Bomb in Constantinople, Hindu priest killed by IS and more: Links 1 on June 7 – 2016

1, Hindu priest killed in Bangladesh

Unidentified attackers kill a 70-year-old Hindu priest in western Bangladesh, the latest in a series of attacks on minorities by suspected Islamist militants.

(Islamic State claimed responsibility. Cause it takes a tate full of Muslims to murder an old Hindu priest on a bicycle)

2. But just in case we get the wrong idea about Islam, here is a Turkish apologist lecturing us all while we watch a large number of muslims fasting over vast tables of food.

3. Migrant drowns in attempt to cross Hungarian border by force. UN blames the defenders.

(I suppose if someone loses their life trying to rob a bank its the bank’s fault for not leaving the vault open to all who may want its bounty)

4. Russian report on terrorist attacks in Syria’s Aleppo “despite being the start of Ramadan”. 

(The Ruskis need to pick an analyst who actually either knows something about Islam, or has bothered to look up terror stats from the time Mohamed was raiding caravans to now in terms of Ramadan Vs. any other time of the year. Ramadan is like Christmas for bomb makers. It was the pre-Muslim Arabs who held Ramadan as a month for peace. Mohamed didn’t successfully rob a Caravan till he told his gang that “Allah” had told him it was just fine to break the month of peace to gain the advantage and attack unarmed caravans during Ramadan. So the word “despite” needs an edit.)

5. Bomb in Istanbul. (A better marker for the start of Ramadan than Church bells for Easter) 11 dead and many injured.

Link 1. The Rebel (Video)

Link 2. ABC NEWS: (Not sure if this is the same bombing or another one, as it might be an unusually robust bombing season in Tardlandia this year)

6. Swedish police shoot ‘knife man’ in Malmö

Calle Persson of Skåne police said: “There has been a situation in which police had to shoot an attacker armed with a knife.”


This is the second such incident in the last ten days.

A knife-wielding man was shot by police officers in Stockholm’s Sergel Square last weekend after he attacked officers.

(No description of either attacker was given, no motive and there is no report of the attacker saying anything that may tip the public to the motive for the attack. Such is post modern reporting. Not only must the truth be hidden, but meaning must be scrubbed lest people get the right idea.)

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Malca, Richard, Yucki and many more.

Its Ramadan. So you know there will be more. Theaters in the West should probably not show horror films till its over. It must be difficult to compete with the news this month.



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  1. If I were a policeman in Sweden I would be finding the nearest shooting school that teaches IPSC shooting, that style of competition is the best fast draw training I know of. It stresses speed and accuracy.

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