It must suck to be you, Merkell

Thanks for the tips and translation Egri Nok:

Its also great how the German actual people handled the pernicious and fascist self-titled, ANTI-FACISTS

The pompous hubris of the people on the podium is bone chilling. I bet I know what they are imaging for the indigenous people of Germany right then

I hope she gets this treatment every-time she sticks her head out the door the genocidal psycho.



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    • I fully endorse what our yucki is saying (so what’s new !!! ;)) Hello my favorite Yanky Kaffir !

      I feel soooooooooooo exhilarated by this, that I start to frighten myself ! The thoughts I have about this companion snake of Adolf Erdogan I would be arrested should I think them out loudly.

      • Hi guys, I love it also but two scenes from history spring to mind. 1st mobs with torches, pitchforks and hang ropes and 2nd Madame Guillotine with the baskets to catch the heads.

        In one of his books Louis Lamour had his hero advise the people to start a debating society and let Winchester and Remington do the debating. To start a uplit society and let a rope do the uplifting. From the looks the German people aren’t far from that point.

      • You know, Adolf is looking more and more like the last one. Might be my imagination, but I can’t even watch a quick clip of him anymore.
        Something about thousands of strutting, genocidal Turks marching in German cities puts me right off my chow.

  1. Wow, it really takes a lot to get normally reserved, obedient, disciplined, & punctual Germans to change their attitude and behavior towards their government. The amount of time their chancellors are allowed to rule is long overdue some serious overhaul. This mad “research scientist” has been in power for too long and managed to really pissed off her country and shake the entire continent off the rails.

    • Well for one thing, these are the elected representatives of the people who are not being represented.

      A closer analogy would be the King of England during the American revolution. They are not representing the public interest. it is not remotely the same as invited guests at a private event.

      Look at what ANTI-Fa does at events they oppose. That might be thought of as a closer analogy but again, Merkel is the elected leader. People have a right to oppose a democratic leader especially when they are undermining rule of law in as grotesque a manner as she is

    • Because Merkel is in FACT a dangerous person.
      This isn’t about triggering issues. Frivolous nonsense.

      You’re watching brave, patriotic Germans who know the meaning of WAR all too well. A “warrior” is last thing in the world they want to be. But she and her cronies are driving them down that road. These people are trying to block her with speech before real bullets start flying. If only they had roused themselves sooner…

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