Muslims in Copehagen demanding that area become sharia zone

Not sure exactly how many times and in how many places a pattern must occur before people will believe it is part of a larger policy. But the answer seems to be thousands. Now in sharia resistant Denmark, muslims are making the usual demands on the locals to close bars and observe islamic norms on day to day activities.

From The Local 

Danish minister to ‘Sharia’ troublemakers: ‘Get a job’

Støjberg visited the neighbourhood to talk with one of several bar owners who say they have been threatened by local youths and anonymous vandalism.

Two young Danish woman shouted “Nazi!” at Støjberg as she stood outside Mucki Bar on Thorsgade in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

After Støjberg asked the women to repeat themselves, they said “fascist” before walking away, according to a report by TV2. The women were stopped by the police shortly after and may face a fine for disturbing public order by swearing at a minister.

Støjberg also responded to the criticisms of passers-by on Nørrebro – mainly young non-ethnic Danes – who expressed their discontent with Støjberg and the government’s policies on immigration.

“You all have opportunities. You just need an education and to get on and find a job,” Støjberg told the crowd, according to a report in BT.

From RT:


A group of bar owners from one of Copenhagen’s suburbs, who have been endlessly harassed by Muslim youth activists trying to impose a so-called “Shariah zone”, have taken their case to a government minister, urging her to protect their businesses and the locals.

Pub owners in the Nørrebro suburb of Copenhagen have for months tried to get the Copenhagen Police to take action against a group of youths from an immigrant background, who have been threatening, extorting, and vandalizing bars in broad daylight.

The concept of Sharia zones was introduced by a group called ‘Call to Islam’ some five years ago. Using volunteers, pockets of activists embark on daily patrols of the neighborhood and approach those who drink, gamble, or engage in other activities seen by the group as running contrary to Islamic beliefs.

“Recently some young men came into the bar and shouted that all guests should leave,” Heidi Dyrnesli from Cafe Heimdal told Radio24syv. “They shouted so that the site belongs to them and that Nørrebro is Sharia zone, so there is no drinking alcohol.”

(Notice how wonderfully factual and straightforward the RT piece is compared to the Local that does circus level contortions to try and make the story one of equal fault on all sides and so doesn’t really mention the chain of events in order. In any case, we see this pattern happen everywhere muslims create a ghetto for themselves. Clearly the Canadian and American media is much better at hiding this behaviour becuase the pattern is to consistent and widespread for any attempt at claiming it just ‘doesn’t happen here’.

On a separate issue, a question for Ottawa residents. Anyone know what happened to the live music bar, Tucson’s on Bank St.?)

Yes. We do now. Thank you Xanthippa and Johnny U.

Tucsons's Road House

Thank you Maria J., M., and all who sent in related links. 

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13 Replies to “Muslims in Copehagen demanding that area become sharia zone”

  1. Why is it such a huge given that people from Muslim countries all over the world need to move into non-Muslim countries in such large numbers at this time in history? Why? Are Canadians desperately trying to move to Germany? Are Swedes aching to get into Australia? Why do we take it as “normal” that millions of Muslims seems to be so determined to get into our countries when their own countries are such paragons of Islamic virtue? You’d think they’d want to stay in the lands beloved of Allah rather than venture into the lands of the God-hating Infidel…

    So let’s take a little look into the Holy Quran and see if It can shed any light on the situation. Oh, golly! It says right here that the Believers in Mecca were forced by Muhammad to move to Medina so they could help take the place over when Muhammad gave the word. They were told to pretend that they had been forced out of Mecca and had no choice but to go to Medina, and if they didn’t play along with the lie, they were killed. Then they helped commit genocide against the three Jewish tribes of Medina. Yeah, really…

    And yet, it’s considered sheer lunacy to suggest that they are trying a similar Trojan horse-style attack today. Perhaps President Trump will take the time to notice some little things like that. One can only hope…

    • The pirate Mohammad told his followers to back off when their foes are strong and attack when they are weak. Right now the entire west is weak and thus the Moslems are attacking, I am not going to go so far as some who are saying that the changes are irreversible but it is going to take a long time and a lot of blood before Western Civilization is back to what it was before the far left gained enough power to come this close to destroying it. The problem they are facing is easy to state, the more destruction of Western Civ the more we become ready to accept strong man rule. Once we accept strong man rule we are going to accept very harsh measures to ensure that the various national cultures survive.

      • Trump is probably going to put Rudolph Giuliani in charge of radical Islam, which is a good thing. Rudi knows a lot about this stuff, has read the Quran, and understands little details like the one I just mentioned better than practically anyone. I don’t think Trump could make a better choice for Islam czar than Giuliani. Yes!

        • That is what I have heard, this makes the New Yorker’s like him more, this leaves him free to hunt for a VP from other regions. I keep hearing that he is looking at Newt.

  2. Something in the water?
    When he was in the army, my Russki claims they put something in the food or water to dampen sexual urges. He says Russians used hormones and other drugs very freely. Definitely for athletes, probably for others as well.

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