’t find their husbands”…”

  17. Longer fast on higher Burj Khalifa floors (gulfnews, June 12, 2016)

    “Dubai: Residents on the higher floors of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower in Dubai, should end their day’s fast a few minutes later than those at ground level, a top cleric has said.

    Ahmad Al Haddad, Grand Mufti of Dubai, explained that the fast lasts until the complete setting of the sun, which is visible for a longer time at high altitudes.

    According to astronomers, the sun rises earlier and sets later at higher altitudes compared to the same location at ground level…”

  18. US forces stay in Afghanistan serious threat to regional peace: Pakistani senator (khaama, June 12, 2016)

    “A Pakistani senator has voiced concerns regarding the presence of the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, claiming that the continued presence of the US forces is a serious threat to regional stability.

    Senator Sirjul Haq, Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami, has said the move by President Barack Obama was condemnable to grant broader role for the US forces in Afghanistan.

    He was addressing the staff of the JI headquarters at an Iftar party he hosted for them at Mansoora lawns on Saturday, according to the local media reports.

    Insisting that Obama was supposed to announce the full withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan, Sirajul Haq claimed that the US and NATO forces had killed millions in Afghanistan and Obama wanted to continue that.

    He also added that the drone attacks were an attack on Pakistan’ independence and sovereignty and was not acceptable…”

  19. Taliban vows to fight as Obama approves broader role for US forces in Afghanistan (khaama, June 12, 2016)

    “The Taliban militants group in Afghanistan has vowed to continue fight as the US President Barack Obama approved broader role for the US forces in Afghanistan.

    Condemning the approval by Obama to grant wider role for the US forces in Afghanistan, a spokesman for the Taliban group, Zabiullah Mujahid has said the moves will not deter it or cause it to step back and give up the “armed resistance.”

    Mujahid further added it will only lead to the waste of U.S. resources and more battlefield casualties.

    “We condemn the occupation and extension of the war. We want to tell the Americans the Afghan nation firmly resisted with grace your use of any force in the past 15 years. We remain resilient and will carry forward our jihad against your occupation,” Mujahid said in a statement sent to VOA on Saturday…”

  20. 3 sisters shot dead in Logar, allegedly by Taliban militants (khaama, June 12, 2016)

    “The Taliban militants have allegedly shot dead three sisters in the central Logar province of Afghanistan, local officials said Sunday.

    The officials further added that the women were shot dead in Kharwar district of Logar as they were returning to their home.

    Provincial governor’s spokesman Salim Saleh said four women had gone to a hill in a village and three of them were captured by the militants as they were returning from the area.

    He said one of the women managed to flee the area which is totally under the control of the Taliban militants.

    The victims have been reported to be between the age of 18 to 20 year old and the local officials are saying they had no issue with anyone…”

  21. Afghan and Pakistani border guards clash in Torkham (khaama, June 12, 2016)

    “A clash is underway among the Afghan and Pakistani border guards in Torkham gate amid reports that the incident erupted over the installation of a gate by Pakistan.

    Provincial governor’s spokesman in Nangarhar confirmed the incident but said further details regarding the clash would be released later.

    Another local official however confirmed that the Afghan forces prevented the Pakistani border guards to install a gate in Torkham which resulted into the clash.

    There are no reports regarding the casualties as a result of the incident so far.

    This comes as tensions intensified among the Afghan and Pakistani border guards along Torkham in mid-May but the issue was resolved due to diplomatic intervention by the officials of the two countries.

    Both the Afghan and Pakistani forces deployed additional troops and heavy military equipment including tanks due to the growing tensions.

    The Torkham gate remained close for at least four days before the officials of the two countries agreed to end the deadlock.”

  22. Blom Bank Was Target of Beirut Blast, Interior Minister Says (bloomberg, June 12, 2016)

    “Lebanon’s Blom Bank was the target in Sunday’s bombing attack in Beirut, the country’s interior minister said, raising questions about whether it was connected to a U.S law targeting Hezbollah’s finances. The bank’s chairman said it was too soon to assign blame.

    “The bomb was right by the bank’s wall so there is no question about it,” Nouhad Al Mashnouq said in a telephone interview. While he stopped short of directly blaming the Iranian-backed militant group for the attack, he said he expects banks would “implement the law to the letter.”

    Hezbollah is preparing a statement that will condemn the explosion..”

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