Ede riots by Muslims in the Netherlands

From Dutch News:

Police, council officials draft in Moroccan consul over Ede riots

Ede, a small town between Arnhem and Utrecht, has been the scene of rioting since last weekend when a group of around 50 youngsters went on the rampage following the closure of a community cafe. The shopping centre where the café is located is being demolished. It was a popular hangout with local Dutch Morocan youngsters. Council officials, police and the consul met on Friday afternoon to discuss the riots, the work of a group of several dozen youngsters aged 12 to 20, ANP said. On Wednesday the mayor introduced a six month ban on public gatherings in an effort to restore order to the area.

Read more at DutchNews.nl: Police, council officials draft in Moroccan consul over Ede riots

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(Muslims are amazing. They can take any civilized town or city and in a few days make it look like Paris)

There are more videos and articles out for translation.

This should get Mr. Wilders a few votes from anyone left in the Netherlands that still has a car to park.





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  1. If Matt Braken is right by the end of summer Europe will look like Lebanon in the 70s with North America quickly descending into that cesspool.

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