Bonn Germany: 17 year old boy beaten to death, ANTIFA ruins memorial

An original translation and commentary by Egri Nok:

From Die Welt:

17-year old dies, six days after beating-attack
Terrible deed: Without visible reason, a 17 year old is being beaten up by unknowns in Bonn. Six days after, he dies. The homicide division is investigating under high pressure, now there are first hints.

[Note by translator, E.N. :
The police wanted-sheet, as pictured int the article by Die Welt, says two of the attackers spoke German with no accent but all were of “dark skin type” and had black hair.
As to “without visible reason”, one is reminded of Akif Pirinccis essay “The Slaughter has Begun” from 2014 (featured back then in Gates of Vienna).
Tomorrow, Saturday, at 12 CET the churches of Bonn-Bad Godesberg will ring church bells for the teen for 30 minutes. Needless to say, a demonstration AGAINST RIGHT EXTREMISM has been announced for the occasion.]


Police Wanted Sheet

The original article from last weekend when the teen was battling for life:


17 year old in mortal danger after assault – here the perpetrators attacked him
An idyllic street in Bad Godesberg: at this roundabout, there was a grave attack on Friday night.
A group of young men beat a 17 year old so brutally that he is in danger of death.
When witnesses intervened, the cowardly abusers fled.
The 17 year old’s condition did not change over the course of Saturday.
This is how the terrible deed took place:

Around 2 in the morning, the boy was together with other teens on his way to the train station Bad Godesberg.

At the heigth of the bus stop “Rheinallee” they encountered another group of young men. Those briefly adressed the 17 year old and his 18 year old friend and physically attacked them.
According to witnesses, one of the unknown men beat the 17 year odl so brutally that he fell to the ground. His 18 year old friend and their female friend of same age, who wanted to help, were beaten too.

When witnesses hurried to help the teens, the unknown men let go of their victims and fled ion the direction Rheinallee
The 17 year old had to be reanimated on the spot by an emergency doctor. Then he was taken to a hospital by ambulance.

According to the doctors, he is in acute danger of life. His friends were more lightly wounded. There is emergency pastoral care for them and the families.

The prosecution Bonn and the homicide department have started investigations.


ANTIFA Showed up at a memorial for the victim the following week, and destroyed its solemnity, because the police wanted sheet described the killers as being black with dark care.

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