AfD responds to the Cuckoo Cardinal of Cologne

As an aside, I refer to him as a Cuckoo as much for his role in the German population replacement project as for the seeming insanity of his words and actions. A quick read on the reproductive strategy of the Cuckoo will prove revealing.

First, a couple of recent videos of the Cuckoo Cardinal so you can see what the AfD is responding to. Skip them if you have seen them and head right to video 3.

Cardial delivers white guilt message from migrant boat at Train station in Cologne:

Here the Archbishop jumps into politics as he takes on the Alternative for Germany (AfD)

And now, the AfD response:

I would add an observation of my own.

On the CC of C’s first point, the equivalence of the minarets and speaker system with church bells, if it was as he said, then why are church bells forbidden in Muslim countries? Clearly you do not have to accept both if you accept one. And I find his reasoning on this to be pure Frankfurt School intellectual slight of hand.


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3 Replies to “AfD responds to the Cuckoo Cardinal of Cologne”

  1. I think it is time for another reformation of the Catholic Church, this time splitting so they can get Priests that will defend the faith instead of surrendering to the enemies of Christianity.

  2. Bells are musical instruments and they don’t force people to listen to a prayer. The Muslim Call to Prayer is screeching noise pollution – and – it is forcing non-Muslims to listen to a Muslim prayer.

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