Updates, related articles and details of the Orlando mass murder at Pulse gay bar

1, First, have a look at the two videos in this post at The Rebel, contrasting the public statements by an Imam for our consumption, Vs. an Orlando Imam speaking for the home team.

2. Check out this CBC article on the shooting in Orlando. It is recent enough that they list 50 dead, but there is utterly ZERO mention of anything which goes to motive except that it was a “hate crime”. If you have ever wondered what it was like to wake up and find yourself inside one of Orwell’s books, now you know. The CBC is truly the ministry of truth.

In case they decide to update it with a pinch of truth from sheer embarrassment, the original post an be seen here.

3. There has already been arrests of people who were headed to gay pride parades with various ordinance. I will post more thoroughly on this shortly. Meanwhile, search the comments under the daily links post and the previous posts from today.

Thank you all who diligently send in links, news and real information. For those who do not know, it appears that as soon as the shooter was identified as Muslim, the popular news site, Reddit blocked all mention of him and actually banned people who posted that information.

It would appear that Reddit is part of the Ministry of Truth these days as well.

More to come. And to all of you, dear readers, “screw your courage to the sticking place”. Difficult times are ahead.

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  1. I have been watching FOX as I do other things around the apartment and am thankful that people are talking about how we have to name the terrorists as Islamic terrorists. Another thing that stands out is how the totalitarians among can’t resist politicize the tragady by calling for a ban on various firearms.

    As Eeyoe says welcome to living in a novel by Orwell.

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