Muslims continue to desecrate the safe space of Berlin University

While disrespecting the right of all non-Muslims to study, learn and attend classes free from the thuggish intimidation which mass Muslim ritual is intended to create.

Friday prayer held on Berlin TU campus as protest continues
Around 100 Muslims held Friday prayer on campus of the Technical University in Berlin, Friday, as a form of protest against the university’s decision to shut down Muslim prayer rooms continues.
Footage from the protest showed protesters line up and pray on mats at the University’s premises, and a speaker with a megaphone addressing the crowd shortly after.
The university shut down the open space and a closed hall for the Friday prayers in the middle of March 2016. According to Christian Thomsen, the university’s president, the room was closed as the university wanted to keep higher education separate from religion.

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2 Replies to “Muslims continue to desecrate the safe space of Berlin University”

  1. There’s little doubt as to who will win this battle of wills, is there? The drive for sharia may take a beatin’ but just keeps a creepin’ ….

  2. Quran is the guiding force of Muslims and they have to follow it,All over the world they are following it to its core,The basic is to convert the world to Muslim way of life by hook or crook and it is going on from the time of the birth of Islam.
    Non Muslims leaders are hiding the true colour of Islam though they knew the depth and only now courages people like Mr.Trumph who do not care about his life coming forward to tell the truth.


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