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One Reply to “The Fall of Sweden | Ingrid Carlqvist and Stefan Molyneux”

  1. An altruistic nation cannot resist uppity women or men, (respectively, seduced by governments of Communists or Mohammadans), seeking a confirmation and a sanctuary within the imaginary comforts of True Socialism or Houri-Heaven where they will have rightfully superior gendered places as queens or kings.

    Sweden has its kindergartens to dissociate infants from the constant affection of mothers to the sublimate their desire for attachment to the all-providing State; as Islam removes children from their fathers too busy making happy their four wives and girlfriends, to submit to Allah.


    The girls become super-women, and the boys supermen; while their opposite genders are disparaged for the normative behaviors of the species. The unnaturally-natural take their pride of place.

    And as such, Swedish men are not fighting men, having never roughed and tumbled with their peers. Likewise Muslim women are not nurturers, only taught at their first sniffed menses they become sexual-commodities, thus are happy for their sons to die as martyrs for the accolades and status they will receive in return, compensates for an empty heart.

    Swedish Feminazis are just as brittle as Islamicists who rationalize their single genders as superior, and sealed by constant multi-partner sexual stimulation.

    Cultures are enforced through food, and skin colors by assembly. In fact, any excretion of reward-hormones can be made to illicit a hypnotic dream-state for those denied affection and a sense of belonging. And by indoctrinating uneducated and uniformed minds, they will readily agree to a rationalization of their new self-identity.

    Then they will they set out to belittle and harm those not under their spellbound course, manipulated by agitators of cunning in their ranks, to destroy one man-one woman societies that protect the child from such as these who want serfs and armies.

    Western women and Muslim men are addicted to sex as much as any homosexual. They carry the same glazed eyes for their victims while victims themselves. Their excretion of genitals follow the Kinsey Scale of Invert to Overt – of genders conjectured in the mind.

    Feminism is not feminine. Machoism is not masculine. But Kinsey couldn’t see this as he followed a sadomasochistic inversion of both. The dead-selves identifying as someone else – demanding respect and recognition lest the facade fall away.

    But underlying everything is still the physical-reproduction of the competing scale of Testes to Ovaries, the motherless to fatherless extremes, and their offspring with emotional-affection disorders having the voraciously of psychopaths.

    Muhammad’s life was one of submission to a woman twice his age, who with her premature demise developed a religion based on the perverted fear-fascination of women’s parts and sanctioning it with the claim of being the Final Prophet of the Jewish Religion.

    Sweden won’t help. It can’t. It is now over four generations lost. Neutral to Hitler, neutered to Islam. And no woman can make a man a man, no matter what classes she sends him to.

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