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3 Replies to “Interview with Matt Bracken: “Europe headed to total civil war””

  1. He is positing my worst case scenario as what is going to happen, sadly he is probably right. I won’t go as far as saying this years election will be the last free election in the US but it will take some time to work things out before we can have another one.

    Yes Europe is going to turn into Lebanon in the 1970s, the thing that may save Europe is that this time the Europeans won’t be doing their best to hamper the resistance. In the video about Fathers day in Germany we saw the beginning of the descent into chaos. Remember I have been predicting a war that will last the rest of this Century.

    • Reading that NYT interview with that Rhodes-insect convinced me that our goose is cooked. Time’s up for both parties AND the Blob.

      We’ve reached a new pre-war leadership low:
      =>Run-up to Civil War -Taylor/ -Fillmore -Pierce -Buchanan.
      =>Run-up to WWII -Harding -Coolidge -Hoover.
      I think that's the right order, too lazy to check.
      -Clinton -Bush {covering for Saudi- 9/11} -0bama.

      • That is close enough to the right order to give the right idea. Our Presidents always cut the military budget to save money and they end up having to fight a major war that costs a long more money and kills a lot of people.

        Wars between nations and revolutions need time to build and at some point no matter what the aggressors want things will cause the violence to start before they are ready.

        Remember the picture of the minute man statue and rejoice we are where that statement is true.

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