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11 Replies to “Viktor Orban: Brussels Is Out Of Touch With Reality”

    • Keynesian works until the politicians decide that they can use the public treasury to buy enough votes to remain in power, under the Keynesian system they can keep printing money forever. Eventually the planned inflation (printing money thus devaluing the money) drives the entire world into a recession that is aggravated by printing of money. This causes a greater recession/depression that destroys the worlds economy. This is the point we have reached, the era of the worlds governments printing money to “prime the pump” of the economy is just about over. We are being forced back to the time when all nations had free market economies and their money was backed by precious metals.

      If you have the money do as Johnny says, and insist on getting possession of physical gold and silver not pieces of paper saying you own so much gold and silver but gold and silver you can hold in your hands.

    • I don’t know, Hungry is much closer to Turkey but has a leader that is willing to fight. During the coming chaos the latter will be important but the former may be important also.

    • That’s how the lice who’ve infested our White House get their kicks. They deliberately place the most egregiously offensive clowns in specific posts to show their contempt for that state and its leader.

      It’s part of a whole game, a set-up for an in-joke that goes on and on. It gets more elaborate for statesmen they truly despise. That is, over and above their routine contempt for anyone outside the charmed circle.

      They bug the phones of foreign leaders, listen to the internal communications of outraged presidents, prime ministers, chancellors – and even one king – our own allies. Then they share the joke with all their oh-so-discreet friends.

      Rank juvenile behavior, it must’ve gone on quietly in the past. We read memoirs years later and are shocked.

      But this is a whole order of magnitude different. It’s the flagrant, nakedly malicious intent that’s so appalling. I damn them for shaming my beloved country.

    • Obama and company are not just far left Marxists, they are anarchist Marxists. This group is deliberately destrtoying (or trying to) all of western civilization so they can build their socialist utopia. If you take a hard look at the conditions in Venezuela, The USSR and China before it decided to become semi capatlists (I understand outside the big cities things are still real bad) you will discover the end result of all Socialist Utopias. Everyone but the ruling elite are in utter poverty and usually starving.

  1. For education like fee others Google FOFOA. it will take you a year to digest and even then you may wonder…but it won’t let you go

  2. History repeats it’s tug of war over little Hungary. They can only hope that American regime change brings new sanity. I’m afraid that if US markets fail and there is another depression that it will increase the possibility for war, so even US bankruptcy won’t save Magyars. I guess the MIC is hellbent on using Russia as the next scapegoat for war and profit.

    • Out side of a major miracle I don’t see anything that doesn’t lead to war, we have let wanna be totalitarians gain too much power in all western nations. Now we must pay the price by sacrificing our blood and treasure to secure liberty for another generation. The result of the lefts living in a delusional word is going to be massive loss of life at the time when the worlds economy is destroyed by leftist economics. Since they are not going to admit their mistakes they will oppose all efforts to win the war and end the depression.

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