Henryk Broder on German TV discusses Erdogan’s sensitivities and Merkel’s dhimmitude.

Well known German intellectual, Henryk Broder, on German news discussing Merkel’s handling of the criticism of Erdogan and subsequent arrests.

Broder is known for polemics, columns and comments in written and audiovisual media. He wrote for the magazine Der Spiegel as well as its online version and the daily Berlin newspaper Der Tagesspiegel. Since 2010, he has been writing for Die Welt. He is co-editor of Der Jüdische Kalender (The Jewish calendar), a compilation of quotes and texts relating to German Jewish culture, published annually. Besides his numerous publications, he appears as a frequent guest on German TV talk shows. In 2010 and 2011 he produced and starred, alongside Egyptian-German writer and political scientist Hamed Abdel-Samad, in the satirical TV series Entweder Broder (de) – Die Deutschland-Safari (“Either Broder – The Germany Safari”) on ARD.

Turkey is pushing this deal to allow what seems to be unfettered Turkish access to the countries of the EU with a threat to start shoving Muslims at Europe again in huge numbers. Which they seem to be doing anyway.



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13 Replies to “Henryk Broder on German TV discusses Erdogan’s sensitivities and Merkel’s dhimmitude.”

  1. What will be the difference between shoving massive numbers of migrants into Europe or issuing them Turkish documents and shoving them into Europe?

  2. The German intellectual is telling the world what should happen, now will Merkel do the sensible thing or do like way too many politicians are and ignore the law and the public?

      • Pretty much. I understand but cannot converse. However from my father I understand it to be quite poetic and beautiful a language. As for the Turkish deal you’re right. There is no difference. They’ll flush the human garbage into Europe no matter what with this deal. The only difference is that with the deal they pay Erdogan 6 Billion Euros. So it begs the question are Merkel and her advisors so stupid, or is there a deliberate intent to destroy borders. Following the rule that one should not underestimate one’s enemy I must conclude that firstly, she is not stupid and so secondly, this European suicide deal is intentional.

        • A beloved aunt-by-marriage used to read me stories in Hungarian, translating as she read. Spectacular sounds with the imagery, wholly unique.

          Merkel’s not dumb; I figure she’s been non compos mentis for over a year, at least. Not that her intentions were ever what we would consider benign, but her responses have been pathologically off. Possibly dementia; somebody else is driving now.

          That Turkish dog is licking his chops. Maybe Uncle Vlad will drive a stake through his heart.

        • Her actions are deliberate, start looking into the background of many of the leftist politicians and there are way too many who started their political live as members of a communist secret police. Putins only saving grace is that he is a patriotic Russian, he to one extend or another still believes in communism but he also believes in destroying all who oppose Russia. Not communism but Russia. This is why he is trying to get Whats his face in Turkey to start the war. He is also smart enough to see how there was a massive revival of Christianity after communism fell. This is why he has positioned himself as the protector of the faith, although I may be doing him a wrong here and he may well be a Christian who wants to protect Christianity. The latter is preferable.

          • I’m really hoping there’s a Christian in him. He’s profoundly Russian, that I do trust.

            He wants that dirty Tardish trash on his nethermost region QUIET. Too damned many in Moscow and elsewhere in the heartland, but cheap labor has its own price. Saudi-funded madrassa-crazed. As you said, he’s got a score to settle with the oily ones, in his own time.

            He knows Merkel very well, from way back. She’s pathologically afraid of dogs. He’s been known to call his half-wolf monsters into the room during their private meetings. Just for the pleasure of watching her terrified.

  3. Wiki cites a surprisingly high number of Jews living in Germany today. The Jewish Agency puts it at about 118,000 at year-end 2014. Most came from the USSR. They took advantage of the opportunities open to them because of their ethnicity. Most families are still Russian-speaking.

    That didn’t just happen. It was because families like mine lived for the cause of freeing Soviet Jewry. We could do nothing for the 6 Million; we would not rest until we got our people out of the USSR. This time the American government was mobilized on our behalf.

    And many were freed. Not as beggars, but with the means to make choices and with our blessings. Here and in Canada, almost a million in Israel, we’re all beneficiaries of that activism. Compounded beyond counting.

    The level of support from the German government was beyond lavish, excessive. Of the estimated 250,000 who entered Germany from the Soviet Union, more than half took the money and vanished. Once the utility of identity expired, so did their connection to the Jewish people.

    Germany is home to the most virulent anti-Israel Jews in the world; it’s become a sort of Mecca for self-hating Israelis. For NGOs devoted to the delegitimization of the Jewish state, the German government spends most, followed by Sweden and the EU as a whole. Vast sums, a huge industry.

    Jews can still claim victim-status in Germany, if nowhere else. That’s a tangible benefit to the politically left majority. I’m just not all that worried about them.


    • At the moment Germany is the European nations where Jews are safest, I don’t know how long that is going to last but things are probably going to get worse later this year as the situation gets more violent.

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